Lucid challenge no.16

welcome to Lucid challenge no.16 hosted by you TM Danielns13 :happy: here are the links to the previous challenges

LC I - TM and initiator: Ian1 - winner: -=JaSoN=-
LC II - TM: Magnus - winner: Q
LC III - TM: Q - winner: Bravsein
LC IV - TM: Bravsein - winner: WritersCube
LC V - TM: WritersCube - winner: dimsya
LC VI - TM: dimsya - winner: Queen SD
LC VII - TM: Ysim - winner: Mugiwara
LC VIII - TM Mugiwara - winner: Ysim
LC IX - TM Ysim - winner: Tundra
LC X -TM Tundra - winner: ebil shrimp
LC XI -TM Ebil shrimp - winner: Tundra
LC XII - TM HebrewB - winner: mattiasdavis
LC XIII - TM Blue&White - winner: relV
LC XIV - TM relV - winner: GHOSTIE11
LC XV - TM GHOSTIE11 - winner: unknownuser33

Rules; (copied from LC 1)
There will be lucid points, and task points. Let me explain lucid points first.
Lucid points are simply given based on how lucid a player gets during the night. The possible amounts of general points that can be earned are as follows:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up in under approximately 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

Now, here is the fun part. Each day of the round, the Task maker comes up with a task for the players to complete in their dreams. Now, each task has several different amounts of points that can be earned, depending on the task and how well the player completed it. For example:
Task: Fly to Tahiti in your dream tonight.
Succeed in flying, but don’t get to Tahiti = 20 points
Get to Tahiti, but not by flying = 30 points
Fly, and see Tahiti ahead of you but never actually reach it = 35 points
Make it to Tahiti by flying = 40 points

The points from completing the task and your lucid points will be added up to make your full score. Also, when you post your dream, also post the score you think you got, to make it easier for the task maker. If you complete the task without becoming lucid, unlikely as that may be, you will still get your task points.

You can also score points by completing tasks that were assigned on previous days, so long as they were assigned during the current round, however, there will be an additional 10 points for completing a task the night it was assigned… And yes, you can complete more than one task in one night, and if you do so, you will be rewarded the total of the scores of each of those, minus ten points. If the task assigned that night is included with the others, you will not get your ten point bonus, but will still have ten points subtracted.

This is added to the rules, the challenge is for everyone who wants to increase the ability to LD and explore them in a different way, this is not made to win. Everyone are welcome to join until the host closes the signup and the challenge starts.

I will make some changes in the rules for this challenge only. The points are the same, but there will be additional bonus points for the task that lasts until next task :tongue: The tasks will come in type A, B, C and D like challenge 14. For example if task A is up ALL bonus points of task A can be earned. The challenge lasts for 14 days from the day task one is posted, 2 days after task 2 (type B). On day 8 type A returns, which grants bonus on both type A tasks :smile:

So welcome to LD Challenge 16 I declare it as begun :smile:

The current titel is a temporary one until the signup is closed.

We will start when there are 10 people :smile:

People in so far:







ebil shrimp



Twilight dreamer

new people are still able to join

Hi Danielns13, Im really keen to join, but ive only had a few LD’s and they dont come around too often, but I would try my best, is that cool

sure thith you can join when i joined i hadnt had a LD for 4 years this motivated me to get them.

ill add your name good luck

Sign me up, please!

sure thing Lleu

your no.2

heh/me made a ryme

I dont know if I can join, but I will keep an eye on the challenge :peek:

daniel, good luck with running this challenge :smile:

tnx ghostie i think you can there r people who have been TM twice

we need 8 more joiners

whoops sorry i didn’t take my new job… i haven’t been around a computer in a while. i got the dimensions challenge! lol seriously though that’s the coolest thing i’ve ever done in an ld.

good to know ill be sure to try ,

you want to join? i really dont want to be the person who screws up the LC cause no one joins

Hmmm… I’m a tad confused, But I’d love to join.

Why not :tongue:
Although it may hinder my Chronicler LDs/attempts
Sign me up!

Sure thing rkr7 good luck!

sure thing download good luck!

now we have a canadian that can win. :happy:

we need six more people

I found out about it when Blueandwhite hosted it, but I was late, same with all the ones afterward :tongue:

So now here I am! :content:

I’m just hoping I get more than 3 LDs… that seems to be my monthly average…

download ive had four in the 2 1/2 weeks ive been here
come on i need more signups

Step on up and join the fun

Dont be shy, I understand these challenges are very good for improving your LD ability

aw well im sue we will get people soon enough

do you still need people? i’ll join again if i’m allowed.

your allowed just try not to blow away the compitition this time :tongue: actully i dont really care

we need 5 more people

haha cool beans. hmmm maybe i’ll try only posting when i actually get the task, not just for lucid points…

I think I want to join, these challenges have inspired me :happy: