Lucidity Challenge 56 - Winner: MearaDelia !

Noted, Susan

Scores updated

The challenge has finally ended ! :smile:

Any dream you have beyond this post will no longer contribute to your score

However, I’ll leave one day more, for adding DJ entries and/or claiming points for dreams experienced before this post

Great job everyone ! :happy:

Non-lucid dream, from the night before the challenge ended.

I claim points for

  • Smell something
  • It’s a good odour
  • Visit a museum
  • See a painting

The previous lucid dream possibly also counts for β€œsave people” while lucid, if you count my toy animal as β€œpeople”. I think he counts as people; he’d sort of come to life like he was real in the dream.

I need to sleep, but I haven’t finnished my DJ, so I will simply claim the following tasks please.
All non-lucid:

smeel something
smell good smell
hear music
visit my secret place
would my work uniform count as a costume? haha

Also, my

Be in a desert

task was completed while lucid

I’ve taken all above posts into account
Susan, I agree saving your toy counts as β€œSave people”

Scores update

I’ll just leave few more hours

Dear LC participants, I am happy to announce:

[center][b][color=blue][size=150]LC56 Winner:

MearaDelia !!! [/size][/color][/b][/center]

:cheer: :hurray: :partying_face: Congratulations ! (:> :hurray: :cheer:

Final scores:
1. MearaDelia 850
2. Obfusc8 770
3. DTDownUnder 670
4. Susan_Y 425
5. Koal44 420
6. Letaali 325
7. SpaceRace 270
8. James_UK2008 255
9. 9spaceking 0
9. Arial 0

It was an exciting LC, with many people in a narrow range of scores

I hope you all had fun in pursuing those tasks !

Special thanks to Obufsc8 for taking a high difficulty setting and keeping this LC fair and well-balanced !
I think I may follow your difficulty setting in future LCs

MearaDelia, as the LC winner, you have the option of hosting LC 57

Your beautiful presentation with my picture and the smileys made my day haha :happy:

I feel so happy and honestly at the same time also uncomfortable for winning, because Im the newbie here and didnt view myself as an experienced dreamer. But then im also really grateful for that because it was a good eye opener and an oppurtinity for personal growth :smile:
And im really amazed what the challenge did for my lucid dreaming, too.

So much thanks to all of you guys for hosting and taking part in the challenge! Im so happy this exists!

And I would love to host the next challenge :smile: how does that work? Is there a guide i can follow, or should i just try to copy what Ive seen you do?

There is no guide that I am aware of :smile:

Just do your best, the environment here is super-friendly and we all do this for fun and motivation :content:

Congratulations again and thanks for taking up the challenge of hosting - I opted out when I first won an LC because I felt absolutely clueless :tongue:

Congratulations MearaDelia! And thanks for hosting GenghisKhan. :ok:

I’d recommend reading through some of the (recent) previous challenges to get a feel for how these things are run. There are links to all the previous challenges in the first post of this topic. If you have any questions, then you could PM me or any of the previous hosts and I’m sure they would be happy to help you out. Good luck. :content:

Okay thanks :smile:

Ive got a lotof ideas for the tasks and themes already!

Great ! Count me in :cool:

Awesome :smile:

Is there an easy way to copy the hidden message with the links to all the previous challenges? (I mean, including the BBCode so I don’t have to link everything again manually xD)

Congrats MearaDelia!!!
Dont feel bad for being new and winning, i know exactly how you feel.


I believe you can acomplish this by pressing the quote button on the intro post. I will try to add a copy of the code if I can later.

Alright, sorry for the long post.

MearaDelia, if you copy and paste the following text into the post it (should) work. I was going to wait for me to get home from my ambo shift to my laptop, as writing out code on a phone is hard with big fingers. But i noticed tou have already opened the new LC, so i decided to do it anyway.

Copy everything below this line. :slight_smile:

EDIT: re enabled encoding to shorten post

SPOILER - Click to view

LC 1 β€” TM and initiator: eMander (formerly ian1) β€” winner: -=JaSoN=-
LC 2 β€” TM: Magnus β€” winner: Q
LC 3 β€” TM: Q β€” winner: Bravsein
LC 4 β€” TM: Bravsein β€” winner: WritersCube
LC 5 β€” TM: WritersCube β€” winner: dimsya
LC 6 β€” TM: dimsya β€” winner: Queen SD
LC 7 β€” TM: Ysim β€” winner: Mugiwara
LC 8 β€” TM: Mugiwara β€” winner: Ysim
LC 9 β€” TM: Ysim β€” winner: Tundra
LC 10 β€” TM: Tundra β€” winner: ebilshrimp
LC 11 β€” TM: ebilshrimp β€” winner: Tundra
LC 12 β€” TM: HebrewB β€” winner: mattiasdavis
LC 13 β€” TM: Blue&White β€” winner: relV
LC 14 β€” TM: relV β€” winner: GHOSTIE11
LC 15 β€” TM: GHOSTIE11 β€” winner: unknownuser33
LC 16 β€” TM: Danielns13 β€” winner: rkr7
LC 17 β€” TM: Angelmouse β€” winner: pasQuale
LC 18 β€” TM: Magnus β€” winner: Amaryllis
LC 19 β€” TM: Amaryllis β€” winner: Dryalantha
LC 20 β€” TM: Dryalantha β€” winners: Shadow Dreamer and Amaryllis
LC 21 β€” TM: Shadow Dreamer β€” winner: probably Wyvern
LC 22 β€” TM: Danilens13 β€” winner: tosxyChor
LC 23 β€” TM: tosxyChor β€” winner: Wyvern
LC 24 β€” TM: Wyvern β€” winner: tosxyChor
LC 25 β€” TM: Rhewin β€” winner: Solaris
LC 26 β€” TM: Solaris β€” winner: Rhewin
LC 27 β€” TM: tosxyChor β€” winner: Rhewin
LC 28 β€” TM: Rhewin β€” winner: Siiw
LC 29 β€” TM: Siiw β€” winner: Rhewin
LC 30 β€” TM: Puce β€” winner: Wega
LC 31 β€” TM: Mimmo0 β€” winner: Limitles
LC 32 β€” TM: Limitles β€” winner: Nicklebrick
LC 33 β€” TM: Nicklebrick β€” winner: elnaureth
LC 34 β€” TM: elnaureth β€” winner: DreamSailor
LC 35 β€” TM: Ysim β€” winner: Koharo
LC 36 β€” TM: Rhewin β€” winner: HeadInTheClouds
LC 37 β€” TM: HeadInTheClouds β€” winner: Scipio Xaos
LC 38 β€” TM: Scipio Xaos β€” winner: Thorn
LC 39 β€” TM: Thorn β€” winner: Koharo
LC 40 β€” TM: HeadInTheClouds β€” winner: Wyvern
LC 41 β€” TM: Wyvern β€” winner: Thorn
LC 42 β€” TM: Thorn β€” winner: Wyvern
LC 43 β€” TM: Rhewin β€” winner: drd
LC 44 β€” TM: Thorn β€” winner: drd
LC 45 β€” TM: obfusc8 β€” winner: Thorn
LC 46 β€” TM: Thorn β€” winner: obfusc8
LC 47 β€” TM: Mew151 β€” winner: Rhewin
LC 48 β€” TM: Rhewin β€” winner: probably obfusc8
LC 49 β€” TM: obfusc8 β€” winner: drd
LC 50 β€” TM: Thorn β€” winner: obfusc8
LC 51 β€” TM: Jer β€” winner: Thorn
LC 52 - TM: Susan_Y - winner: obfusc8
LC 53 - TM: Obfusc8 - Winner: GenghisKhan
LC 54 - TM: Susan_Y - Winner: DTDownUnder
LC 55 - TM: DTDownUnder - Winner: GenghisKhan
LC 56 - TM: GenghisKhan - Winner: MearaDelia

^^^^oops that was a bit longer than I thought it would be. Sorry everyone else.

Ah so that’s the trick! Okay thank you :smile: I posted them to the new challenge so you can delete the post if you wish.

Thanks for hosting GenghisKhan!

This was my first Lucidity Challenge and it was quite fun and educational. I was surprised with how many times I completed challenge goals without being aware that I was dreaming.

And congrats MearaDelia for winning! I look forward to seeing what your tasks and goals will be. :happy:

It has been fun hosting :smile:

Thank you all for your active participation ! :content: