Lucid challenge 29 rules discussion

The Lucid Challenge #29 will soon open for signup. Before starting the topic, is there anything you want to change about the rules? Would you like shorter time for each challenge, or longer? Do you have new suggestions for how points should be counted? I would like to hear your ideas. :cool:

A little more time per challenge would be nice, because they tasks always seem to change so fast I’m often not even able to remember the current one in WL before going to bed. In a lucid dream remembering them is even harder.

I don’t know, in the last LC I thought the tasks ran long (average 1.5 weeks each). Maybe that’s just cause I was hosting, but it seemed really long. We started in January and ended near the end of March >.<

I think the rules are pretty stable for now. You might want to try for a simpler point system than I used, though. It got kinda crazy there having to take into account the millions of ways I let people earn points. Something simpler might be better for both you and those of us competing.

Maybe fewer tasks, but over a period of maybe ten days each? I found the length of each task ok in the latest challenges. Some felt longer and some shorter. :cool_raz:

Fair enough, 10 days for each task is ok, but not more than 5 tasks (or even four)

And a simpler scoring system please :tongue:

I was thinking of making the scoring system simpler, but also more personal. How about this:

-You can submit one or more personal goals, but if you submit more, you get less points for completing one. For example: If you submit one goal and complete it, you get 100 points. If you submit two and complete one, you get 50. If you submit three you get 33 etc.

-If you don’t state your average LD duration, all LDs will be treated as medium, as long as they aren’t just a single lucid moment.

-There will be a 24 hours overlap between tasks to compensate for time zones. (I will note each participant’s time zone, if they don’t submit one I’ll make a guess based on their more active posting time :grin: )

There will most probably be 5 or 6 tasks over a period of 10 days each. It will give me time to wrap it up before the high season hits work.

Signups will start tomorrow, unless there are protests.