The lucidity challenge - LC1, LC2 and LC3

26 july 2006
White Lunar Wizard

The Mirror of Esrevinu Eht
I have to go to the toilet. I really have to go but nothing happens. I realize I must be dreaming, because I already fell asleep with the feeling I had to go so I turned around again and thought to myself if I’m in a bathroom or a toilet I must be dreaming.

Right in front of me is a huge mirror. I walk towards it and look at myself and pinch my nose, and yes, I can easily breathe. [LD]I remember the task and decide to use the mirror for it.

I say to the mirror, “Show me the beginning and the end of the universe” My plan is then to jump though the mirror to be there. I press my head against it to better see inside.

A voice says:”The Universe has no beginning and no end, the Universe is an everlasting cycle”.

Well, that was that then.

I decide to do some time travel just in case to complete the task. So I jump through the mirror and call out something like “let me travel in time, let me be in the universe”

I now woosh through a space with light dots in it, it goes very fast and feels a bit scary, I realize I have no idea where I want to go (more accurately: when), I know I’m travelling to the past.

At some point I fly over a landscape and see houses disappear while I fly over it, and the landscape change through time. In the back of my mind I think oh, I can go to ancient Egypt or something! But then I have already landed and I know I’m still in Holland. Or that feeling I have anyhow.

The sun shines, it is light, and I’m in a place with newly built houses. The people are dressed very neatly. There are teenagers outside sitting at tables. I ask them what year this is. They look at me amusingly, later laugh at me.

“Come on, what year is it?” I ask.

One of the guys replies and a woman reprimands him for his language.

“you have to pronounce it like this”. (I forgot the word).

I say, “well fine, if you don’t want to tell me I’ll guess, I think this is the late 50s since you are all dressed so neatly.”

They laugh at me. How can I think that. As I’m about to take off again to fly away, I say:”Fine, this is probably the year 2007 then, but your parents will laugh at you later for how you dress” They laugh again and I correct myself ”I mean your children”, then I take off and fly away, and wake up.[/LD]

A huge mirror in front of me and I think of the universe task. :roll: Although I do feel I have traveled in time, it seems I didn’t really end up anywhere :tongue: Also there is no end and beginning in the universe, so I couldn’t go and see it, so there is a flaw in the task :tongue:

You could have asked to see what it’s like if there was a beginning and an end. Good job though, seriously… very pro LD’er you are pasQuale!


  1. pasQuale 315 (30 lucid points, 5 task points 10 bonus points)
  2. Lizzahy 50 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 105 points
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 60 points

task 7:
Meet the storyteller of your dreams:
some background info; The storyteller is a person invented by me, I got the inspiration from Michael Ende’s “the neverending story”
So that you know who to meet:
The storyteller of your dreams, is the person who creates and stores your dreams.
The task is to meet him/her and ask her or him a few questions:
Ask the name of the storyteller.
Ask how old the storyteller of dreams is.
Then the big question ask why the storyteller creates your dreams.
Ask the storyteller can show you the storage where he stores your dreams when you have dreamt them.

Spoiler read only this if you want the image of your own storyteller destroyed but this is how I image my storyteller to be, yours can be very different of course

SPOILER - Click to view

An old man, with grey long hair and beard, he lives alone, in a mountain, where he creates my dreams by writing them and to write them he uses a white quill, and in his mountain he has many books of my old dreams

Meet the storyteller: 10 points
Then 10 additional points for each of these things you do:
Find out his/her name.
Find out his/her age.
Find out where(and how) he/she store your dreams.
Find out why he/she does what he/she does.

Get the storyteller to ask you about something and you answering his/her question and you get 20 additional points.

so 110 points if you include lucid points is maximum for this task, go find your storytellers now :smile:.

Task 7 is the last task, the next deathline is on saturday and then the final results will be posted and the next task maker.

saturday 28 july 2007
Yellow Self-Existing Warrior

The Storyteller of my Dreams
[skipping ND part before it]

FLD: I’m flying, I realize I’m flying, maybe I should try flying with my wings, see if I can succeed. I try feeling my wings on my back and fly with them. I float in the air, it feels like I don’t have to make as much effort as last time.

[LD]Then it hits me. I’m flying. I’m dreaming. I’m having a LD! :yay: Yay! That means I can do the storyteller task! I get so exited I almost wake up. I stabilize the dream by pressing my thumbnails into my fingers. It works.

I now stand on a sandy path, to the left is a low building, and a black male is sitting on the floor in front of it, very relaxed. I’m prepared due to what happened with the universe task, so I say outloud:

“Ok, If there would be a storyteller of my dreams, what would he look like, I would like to meet him”.

A voice says: “look behind you”.

So I turn around, and in the distance somebody approaches mounted on a donkey, or a horse. I’m so exited to see this person. I walk closer and I see it is a pony, and mounted on it is the fox character from the movie Labyrinth.

(He looked more real in my dream than this picture above)

I ask… so, who is the storyteller, the pony or?

The fox says: “ME!”

He even talks exactly like the fox does in the movie :happy:

I’m accompanied by two female DC’s as well, I don’t know who they are, in the dream they felt familiar, one was a white, blond lady, and to my right a black blackhaired lady.

I ask him: what is your name?
And how old are you?

I think about this. Then I ask:”If you are 21, then who did my dreamstories when I was a child?”

”Why, your grandmother ofcourse!” He laughs.

I try to remember what else I was supposed to ask him. I look at my two female companions. What else was I suppose to ask? They don’t know either. I try to remember, but instead I wake up. [/LD]


  1. pasQuale 385 (30 lucid points, 30 task points 10 bonus points)
  2. Lizzahy 50 points
  3. onorm 0 points
  4. Rodrigo 0 points
  5. umbrus 30 points
  6. ilovelucid 0 points
  7. Siiw 105 points
  8. TwilightDreamer 0 points
  9. Dragon73 0 points
  10. Sandra 60 points

pasQuale got 385 points and has therefore been honoured with the job as the next task maker (I was never honoured with it, I stole it :tongue:)

So now I leave this topic, in Q’s cabable hands and give her a new burden, umm, precious gift I mean.
And I erase the Dreamer list for her:

Taskmaker: pasQuale

So post if you want to sign up for the next round

And the winner is… Bravsein!
congratulations Bravsein :happy:

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Lucidity Challenge! Your host on this adventure this time will be me, Q, and I hope you will enjoy the flight.

First let me introduce our contestants:

  1. Magnus
  2. Maroonjaguar
  3. Tahku
  4. Wolb
  5. ian1
  6. NeoMarine
  7. Malina
  8. Bravsein
  9. Zeroexe
  10. KingMikeII

The rules are the same as in the first post of this topic, as written down by ian1.

final score after 7 tasks

  1. 195 Bravsein
  2. 145 - KingMikeII ( + 35 task points)
  3. 105 - Wolb
  4. 60 - NeoMarine ( + 30 lucid points)
  5. 30 - Ian1
  6. 10 - Magnus
  7. 0 - Maroonjaguar
  8. 0 - Tahku
  9. 0 - Malina
  10. 0 - Zeroexe

[color=blue]congratations bravsein! :yay:[/color]
Bravsein is the next Task Maker.

The next LC will start when he comes back from holiday, in the mean time signups are open. I will open a new topic for that.

LC challenge III is now over, signups for LC IV are open.

Thank you to all who participated :smile:

task 7
meet yourself 10 years in the future.

  • meet yourself 10 years in the future: 10 points
  • check where you live, what you do, how you are - and remember it 25 points
  • ask if your futureself wants to give you a message - remember message 10 points
  • have conversation but don’t know anymore10 points

So a maximum of 45 points to be earned. (85 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

This is the final task, saturday 18 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT I will announce the final scores and the winner gets to be the next task maker :smile:

task 6
explore the depths of the ocean.

  • find the ocean: 10 points
  • dive in the ocean 10 points
  • be underwater for more than 1 minute: 10 points
  • explore the depths of the ocean: 25 points

So a maximum of 55 points to be earned. (95 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

you have until thursday 16 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT to complete this challenge and post your dream in this topic.

task 5

Go to a library and find the Book of your Life, and look inside.

  • find a library: 10 points
  • find the Book of your Life: 10 points
  • look in it but forget what it was: 10 points
  • read in the Book of your Life and remember it: 25 points

So a maximum of 45 points to be earned. (85 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

you have until tuesday 14 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT to complete this challenge and post your dream in this topic.

Score after task 3

  1. 110 ( + 45) - KingMikeII (35 task points and 10 bonus points)
  2. 105 (+85) - Wolb (45 task points, 30 lucid points, 10 bonus points since you told me about the dream on the day itself, but next time post in time wolbeth )
  3. 85 - Bravsein
  4. 30 - Ian1
  5. 10 - Magnus (10 bonus points)
  6. 0 - Maroonjaguar
  7. 0 - Tahku
  8. 0 - NeoMarine
  9. 0 - Malina
  10. 0 - Zeroexe

task 4

Grow as large as the universe or even bigger, or shrink as tiny as an atom or even smaller.

  • manage to grow but not as large as the universe10 points
  • grow as large as the universe or larger 20 points
  • manage to shrink but not as tiny as an atom 10 points
  • mange to shrink as tiny as an atom or smaller 20 points
  • do both 10 bonus points

So a maximum of 50 points to be earned. (90 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

you have until sunday 12 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT to complete this challenge and post your dream in this topic.

Task 3

Enter a tv show. Find a tv, switch it on and look what programme is on. Then jump in the tv and experience yourself inside what you saw.

  • find a tv 5 points
  • have reception (eg there is something to see :wink: ) 5 points
  • manage to switch channels (see more than one thing on), and select channel you like to enter 5 points
  • try to jump inside but can’t get through 5 points
  • succeed in jumping inside but don’t end up in program 10 points
  • succeed to jump inside the program: 20 points
  • interact/explore where you ended up. 10 points

So a maximum of 45 points to be earned. (85 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

you have until friday 10 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT to complete this challenge and post your dream in this topic.

Task 2

Change the weather.

  • manage to change something but don’t succeed in changing the weather: 5 points
  • change the weather but it doesn’t remain stable (only rains for a few seconds for example) 10 points
  • change the weather and it remains stable: 25 points
  • notice the effects on yourself (heat/wet/cold etc): 10 bonus points
  • manage to change the weather again: 10 bonus points (one time)

So a maximum of 45 points to be earned. (85 with lucid points and bonus points added)

good luck :dream:

you have until wednesday 8 august 17:30/5:30 PM GMT to complete this challenge and post your dream in this topic.

Task 1

Dial a number on the phone, get someone on the phone and have a conversation with that person.* find a phone: 5 points

  • dial a number but nobody picks up: 5 points
  • dial a number and someone replies: 10 points
  • ask who it is and get a reply but don’t remember: 5 points
  • ask who it is and get a reply and remember what the other said: 10 points
  • ask if the person has a message for you: 5 points
  • remember the message you got (so if you don’t get a message or can’t remember that’s no points): 5 points
  • have a conversation but don’t remember what it was about: 5 points
  • have a conversation and remember it: 10 points
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Lucidity Challenge 61 - Winner: Obfusc8
LC 63 Winner Cornelia Xaos!
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LC 65 - The Great Library! Books found: 38

/me signs up, I hope this can get me some LDs, the first LC did gave me an LD but then I sort of gave up due to the late deadline.(plus I hadn’t read the rules carefully enough that you could have done old tasks :smile: )
But now I give it a new chance

So sign me up :woo:

maroonjaguar signs up :happy: i’ve never had a lucid dream before, but maybe this challenge will help me to have a few :cheer:

Hey, can I join the team? I’m not very good at lding yet but maybe I can just get myself to normal dream the tasks?

well you can do it in a ND too, but the idea is to get lucid, and to be a motivation to have a lucid dream.

I shall be joining. :peek: My recall has been sucky lately (mostly due to having to get up at various times to do various things in a very various way), but still, it’ll be fun. :grin:

I’ll join. :content:

Sign me up - btw last night I had a dream where I travelled in time lol - oh well I was a bit late.

Sign me up please ! This is so exciting :yay:

Please sign me up too :content:

I will position myself in #9 please :peek:/me will have a lucid dream this week…

Can I pinch the last place, please. I’ve just started having LDs again for the first time in almost 2 months, and this will be good motivation to keep having them.

Signups are now closed :smile:

I will announce later when the first task will start, probably friday or saturday.

(very busy at the moment)

I will keep all the stats in this post:

[The lucidity challenge - LC1, LC2 and LC3)

Noooooooooooooo :cry:

I finally thought : Hey, lets get started again, I need somethin t drag me into writing in the dj, and such, and the last post tells me I can’t join :sad:

sorry petter, you’ll have to wait until the next LC then :smile:

you can always try doing the challenges for yourself :smile: