Lucid challenge # 20 - Task 5: Message in a bottle

:nuu: I missed this signup as well :cry: *truits computer :truit:

I had been glad if I could be in, but I can look into this thread and do the tasks without being in :wink:

Ok here we go! :grin:
There are 5 tasks to do, for each one you will get 3 nights (or 4 days for those who take little naps :tongue: ) and 4 nights for the first one because I 've started it late in the evening. :smile:

TASK 1 - Water scrying

I don’t know who have read/seen the story ‘‘Mists of Avalon’’, so here is some information I’ve found on the web:
Pools of water were used or scrying and seeing visions, as in the “Mists of Avalon.” This pool symbolizes the inner well of wisdom, a place within us where we can reflect and listen to our intuition and inner soul.
So, with this first task, you have to search a pool of water, a lake or a well and wait until something appears into the water. You have to call for your intuition and concentrate on the water.

You remember the task but can’t find a place to scry or wake up too soon or/and you find a pool of water but forget to scry: +10
You find the pool of water, you scry but nothing appears into the water: +20
You find the pool of water and something seems to happen, but it’s too blurry to see what it is (or you forgot what you have seen): +25
You find the pool of water and you see things (visions) in it, very clear (and you can describe them here): +35

Bonus: +10 if you did the task before Sunday, 23 Aug, at 18.00 GMT.
Bonus 2: +10 if you can have a conversation with the visions, which means the one side asks something, the other side answers.

LD: +30 (and +10 for the next ones in the same period, if you were awake in between)
OOBE: +15 (and +5 for the next ones)

If I make mistakes with the scores, something is not clear or you wish to have more time (because of another timezone etc), just tell me. :smile:

Good luck! :grin:

This one sounds really interesting. So we wait to see what happens in the water?

Hmm… I wonder what will happen…

I hope to be lucid tonight , cause I forgot doing RC’s…

Really nice task, I’ll do my best.

We should get bonus points if we see Mufasa.

That would be AWESOME.

Original challenge! :happy:

Very original, indeed summons Super Tornadosphere Lake

SPOILER - Click to view

If you didn’t get that reference, it’s a dream world I created. Search for Sunday, December 14th 2008 in my dreamjournal :smile:

Had a LD and tried, but no luck :grin:

In my DJ, here

I had an LD and 2 OBE’s this night. Tried to find water but no luck either :smile:
I was captured by monsters when I became lucid. I tried to escape by flying on a bounce ball, I wanted to escape through the window and find some water, but I bounced back to the monsters, I spoke with a ghost and lost lucidity after a while.

I did it in an LD! It was very… surreal? weird? something like that. :tongue:

Here is a link to my DJ: [

Congrats Shadow dreamer! :grin:
Also congrats for Q and Amaryllis for remembering the task! :content:

Maybe it’s nice to know that, as long you didn’t reach the ‘‘whole thing’’ - you can try again, if you want, untill you have all the points. Once you have reached it (like Shadow dreamer) you can only earn extra points with other LD’s, OOBE’s and the bonus. Just in case someone didn’t know. :smile:

It’s a surprise that there are lucid dreams already from the first start of this challenge, good job! Can’t wait to read more. :content:

I don’t WBTB. Ever. Because once I’m up for about an hour, I just can’t get back to sleep.

Now I’m thinking I should try it more often. SUCCESS! (ish)

[spoiler][color=red]I can remember entering the dream half lucidly, WILD-ing I guess. Anyway, after a series of unnessecary events, I gained full lucidity for the first time in a few weeks. I started spinning (To get a feel for everything again) Then closed my eyes and thought: “Bring me THERE” refering to the waters at the “Sanctuary” as I call it.

I teleported without a hitch. Shadow Dreamer was right about it feeling surreal, even more so than the usual LD. For me, it was very soothing and ambient. There were trees ALL around, and they all had subtly colors to them. It was night time by the way. I was standing on what was basically a large rock maybe 4-5 feet above the water. The rocks were covered with a grassy moss.

The water wasn’t just clear, it was crystal clear, and it had a subtle aqua-green hue that was very calmong. The water wasn’t flat, but it was moving slightly. Eventually, aafter a bit of walking, I found “the spot”. It was a small rock seperated from the bulk of the other rock. I had to make a 2 foot jump to get to it.

I looked out nito the water.There was a small white ball in the water. It became brighter, rose to the surface, then out of the water. Then basically the ball exploded into every animal on earth. (And some mystical ones too.) Apparently, my inner spirit isn’t a unicorn. (Why couldn’t I have been a Griffen?)

I tried asking this spirit a question, but got no responce. This went on for a while until it aggrivated me to the point where I casted it away. “This is MY dream, and I’M in control.” So I summoned the ball again, and using all of my willpower, I summoned the human spirit. It jumped out and landed behind me. I lost it before I could loose ask it anything. Almost as fast as I lost my lucidity at that point. [/color][/spoiler]

I did learn that the “Sanctuary” was apparently in Egypt, as later in the dream a man told me that it had become tainted with the waters from the Nile. This would have also explained the lack of cooperation from the spirits. :razz: Also, I really wish I could have had a conversation, not just for the points but also for insight.

I almost did it today. I had 2 OOBEs and 1 brief LD.

SPOILER - Click to view

I have entered directly into the dreamworld by WILDing. With great effort I stand up and open my eyes. There is some kind of ghostly creature in my vision making some signals, but I already knew it was just a dream. I look at my bed and remember the Lucid Task. I struggle opening the window of my room and there it is, the pavement was all wet, there were pools of rainwater everywhere. I jump down (I live in the first floor of my building) and try to find the best pool for doing it, but they were badly illuminated. I see some source of light closer to my building and went there. On a black marble table there is a good pool. I look at it, but I see only my reflex. Wet hair, part of the building’s ceiling, some blue sky. I think something cool could happen, but I stared at it for a long time and nothing happens. The dream fades.

I think I should have asked the pool something, :razz:
And again, I’m sorry for my English.

No LD’s last night or the night before. The night before I did have a ND in a swimming pool though :tongue: :lol:

I did it!

[spoiler]My grandma is giving a party in the garden, only for the family. When a guy asks if i would search for a stick.
I say yes, and when i go out of the garden. I become lucid. I count my fingers, 6 on my right hand.
I remember to do the Task. I turn around and see a pond. I walk towards it and look in the water. I see no fish, and my reflection is gone. Funny.
I focus on the visions. After a while still nothing happend. Only my lucidness has become higher.
I start to concentrate harder and after a while i see a ball. It’s a red beach ball.
-End dream-[/spoiler]

I was lucid, but only for a matter of seconds.

I should have none better :grrr:

didn’t have a LD…

Short OBE this afternoon, but people were too noisy and I woke up very upset.

Where are my LD’S? :cry: