Lucid Challenge 58 - winner - Koal44

10 people in 2 days! Nice! I’ve adjusted my sleep schedule for the challenge. Lets go! :hyper:

Awesome! Confirmed start date is this Friday, 31st of March. Tasks will be posted around 11.30am UTC/GMT (whenever I get my lunch break :content: )

DTDU connects to the satellite and checks LD4all.


  1. Eilatan - Find a Good Man
  2. AreYouMe - Flight
  3. JimMorrison - Summon object/person
  4. Letaali - Teleport to a certain desolate snowy planet
  5. En’enra - Freefall from space
  6. James_UK2008 - Become a Lizardman
  7. Lady Yomi - Meet Zack (recurrent DC) in a LD
  8. Koal44 - Be on a stage in front of a crowd
  9. Lumessence - Make it rain stars
  10. Susan_Y - (no personal goal)
  11. DTDownUnder - Freefall backwards while staying lucid.

Even though I’m now living in the middle of woop woop, and have limited access to internet, I think I’ll still be able to participate to some extent. I probe by wont be able to put up and logs, as I’m now using a mobile for my internet, and I don’t have enough time to write full logs. I’ve beenjoyed having about 5-10 LDs a week while I’ve been up here, as my sleep patterns are now running off the sun and moon.

As the winner of the previous challange, I will be taking a handicap for this challange, I’ll figure out the details for that later.

My personal goal has been chosen in an attempt to stop the inception style of exiting dreams from happining. At the moment as soon as I’m falling backwards I wake up.

Anyway, I’ve got to go jump down a cliff now, I’m looking forward to another great LC

Last night I had a non-lucid dream of Letaali’s frozen planet. (No points for this, obviously, the LC hasn’t started yet). It looked like Finland in winter/Canada/Russia. The railroad implies a large continent, larger than Finland.

Nice! If on my next visit I don’t land near the town inside the mountain, I’ll know there’s a train that can take me there. :content:

Couple days ago my frozen planet dream turned 4 years old and I still haven’t gotten back there. It’s embarrassing.



A little intro…
You are no stranger to the night. Where others seek sleep merely as respite for the day, you step willingly into the dream world, eager to explore. The dream forms and you are standing on a beach. The sun is setting far out over the ocean. A little further up the beach you see a small campfire. A few other dreamers have already gathered around it.

As you walk to the fire the sand underfoot is still hot from basking in the sun all day. The figures standing or sitting around the fire are mostly quiet as you approach but they nod and greet you. Obfusc8, the one in the armored motorcycle gear despite the warmth of the night, raises a finger to the sky.
‘You know where we haven’t been in a while? Up there. Space. The final frontier…’

Along with the other dreamers you raise your eyes upwards to the cloudless night sky. Stars glitter, inviting you to come join them.
‘Well, off you go. I’ll keep score.’ Obfusc8 says, lying down by the fire, staring up at the stars.


TO INFINITY…: Start with your feet on a planet and get into outer space. 30pts. You could grow until your head is out of the atmosphere, or fly, use a rocket, teleport, you choose.

STAR POWER!: Eat a star. 30pts. No need to be in space to do this, just grab one out of the sky and nom nom nom… Mario becomes invincible, what will happen to you?

…AND BEYOND: Go through a black hole. 30pts.

SHOOTING STAR: Fly fast through space. 30pts. Always fun. What do you see? What do you feel?

MOON WALK: Do an ‘astronaut walk’ in low gravity. 20pts Long slow leaps across the moon or any planet’s surface. No requirement for this task to be done on the moon - mess with dream-Earth’s gravity if you want.

SPACE JUNK: See an item relating to space travel. 20pts. E.g. Space probe, space suit, space shuttle, space station - anything technological which has been designed to survive in space.

BOLDLY GO: Meet an astronaut or a creature/alien that has travelled through space. 20pts. So, native/indigenous population of another planet would not count unless they have a means of space travel. Seeing their space ships is good enough, as is encountering an alien while on a space ship.

Good luck, dreamers! :angel_fly:


[spoiler]You cannot claim Dream Control points for doing a task itself, but you can claim them for doing an unrelated action that assists you in it’s completion. Also, dream control points can only be claimed if you are lucid. You also can’t claim control points for doing your personal goal - that’s already worth 100pts! Don’t be greedy. :tongue:

Example 1 - You become lucid and want to do the moon walk task but figure it will be easier to do it on the moon. So you teleport (+5 dream control points) to the moon, then start leaping around in low gravity (+20 task points)

Example 2 - You become lucid and want to do the eat a star task, but it’s daytime in your dream. So you change day to night (+5 dream control points) and then grab a star out of the sky and eat it (+30 task points)[/spoiler]

I LOVE these tasks! I will try my best to get something done. I checked scoring and it looks like I get the same points regardless if I do a task lucid or not? Not halved for non-lucid?

Glad you like the tasks. I’ve done a few of these in my own lucid dreams and hope you guys have fun with them too. Eating a star, for me, was like a double vodka-red bull with an expresso chaser. Felt awesome in the dream and woke with euphoria. :happy:

The tasks are all full points whether done lucidly or non-lucidly - you get lucid dream points and the early/lucid 20pts bonus anyway, so I don’t feel the need to reduce points further if you get a lucky non-lucid hit. :cool:

How would you like us to claim the non-lucid dream points? If we post in this thread a link to our dream journal every night we’ve had a non-lucid dream, that’s going to be a lot of posts.

That’s entirely up to you Susan. Feel free to post as often as you like. I’ll do my best to keep up. :wink:

Lucid dream, short duration (15 sec). After losing lucidity, I make a drawing inspired by Robert Rauschenberg (+ Andy Warhol). No tasks done (though the original collage by Rauschenberg that I’m alluding to included one of the Apollo astronauts, which would have been a task completion if I’d managed to include that bit).

I also claim points for dream control (drawing in a dream using a different technique from usual). Feel free to argue that its not “control” as I lost lucidity while doing it…

(The painting I’m thinking of is Retroactive I by Rauschenberg).

Had a short lucid dream tonight (three nights in a row!) but I seem to have a problem remembering tasks in a lucid dream. Better next time :smile:

Well, I’ve been sitting on this computer in this van for a few hours now. The sun has now set in a beautiful lightshow, and now the moon is reciprocating the action. Last night I stared at the stars for about an hour before bed (if you count where I sleep as “bed”), so theas tasks are perfectly fitting.

Let’s get lucid! Goodnight!

Well, after what seems like a year long+ lucid dry spell, I figured it would be interesting to dive back in and see if I could manage to actually score any lucid points from this challenge. It was the first post I saw after returning to ld4all, so why not?

After seeing the first task though, there was a bit of irony in the whole thing, as with the last couple of years my lucid dreams getting fewer and far between (what a scary thought!), i’ve been spending nearly all of them firing myself off into space just to see what happens and what’s out there. Needless to say, this task was just too suiting, and one of my favorite things to do!.. Not only that, but it seems i was able to actually get something :smile:

I had a dream last night about travelling through some kind of dying world. I was some sort of deity to the world, like an oracle, or some other divinely guided spirit, that was not too attached to the world. In my travels, I came across someone on a type of half-motorcycle… More irony :tongue: (but no, it wasn’t obfusc8, unfortunately…). He seemed like some kind of racer, but I believe he was lost and couldn’t find his way to society… so before him seeing me, i conjured up my own wheeled cycle, and rode up past him, circling around him as if provoking him to race me along the “travel road” I was travelling. He responded by doing as such. We raced through the world, through broken roads and messy terrain, and I led him to a gathering of people sheltered down in an old bunker type building as he tried to keep up. After motioning that the race was over, and that I had won, with him now safe with society, i took off without a word…

Back on the road in my travels, I looked up at the night sky, and it hit me. That little spark of lucidity… Remembering the task, I knew what i had to do. The dream world at this moment however felt very much like I was in some sort of plastic dome, and I felt that if I tried to shoot off into space like i normally do, i would simply collide with the plastic ceiling that was meant to be the starry sky. It wasn’t much of a problem though, as I simply opened up a hole in the ceiling, revealing the -true- night sky. Now, how to get there?

Years ago, somewhere in either irc, or online, there was a discussion about flight, or moving at speeds in the dream world. As someone so elequently put it, “Lumessence doesn’t move… She just sort of moves the entire dream around her.” This was not really a different case, as I locked my grasp on the dream around me, and moved it downward, immediatly causing the surface to speed away from me, and the hole in the ceiling approach. As I reached the hole in the ceiling however, something odd happened… Instead of me being able to leave, i entered the hole and I began to loop, as if the hole was a portal to the ground beneath me. The dream world rapidly flew by me continuously a few times before I found myself stationary on the ground once again, no longer lucid…

Lucidity lasted for a very brief moment, and I was unable to enter space…
Perhaps another time then :smile:

I’ma go ahead and claim one ND and fragmentary points for today. I slept only 3 hours, but yay recall!?

I will be posting all dreams (or as much as I can) in my DJ. I’ll likely not link them all the time, but they will be starting from today’s post, if anyone actually wants to read them.

Here’s to the beginning of the LC!

I will keep my week 1 in this post, updating it daily.

SPOILER - Click to view

1.4 - 3 Fragments
2.4 - 2 Fragments
3.4 - 1 Fragment + 1 ND + 1 LD (Extremely short)
4.4 - 4 NDs
5.4 -3 Fragments + 2 NDs
6.4 - 3 NDs + 3 Fragments Still no tasks :sad:
7.4 -

I’m going ahead and claim points for a full ND. Can’t write it in my DJ here (exams :’( )

Hey, Obfusc8, just notice your issue with the Score Sheet. The forum currently has issues with links over about 40 characters. I suggest using a shortened url: <- This should work fine, for instance.

Non-lucid fragments, in which I am in a spaceship flying over a dormant star. I’ll claim the points for recalling a fragment and for the “fly fast through space” task. Possibly also the “see an item related to space travel” if the spaceship I’m in counts.

Okay the first score update is in. Let me know if you feel anything has been missed or is wrong:
Score sheet
Thanks Eilatan for fixing the link! :smile:

Congrats to everyone who got lucid on the first night, keep it up. I will do my best to read your DJs daily and keep track of non-lucids/fragments, or you can help me out with a list like Letaali’s.

@Susan_Y - Grats on becoming lucid. I have not given dream control points since it sounds like the painting was commenced after losing lucidity. However the fragment of being in a spaceship counts as seeing space tech. I didn’t see any description about the speed of said flight through space though. The task is about moving fast (Hyperspace, warp speed, at least seeing some blurred stars) rather than slow orbit of a star or planet. Please let me know if you feel you achieved this too. Cool fragment though, shame it wasn’t longer! :happy:

@Lumessence - Nice dream and a very interesting attempt on a task. Big thumbs up for the half-motorbike race too. :cool: