Lucid Challenge 58 - winner - Koal44

@Lady Yomi: Thanks! :content:

@obfusc8: Thank you for the comment and those points! :content: I’d like to try doing this task again if I get the chance, and maybe I’ll have a better experience.

I only have a fragment from last night. Didn’t get much good sleep, I kept waking up to panic attacks. :bored:

@obfusc8 thanks for the tip, I’ll try it!
Had two dreams tonight. In my previous lucid dream I finally found a ‘lucid pill’ but I just couldn’t swallow it. Frustrating :rofl:

Had 1 ND here this morning.

Couldn’t sleep very well today, but I managed to get 2 very vivid, detailed ND s & a curious fragment about highschool~:wink::heart:

Still no luck with the tasks, I tried incubating dreams about space & stars but it isn’t working yet; maybe it’ll work in a few days, he he.

End of week 1 scores

  • Koal44 138pts
  • En’enra 101pts
  • Lady Yomi 78pts
  • Eilatan and Susan_Y 69pts
  • JimMorrison 58pts
  • Letaali 45pts
  • James_uk2008 41pts
  • AreYouMe 20pts
  • Lumessence 20pts
  • DTDownUnder 0pts

They weren’t the easiest of tasks but there were some impressive attempts and completions. Congrats to Koal44 who took the lead with a quality lucid dream - flying fast to the moon. Now can you keep the lead for the second week? :smile:

Even if you struggle to recall tasks, remember you can claim dream control points for anything new or challenging you manage while lucid.

Week 1 tasks are still worth points but no longer earn the “Early” bonus.



A change of scenery
You return to the beach as the sun rises. The camp fire has burned low but the other dreamers have also returned and are clustered around it. As you take your place with the other challengers, Obfusc8 stands and speaks.

‘It’s time to move on. The stars will always be up there, waiting for us to visit, but let’s continue our adventure a little closer to home.’
Obfusc8 raises a gloved hand and draws a doorway in the air which begins to glow. It is impossible to see into the blinding light of the portal, but you here a voice saying ‘follow.’

Stepping into the light you emerge onto a wide stone wall which stretches as far as you can see into the distance. Watchtowers guard the wall at intervals as the great stone barrier rises and falls between the hills in an unbroken line. In the distance are tree covered valleys and beyond that, mountains.

‘Maybe you are searching for spiritual answers or just want some peace and quiet. Maybe you seek to master the dreamworld and gain the power to defend yourself and your dream characters. Or maybe, like me, you’re just think dragons are cool. Regardless of what you seek, it’s a wondrous place to explore.’

Obfusc8 starts to transform and grow, clothes turning into scales, wings sprouting from his back and a pointed powerful tail growing behind. The motorbike helmet shatters to reveal a draconic horned head. After a few moments a large black dragon crouches on the Great Wall. It winks at you with a lizard-like yellow eye, then stretches it’s wings and leaps into the sky.


HIDDEN DRAGON: Transform yourself (or another) into a dragon. 30pts
Because there’s been a terrible shortage of dragons in these challenges, lately. I’ll also accept hatching a dragon from an egg. Partial transformations will also be considered, so if you attempt this task post with how far you got - scales, wings, tail, body size, horns, snout.

WALL RUNNING: Run on something you wouldn’t normally be able to. 30pts
E.g. water, fire, lava, clouds, vertical surfaces, tree trunks, ceilings, etc. You could transform yourself into an insect, squirrel, etc, if that helps. If you are going to run on ‘air’ i.e. flying, you must be doing running motions to propel yourself.

NATURAL POWER: Absorb power from a natural source. 30pts
So this is not about summoning fireballs out of nothing, rather, find a fire and draw power from it. If you’ve heard of or played the inFamous games, that is exactly what I’m thinking of. Draw power from the sun, call down lightning to your hands, absorb power from the moon (arrrooo werewolf time?), find an active volcano and draw lava from the Earth’s core. How you use the power once absorbed is up to you.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHTS: Meet a monk, holy person or martial artist. 30pts
How about getting them to teach you, train you in dream powers. You could meditate with them or ask a spiritual question.

FLYING DAGGERS: Throw an object. 20pts
To clarify: Pick it up with your hand and throw it. This task is not about using telekinesis to lift distant objects. It could be just a ball rather than a weapon for you peace lovers out there. How far can you throw in a dream? Can you affect the object while it is in flight?

THE WILD: Explore a remote/ unpopulated part of the world. 20pts
Mountains, caves, forest, desert, away from the big towns and cities. A remote monastery or temple on the side of a mountain or anywhere a hermit might choose to live alone would be perfect. N.B. Must be on a planet to avoid too much overlap with last week’s space tasks.

IRON FIST: Focus your chi to perform a powerful punch. 20pts
Can be against an enemy or just an object or barrier. To count, it must have a greater effect than a normal person’s punch would in real life, i.e. punch through a brick wall or punch an enemy so hard they fly across the room. If it looks like a move from a martial arts film, then you’re on the right track.

Good luck everybody :dragon:

This will be my week 2 post.

SPOILER - Click to view

7.4 - Fragments +1 ND
8.4 - Fragments + 4 NDs + Wall Running + The Wild
9.4 - Fragments + 1 ND + Flying Daggers
10.4 - Fragments + 1 ND
11.4 - Fragments + 1 ND
12.4 - Fragments + 1 ND
13.4 - Nada
14.4 - Fragments + 2 NDs + Space Junk + Boldly Go

Ahhhh!! I LOVE THE TASKS!! :grin::heart::heart:

Time to work hard on incubating them~! :raised_hands:

I was running on small orange and pink clouds with other dream characters that controlled the shape of clouds. Claiming Wall Running task. I was in a forest and visited the Nine Hells. One of those should count for The Wild.

Two non-lucid dreams, one about a train and the other about Ken Livingston. I’ve snipped the one about Red Ken, on the grounds of controversial politics rather than sex.

Three normal dreams yesterday.
Today three normal dreams and one medium lucid dream. Didn’t get anything done because I, again, couldn’t remember any tasks. :tongue:

Just 1 ND here this morning.

I m claiming the points for eating a star this mornimg.

One LD medium. I barely remember it but will post it later
In addition in the last nights I had:

SPOILER - Click to view

1.4 -
2.4 - 1 Medium LD
3.4 -
4.4 - 4 Normal Dreams (fully recalled)
5.4 - fragment
6.4 - fragment
7.4 - fragment + ND
8.4 - fragment + ND
9.4 - fragment + LD

I threw a grenade in a non-lucid dream. Claiming Flying Daggers task.

Haha these tasks. Admittedly, I forgot them after reading. But well… I’ve been reading a lot of Naruto lately. And that means it’s been invading my dreams. And that apparently means tasks?

So I’ll claim points for two NDs. Though I only wrote down the first one, in which I was a lower ninja of the leaf village, and had the following tasks happen:

  • Met a Martial Artist (Well, Kakashi is a Ninja, and he was testing me)
  • Threw an object (Shiruken count, right?)
  • Focused my chi to throw a powerful punch (And got thrown back because I’m a weakling)

D= Damn it Naruto! (Dream can be read here)

^^ I’m interested to know whether, in this dream, you perceived your surroundings as if inside a cartoon or rather, you dreamed of what said anime characters would look like in real life??

As for the challenge, I kinda have been slacking lately, but I’m not going to push myself too hard to lucid dream as I’ve found that can kill my motivation. I’m claiming a measly fragment point, so there’s that :grin:

I was thinking about this when I typed up the dream. I’m guessing they were real life versions, which is why they looked different or older? Shrugs

Actually, now I hope that I have more dreams of them. Dreaming of Kakashi was almost as cool as dreaming of the Doctor. :content:

Just one ND here this morning.

Sorry for the lack of score updates over the weekend.

@Eilatan - Very cool that the tasks line up so well with Naruto. I hope you can incubate the other tasks in a similar way, or better yet, this time with lucidity? :smile:

Well done to everyone who got lucid or did tasks this weekend. The scores are close! For those that didn’t quite get there yet, no worries. Still a few nights left: You got this! :cool:

Scores are updated

Yesterday I had one normal dream
Tonight four normal dreams and one medium lucid dream. :smile: Unfortunately I failed on one of the tasks in my lucid dream:


Now I’m walking through my street and it’s really dark. This doesn’t feel like real life so I look at my hands. I’ve got six fingers on my left hand. With my right hand I touch the extra finger and it feels normal. I get exited from being lucid so I take some deep breaths to calm down. When I look to the sky I notice lots of stars, brighter and bigger than usual. This makes me remember the ‘eating a star’ task, so I reach to the sky with my hand and try to grab a star. All I grab is air so after some tries I give up. What do I want to do? There is no one on the streets, probably because it’s in the middle of the night. Lets make it daytime then. With my eyes closed I picture the sun above me and people on the streets, but when I open my eyes everything is still the same. The lucid dream becomes a normal dream again.[/spoiler]