The Tenth Lucidity Challenge- the ninth challenge!!

added links to previous challenges /Magnus

LC I - TM and initiator: Ian1 - winner: -=JaSoN=-
LC II - TM: Magnus - winner: Q
LC III - TM: Q - winner: Bravsein
LC IV - TM: Bravsein - winner: WritersCube
LC V - TM: WritersCube - winner: dimsya
LC VI - TM: dimsya - winner: Queen SD
LC VII - TM: Ysim - winner: Mugiwara
LC VIII - TM Mugiwara - winner: Ysim
LC IX - TM Ysim - winner: Tundra

Hello all! Welcome to the Tenth Lucidity Challenge…It’s a honour for me to host this so do your best folks!! grins There are 10 spaces available as normal and they usually fill up fast!! Have fun!!

The Rules
Players will be given points each day based on how well they performed in their dream on the previous night. What do I mean by this? Well, I will explain. You see, there will two different types of ways to earn points. There will be lucid points, and task points. Let me explain lucid points first.

Lucid points are simply given based on how lucid a player gets during the night. The possible amounts of general points that can be earned are as follows:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up within 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

In order to get your score you must post the dream in this topic the day following the night you had the dream, and it must be posted before 8:00 AM GMT, because that is when I will tally up the scores and post the new task (the next task maker can change it to a different time, if he or she wishes.) This was changed from 3:00AM as I for one found it hard to post in time!! grins (For all the UK people out there…:razz: )

Now, here is the fun part. Every other day of the round, the Task maker comes up with a task for the players to complete in their dreams. Now, each task has several different amounts of points that can be earned, depending on the task and how well the player completed it. For example:

Task: Fly to Rome
Succeed in flying, but don’t get to Rome = 20 points
Get to Rome, but not by flying = 30 points
Fly, and see Rome ahead of you but never actually reach it = 35 points
Make it to Rome by flying = 40 points
Fly to Rome but find yourself in a magical land called Gerfahland! = Uhm… 20 points.

The points from completing the task and your lucid points will be added up to make your full score. Also, when you post your dream, also post the score you think you got, to make it easier for the task maker. If you complete the task without becoming lucid, unlikely as that may be, you will still get your task points.

You can also score points by completing tasks that were assigned on previous days, so long as they were assigned during the current round. However, if you complete a task before the deadline, you will receive a 10 point bonus. Remember, you may complete more than one task each night.

Now, when the round comes to an end, whoever has the highest amount of points gets to be the task maker for the next round. If there is a tie, as many tiebreaker nights will be held as necessary, but no new tasks will be assigned during the tiebreakers and the tied players will have to use tasks earlier nights in the round.

4. cherika
8.ebil shrimp
9. Ansie
10. Magnus

I’ll join the challenge.

Despite completely failing last time, I guess I’ll join again. :content:

Sign me up. :smile:

grins there you go buddies!

Okay, I’ll give it a try. I had my first LD about a week ago but I haven’t had one since. This could be a good way to increase motivation. I’ll probably fail miserably but… no, I am going to think positively. :content:

I’m feeling lucky…

Hooray!! grins

Well, I think some aspects of the tasks are quite tricky BUT I’ve included lots of bonus points so if you don’t think you can manage the whole thing then you can sort of pick ‘n’ mix!! laughs

How you check if it’s true?

Well, if you sign up, once all 10 places have been filled then I will post a challenge. You will record on here what dream you had, I will reward points etc but I’m just going to have to trust you…

Can I trust you?

Do you want to sign up?

You can trust me, but I won’t join :razz:
I’m still trying to get a LD :happy:

Once I have it and have it more times I’ll join a contest :happy:
And doesn’t flying to rome doesn’t take too long? even in a LD :razz:

grins its all about perspective my friend…

That was just an example anyway…I’ve alreadly planned what I’m gonna put as the challenges!! laughs Goodness I get excited easily!!

I’d love to join, it seems really fun, but I don’t think I have the skills to complete these tasks since I’ve only had 1 LD so far…


Can I just ask 1 simple question so I maybe can join?
If I have a normal dream but didn’t recall yet,
and then in my dream I find out it’s a dream,
then can I make it a LD???

Please may i join :grin:

That’s basically a LD…
Also, as I said; if you find the tasks hard, then theres always the bonus points…grins

Even if you don’t complete the task but get lucid then you can still get lucid points.
Don’t forget the 10point bonus if you post your dream before the deadline!! Two nights!! ooooh!!! :tongue:

ooh tundra pick me pick me!!!

plz sign me up!
does puppydog eyes … ining.html

(click link but ignore the writing for cute puppy

Why did you sign me up? xD

Oh well, you know what, I’ll try. Even if I’ll probably fail.

Hah, I actually had a LD yesterday. I remembered the task (to fly to rome), but this time I tried to teleport myself there instead. Didn’t work ^^

Can I join? :smile:

laughs I thought you said you’d love to join revolve!!

(grins How could I resist!?)