The Ninth Lucidity Challenge - Winner: Tundra

Welcome to the Ninth Lucidity Challenge!

LC I - TM and initiator: Ian1 - winner: -=JaSoN=-
LC II - TM: Magnus - winner: Q
LC III - TM: Q - winner: Bravsein
LC IV - TM: Bravsein - winner: WritersCube
LC V - TM: WritersCube - winner: dimsya
LC VI - TM: dimsya - winner: Queen SD
LC VII - TM: Ysim - winner: Mugiwara
LC VIII - TM Mugiwara - winner: Ysim

The Rules
Players will be given points each day based on how well they performed in their dream on the previous night. What do I mean by this? Well, I will explain. You see, there will two different types of ways to earn points. There will be lucid points, and task points. Let me explain lucid points first.

Lucid points are simply given based on how lucid a player gets during the night. The possible amounts of general points that can be earned are as follows:

You have a normal dream without ever considering you are dreaming = 0 points
You consider you may be dreaming at least once in the dream, but don’t get lucid = 10 points
You realize you are dreaming, but wake up within 10 seconds of your realization = 20 points
You realize you are dreaming and have a lucid dream that lasts over approximately 10 seconds = 30 points

In order to get your score you must post the dream in this topic the day following the night you had the dream, and it must be posted before 3:00 AM GMT, because that is when I will tally up the scores and post the new task (the next task maker can change it to a different time, if he or she wishes.)

Now, here is the fun part. Every other day of the round, the Task maker comes up with a task for the players to complete in their dreams. Now, each task has several different amounts of points that can be earned, depending on the task and how well the player completed it. For example:

Task: Fly to Rome
Succeed in flying, but don’t get to Rome = 20 points
Get to Rome, but not by flying = 30 points
Fly, and see Rome ahead of you but never actually reach it = 35 points
Make it to Rome by flying = 40 points
Fly to Rome but find yourself in a magical land called Gerfahland! = :eh: Uhm… 20 points.

The points from completing the task and your lucid points will be added up to make your full score. Also, when you post your dream, also post the score you think you got, to make it easier for the task maker. If you complete the task without becoming lucid, unlikely as that may be, you will still get your task points.

You can also score points by completing tasks that were assigned on previous days, so long as they were assigned during the current round. However, if you complete a task before the deadline, you will receive a 10 point bonus. Remember, you may complete more than one task each night.

Now, when the round comes to an end, whoever has the highest amount of points gets to be the task maker for the next round. If there is a tie, as many tiebreaker nights will be held as necessary, but no new tasks will be assigned during the tiebreakers and the tied players will have to use tasks earlier nights in the round.

The official list:

  1. Tundra - 540
  2. Serith - 380
  3. dreamwarrior
  4. Wyrmfell
  5. LordLeckie
  6. Darkdude
  7. Kza
  8. Doson
  9. Morpheus_Wuz_here
  10. Magnus

I’ll join.

I need MORE motivation, and something to do when I do LD, so this’ll do.

Meh. May as well join, as I’ve been running out of ideas for things to do in LD. Plus, we’re reading Julius Ceaser in English class, so my mind will be focused on Rome much of the day as well. Good luck to all those who try! :content:

Note to self become more active in LD4All community.

Ill go in on it, sounds like a good idea to motivate me.

50 points.
I didn’t even know this existed, and I got fully lucid and flew, which counts for 50 points.

I’ll join. The short time limit for completing the tasks should make this interesting.

I’ll join.Maybe this will give me more LDs (motivation)

Kza, that was just an example, but yes you would have gotten 50 points.
Would you like me to sign you up for the real challenge?

I would love a challenge…I’m having to plan what I do the night before otherwise I get lucid and have nothing to do!! tuts yes please, sign me up!! grins

Sure. And maybe in that time, I could REALLY get to rome.

Thank you!!! grins

Meh, might as well join. Sign me up.

Is it too early to start posting dreams? or do i have to wait until the list is filled?

If not then heres my first entry, a highly lucid dream that lasted for about 5 mintues (woo, thirty points!) it can be seen here in my DJ


Also? 100 posts.

I’ll join!

I had a Lucid Dream last night! Does that count?
Night of Feb. 29th…Morning of March 1st!

30 points!!!

sorry, yes it’s to early to post dreams, the tasks won’t begin until all 10 places is filled.
I can help you with that
sign me up :content:

This looks difficult, but I’ll try. Extra motivation would be nice - I’ve not LD’d in about two months now… And I’m adjusting to a polyphasic sleep schedule, so I think I should have a chance to dream more often now.

Sign me up, please. :content:

I’m sorry Shaolink, all 10 slots are filled. If someone backs out before I post the first task, I will add you in their place :smile:

Speaking of which, I will post the first task tomorrow at 2:00AM GMT
In this challenge, you will have 48 hours to complete each given task.

Oh, well… :neutral: There’ll be a tenth, right? :smile:

yes, there’ll be a tenth, and it’s only 7 tasks, a new challenge signup will begin afterwards.
You could always use this round as a practice round for yourself :wink:
Don’t forget to join round 10 :content:

/me glares at the people who wouldn’t get off the computer so he could post in time.
Task 1: Nature’s Nurture

As spring approaches, in the north at least we often find ourselves more often than in the previous few months. Spring is natures way of reviving itself, so the task ahead is to find nature and it’s nurturing effects.

The point breakdown:
Take a walk through the woods/forest - 10
Take a walk through a rain forest or jungle - 15
Find a soothing river, or grassy meadow (or other very relaxing scene) - 15
Communicate with the animals - 20
Communicate with the trees or other plants - 25
Change the color of the leaves to a more relaxing color - 30
Do any part of this with your SG/DG/GA/best friend (only if they help you relax) - 15
Sit/lay down and meditate - 15
Lay down and ‘fall asleep’ - 10

And also remember the 30 point bonus for lucidity, and 10 point bonus for completing the task on time.

The deadline will be 3:00AM GMT Thursday March 6 (10 PM EST Wednesday March 5)
Note: I am officially changing the deadline to this time for all tasks, it works better for me.