Lucid Challenge 59 - Winner - Tggtt

Great we are right on Time for this Friday’s start!

I am sorry Lady Yomi, but you will need to find a new Personal Goal. Congrats anyway for the achievement! I hope you ll succeed as well in the Challenge :smile:

[center]WEEK 1 – Prehistoric Times


You are waking up in a forest, you see yourself dressed in a jumpsuit with the other LC participants, all of you looking at each other a bit puzzled. What is this place and why are you dressed like that? You are all sitting in a circle around a weird machine with some 12 sits insides. After a few minutes, you stand up and look for the LC host. Isn’t he supposed to give you tasks or some things to do?
That’s when you notice it; in front of you is a giant tree and on one of the lower branches lies a little animal. He is deeply sleeping. You take a long stick and try to reach him, maybe he can answer your questions.
As you touch him, the animal falls of his tree. It is a cute Koala.
„Hey what s wrong with you?“ The small koala tries to impress you by standing on his two small legs but it doesn t work, Koala are just too cute to scare anyone…
„Well I guess I shouldn’t have lied on this tree, waiting for you guys. So welcome you all to the 59th Lucid Challenge. I am Koal44 and I will be your host over the next few weeks. What you see in the middle of the circle is a Time machine. Now please take all place and let’s go to our first destination.“

You sit confortably, wondering what wonderful universe you are going to see. Then the Koala starts a tribal dance in the middle of you. You first try to enjoy his small show, but after a few minutes, you find yourself incredibly bored and fall asleep.

A great scream wakes you up. „RUN RUN RUN“ shouts one of the other LC participants, as a gigantic T-Rex goes right at you. You’d better run to avoid to get eaten, maybe later you can think about discovering this wonderful world.


Special Tasks:

Use a time machine (20 points): No matter where or when you appears, and no matter what is your Time machine.

Week 1: Prehistoric time (-70 000)

Find a way to escape (20 points) : Climb a tree, hide in a hole, anyway is possible to avoid the dinosaur, even the invisibility cloak from Harry potter. It must only be some kind of protection.

See a dinosaur (20 points): Describe it, is it a real one? Or is it a new Dinosaur that archeologs haven’t discovered yet.

Ride an animal (20 points): Any ride on an animal counts, from the chicken to the elephants (even an aquatic ride like a whale counts.

Bonus: the animal is a dinosaur (10 points).

Eat some berries (20 points) : Also the berries were different in prehistory, what do these berries look like? What do they taste like?

Meet some Prehistoric Men (20 points): Meet a man dressed like Tarzan and Jane or find any prehistorical man
Hmm there should be no men at the dinosaur time? Whatever, I am the host I decide about the story :happy:

Hunt or fish(20 points) : Use bow and arrows, or get an animal from a trap, or any other way, you can get also fish with a spear or with your bare hands.
The app Pokemongo also worked in prehistoric time, so don t hesitate using it to hunt.

See a tribal dance (20 points): Do you hear some tribal music with it?

Bonus: take part in it or perform your own tribal dance (10 points)

Enjoy everyone! :mrgreen_hat:

Notes (same as last time)

[spoiler] You cannot claim Dream Control points for doing a task itself, but you can claim them for doing an unrelated action that assists you in it’s completion. Also, dream control points can only be claimed if you are lucid. You also can’t claim control points for doing your personal goal - that’s already worth 100pts! Don’t be greedy. :tongue:

Example 1 - You become lucid and want to do the moon walk task but figure it will be easier to do it on the moon. So you teleport (+5 dream control points) to the moon, then start leaping around in low gravity (+20 task points)

Example 2 - You become lucid and want to do the eat a star task, but it’s daytime in your dream. So you change day to night (+5 dream control points) and then grab a star out of the sky and eat it (+30 task points)[/spoiler]

Good morning,

Thanks for posting tasks! Please remember to update the topic name. :content:

I am currently busy, working on a draft unrelated to LD4all, I got really tired and took a nap.

I had a realistic FA that turned to short LD. It was short because I spoiled it forcing to wake up because I thought I was late to submit the draft. I am going to update my DJ once I finish my work.

[spoiler]Basically, this is what happened:

Hahaha I loved the picture as explanation!

Thanks for the tip about topic editing and congrats on the first LD of the challenge, I ll update the score sheet on Monday :smile:

No tasks done yet. (I’ll post a count of the non-lucid dreams at the end of the week).

In a non-lucid that I’ve snipped (no points) I noticed that I have a sense of touch as well as sight when I’m sword fighting (I can feel the resistance).

From another non-lucid I heard music that I was able to transcribe when I woke. There wasn’t a tribal dance in th dream, so it doesn’t count for that task.

1 ND and a whole ton of fragments last night.

Nothing towards tasks/goals/quests, though.

I had a fragment in which I dreamt of the forum. Specifically of a Suggestions thread in which Mew kept posting to point something out to me. I’m sure there were other posters, but I can’t recall much more than that. :yawn:

1 fragment and 2 non-lucid dreams last night. No tasks done… I think.

Good morning!

Differential post from previous.
I hope you like it. :peek:

SPOILER - Click to view

Past: 1 ND and 1 short LD were already accounted
Saturday: Added another 1 ND and another 1 short LD.
Sunday: Added 1 short ND and 1 LD (longest for the past 3 months or so).

I admit I find some tasks and rules confusing, I will just leave the host to decide.

1- I managed to control a short timelooping.
2- Convinced people via mind control (2x).
3- I summoned 5 people to help with task.
4- A Young Lady told me to (‘Stop the giant wave when it arrives’), which was done.
5- Then I flew a plane through the wave to reach a primitive and volcanic island (once my personal goal) with dinosaurs.
6- Covered a shelter with camouflage.
6- Watched dinos from distance, didn’t manage to reach them. No humans.
7- Collected berries. They are dark brown, kinda like raspberry in format but deformed. The berries taste like dry grass with green banana peels. It’s horrible.
8- Someone else fished, I forgot about this part. Great.
9- Flew (on airplane) through a cloud to which made the night become day.

It was scary for several moments. I also died once.

Thank you for your nice ideas, Lady Yomi and Xander.

Any similarities are just coincidences.

I had two NDs this morning.

No task, but I did dream briefly of Xander. :razz:

I’m enjoying this theame already…

I had a short LD this morning, but I was woken up by a n urgent radio call that turned out to be for WOA5 (josh) instead of WOA4 (me). I did , however, manage to explore some of a rather large train station before I was woken up.

I’m about to go to sleep now, so I’ll see what progress I can make on the caveman side of things.

1 short LD last night: technically started as a WILD, but I lost lucidity before it became a real dream (WIND?). Ended up doing a RC, but woke up soon after. I was hunting a dragon with a bow before/when I became lucid (well, specifically, I was after it’s horns).

3 other ND’s with nothing worth claiming (including one FA/ND of writing in my DJ and having to REWRITE 2 dream’s worth upon actually waking up -.- ). And a bunch of fragments, mostly about playing/being in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I’ll post these dreams to my DJ later today. Will take some time to write up :tongue:

Several NDs these 2 days, scoring no points
Sorry if DJ not updated, life’s messy

4 non-lucid dreams this morning. I rode an animal (a bear and I also kind of rode a wolf as well) and I escaped from something chasing me by jumping over some obstacles and running into a building. Said thing was kind of like a dinosaur… it had the shape of a raptor but had this magical ability to change what material it was made out of, or something. Also it had the head of a bird, which isn’t a dinosaur, but is kind of like an evolved dinosaur, right? :tongue:

2 ND’s last night and a few more Zelda fragments that I can’t quite piece together.

One of the ND’s involved being inside some kind game where I kept being hunted down and killed by a specific person who (was my friend, but also) seemed to make it her personal goal to kill me. I clearly wasn’t very good at escaping/hiding for long. Towards the end of the dream, it was found out that she was actually being controlled by a T-Rex, which I hunted for…with a bow again.

The other ND involved camping and military training, nothing relevant.

Good morning!

Differential post from previous.
I hope you like it. :peek:

SPOILER - Click to view

Sunday: Added 2 NDs, 2 FLDs and 1 medium LD.
I had a time travel dream by going through wormholes, not sure if this is valid.
Monday: Added 2 NDs and 2 short LDs.

Tried the quest twice and failed. :neutral:
I blame the stalkers. :tongue:

Wow I just started to read Dream Journals and I am already impressed by the work that the previous hosts were doing to keep scores up to date!
I am not done yet so you ll get it later :smile:

I am not sure what was confusing. If it is the points about dream controll. You were pretty much right, but this is only worth points when accomplished to do a task. If you are not sure, do not worry, I will keep track of the score :wink:

Also, doing the personal tasks of other people is not worth any points, but still congratulation on this great LD!

1 ND and 1 Fragment last night. Saw prehistoric people… or well, at least people dressed like Tarzan or the Flintstones. Also very briefly participated in a tribal dance. I also traveled back in time but used a weird portal thing, not a time machine.


Here is why:

If I posted things that are not worth points, then just ignore them.

Thank you very much, I trust your efforts!

Last night: 1 (short) LD, 2 ND’s, and a fragment about the [ld] tag making text peach and pink colored :confused:

In the LD, I got lucid when I realized the Doctor was there with his TARDIS, so I stole the TARDIS and went back to prehistoric times. :grin: I stepped out of the TARDIS and was able to hear some dinosaurs in the distance, but woke up too soon after to do anything of use.

Will add them to my DJ later today (and I will type up the last ND from yesterday, too…I promise!)