Lucid challenge no.16

i was in a nasty dry spell but then i read about the omega 3 experiment. I started taking a tablespoon of flax seed oil every day and it’s worked wonders. i’ve had an ld every day for the past week. (which is when i started with the flax oil)

were did you hear about this experiment i would like to try it,

also you get points for going lucid even if you forget the task so post them and you will go up a few places

Oh crap…

Well, maybe next time =/

This is gonna be fun :razz: Im good at cooking :tongue: Daniel13, dont forget to tell what curfuffels are on saturday :peek:

i will ghostie unless there is a tie for first, than the challenge i will give will relate to curffufels

[spoiler]I just came back from this… thing (Disnylandish) after a huge issue with crossing the street. The intersection actually looked a lot like the one by my grandparent’s house. I even thought of this. Anyway, my father got across the street but me and my 2 brothers didn’t. After a few more failed attempts (There was A LOT of traffic) we all got across. One of my brothers started crying. He was never cooperative, and all he did was point to his head. I looked back and saw that he left is hat at the side of the street I offered to go back and get it. Hen I looked directly in front of me. No dream signs. No reality checks. I just went lucid.

[color=red]I ran back across the street to get the hat and give it back (I’m such a nice soul, aren’t I?) I then turned around. There were a bunch of guys behind me, a few years older than me. I needed to pwn one of them at SOMETHING. So I looked around and the only thing near me was a tree. I snatched a branch and asked one of them if he wanted to have a “stick fight”. He accepted and got a stick of his own. On the count of three, we swung the sticks at each other like swords as hard as we could. I had one: His stick broke first! Not much to pwn at… but still!

I then remembered the other tasks at hand. So I did a few short hops, then leaped into the air and started to float. I looked out and saw the ocean (Google Earth style) and was about to fly out. But then I realized that the cooking task was more important. So I turned around, flew back to the street that looked like my grandparent’s house, and landed at the door of one of the houses across the street (Which looked different than IRL). I just busted in. nobody was home.

I then started to go through the person’s things, knowing that this was unlawful. The house was one-story, not much in it. I’m guessing they weren’t the must financially secure people. Anyway, I eventually got into the main bedroom, which wasn’t much. I went through the drawers and closets of the room, as well as the mail. Apparently whoever lived there was really into bondage and recently got a CAT-scan for something. Anyway, I felt pretty Lucid and by friend was bugging me lately for never trying to switch genders. Well, I tried, and succeeded. Then the person who lived in the house walked in, but didn’t call the police. My dad walked in, and apparently has the ability to make fun of me even in my dreams. It fades off here, but I remember writing a letter to my mother because she got mad at me, and there was this weird new game involving pacman.[/color] [/spoiler]

I don’t tink the pwnage counts as anything… but the stick game is pretty fun if you’ve never played it XP. Don’t think I need to say it, but the dream was over 30 seconds. I really wish I completed the cooking task… But I accidentally did the rule breaking one without thinking about it. And I don’t think my mother is really mad at me anymore :angel:

Did we ever find out yet what a curffufel is?

But how will we know if you don’t post the points? :uh:

i got the cooking challenge:

SPOILER - Click to view

i did WILD and materialized in a dream, i knew i was dreaming immediately. in the next room over, i smelled something delicious, so i decided to investigate. sitting on the counter were all sorts of strange and delicious looking meats and seasonings. i poured a little oil in a hot pan and threw it all together in there. immediately it was all cooked. i smelled a delicious savory steam wafting from the pan. even though it was sizzling and the oil was still boiling, i grabbed some of this delicious new food with my bare hand and tasted it, knowing i couldn’t be burned if i didn’t want to. it was the most tender and delicious meat i could ever imagine. i was in heaven! after this, i tried to think of something else to do. just as the dream started fading i remembered the ocean task. didn’t accomplish it though. :sad:

They are gonna get posted on saturday (he must do that, its his duty as TM) :wink:

So dont worry and may the LD’s come :dream:

But…but…there’s been a challenge in the mean time plus my other LD points and I neeeeeeeeeed to know if I’ve beaten EbilShrimp. :cry:

I type this at 12:40 in the morning. I just woke up from not only my first 2 LD’s in a row, but also what I believe was my first WILD! (almost)

[spoiler][color=blue]I was able to notice hypnagia tonight, which leads me to believe I almost had a WILD. I remember it was like I was following a space ship. I kept trying to “Zoom Into” my dream but it didn’t work. It seemed like everything faded to black.

I woke up, in my bed like a normal day, sun shining. I heard my grandma, which instantly made me think I was dreaming. Also, there were TONS of toys thrown around my bedroom. After I cleared off my top bunk of toys, I hopped down and tried an RC. Didn’t work. I looked over at my computer desk, and my tower wasn’t there. I wandered my newly laid-out house into a room that symbolizes my office wile trying to perform a decent RC. Finally, I stopped, raised my hands dramatically into the air, and shoved my finger through my palm. [/color] [color=red] It worked. I was officially dreaming.

Personal bits removed

My dream was fading in and out the entire time. I remember a room with ultraviolet lights where me and my volleyball team were playing some weird game on what seemed to be a hockey rink. I became fully lucid again and remembered my task. I left that room and remembered my task.

My mother was in my new (And fairly nice) kitchen. I went straight for the freezer and grabbed some frozen bread. I decided to go for the bonus task as well, and when I went back to my counter there was a buffet tray. I turned around to my mother and said “Watch this: I’m gonna turn back around and there’s gonna be a buffet set up” to which she replied “Yeah right.” (NOTE: This kitchen had an “island” opposite the counter which had 2 more buffet trays on it.) Anyway, I turned around and looked at the food. Still there, uncooked. I then looked in the buffet tray where there was a stick of butter. I melted a stick of butter. Not exactly cooking, I thought. So I turned around (again) to the other trays, but lost lucidity. It’s like it went black.
[/color] [/spoiler]

I acually like cooking so I can’t see why this task is so hard for me… And I don’t think I actually completed any tasks. But I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited!
2 in a row and a hypnogagic experience? w00t!

Really brilliant lucidity.:colgate: Well done. :good:

kust for the record angel mouse because you want to know so badly you are beating evil shrimp by 40 points, you r in first, but it is not offical… yet

unknown user it is too late now but remember you could have posted those omega 3 lds and gotten enough points to win, but sadly it is too late :sad:

rkr7-160 :grin:
Lleu-95(assuming u werent lucid, pls tell me if you were you did not win at sports but you hit a girl which is breaking the rules )

angelmouse i just counted the points and it turns out rkr7 beat you by 5 points :woo:

what a fantastic end to a great challenge.

thanks for joining everybody i had a great time and goodnight

also rkr7 please pm me if you do not want to be the next TM(task master it took me forever to figure that out).
you may congradulate and pout about winning or losing today.

Mods could you please refrain from locking this topic until tomorrow, also everything having to do withb the next tm will be handled via pm, rkr7 if you dont start the next topic within 3 days(tuesday) i will assume you dont want to do it and will pm angelmouse. after her ebil shrimp and so on and so on.

congadulations to all who played, and good luck at getting out of those dry spells.

Daniel, it was a pleasure to see you as TM, also I see you forgot to say what curfuffel is :tongue:

If it wasn’t for this challenge… I wouldn’t have had some of the best LD’s of my life. If I did, I probobly wouldn’t have written them down. I gained control of my dreams in ways I don’t think I would have ever had before. The thrill of broken dryspells; the anticipation of possibly waking up tomorrow completing a task… It was amazing!

This was my first challenge, and definatly won’t be my last. It was fun: Alot of fun. Which is one of the reasons I can’t be the next TM. y life is packed with school/volleyball/school play… I don’t think I’ll have the time. I also wouldn’t be the best at coming up with challenges, and I couldn’t compete. I’m passing on the role to Angelmouse. Good luck everybody who’s entering the next challenge! If you’ve gotten this far: Do an RC!

Sweet dreams everyone!

yeah i know i coulda won if i posted those dreams, that’s part of the reason i didn’t; i wanted someone else to. plus i didn’t wanna be the tm ha ha. and also out of pure laziness and i didn’t have the time during my day to type all those. good job rkr7 and good luck angelmouse. maybe if you need people i’ll join your challenge too :smile:

ok ill pm angelmouse and congrats rkr7

a curfuffel is a monster or something monsterous nobody thought it was a monster when they dreamed, everyone thought it was something happy so they only got 5

i have to go see ya

And so the mantle of Challenge Master comes to me. At last my plans are working… :ebil: Blast did I say that out loud? :shy:

Anyway I shall begin the Sign ups as soon as the thread has been locked…looks for a suitable mod :blush: :moogle:

challenge 17 is here:smiley: