The Ninth Lucidity Challenge - Winner: Tundra

:eek: Woah. The deadline was a lot sooner than I thought. Better get going…

I was lucid this morning, I realized I was dreaming when people set fire to the car I was in. I went to sleep before the task was posted, and once I got out of the car I couldn’t walk properly, so I couldn’t do anything interesting before I woke up.

laughs Interpret this at your will! I am unsure how many points this would award…grins


Yes! Finally, I got here! After an uneasy night of ld’s by the bucket full but with no proper control my mind has smack bam landed me in my little forest glade…grins I look behind me but the woods seem to be unsure what it is…it is very hot and humid and tropical birds behind me sing and fly, but in front of my a wild deer is grazing in the pasture…I lay back against the roots of a tree and a tiny little stream trickles near my feet…(ooh, this is when I can mediate, I say to myself) I can feel myself waking up as I close my eyes…I hold on as long as I can…then ‘wake up’…phew…that was a close call…the trees are whispering and I say; well, I’ve talked to trees before but never in my dream…they smile at me…but no english come out their mouth, probably I can only speak willow or something…smiles
A sudden rustle of leaves comes from behind me, and out of the long lush grass steps a beautiful woman, I don’t know who she is, and no recognition sparks…
“You need to come with me” She says…but I have become warey of people commanding me in my own dreams…too many Lucid nightmares have come from that…“No!” I shout…leave me alone…my anger makes the forest turn red (the leaves have changed colour but certainly not to a more relaxing colour!!) She turns them back just before they begin to whither and die… I whistle and the deer comes running…I clamber onto it’s back as the woman advances upon me. “Stay back!” i say, thrust out my hand and the grass bogs her down…She’s angry…she begins to shout at me but I cannot hear her as I am already galloping across the glade…I jump of the deers back and fly far, far away…

Tadaa!! I’m quite impressed for my first try!! laughs I’ll leave you to try and decifer it! :happy:

Alright, the scores are in. Congrats to those who completed the last task.

  1. Tundra - 105
  2. Serith - 30
  3. dreamwarrior
  4. Wyrmfell
  5. LordLeckie
  6. Darkdude
  7. Kza
  8. Doson
  9. Morpheus_Wuz_here
  10. Magnus

Task 2: Man’s An Animal

Following the naturalist theme, the next task to to remember that humans are still animals. So let’s become one of them!

The point breakdown:
Attempt a transformation - 10
Transform half way into a real animal - 20
Transform fully into a real animal - 25
Transform half way into a fantasy animal - 15
Transform fully into a fantasy animal - 20
Use the Animal’s most well known attribute (bird’s - fly, jaguar - sprint, bat - night vision/echolocation) - 30
Speak with other animals - 15

Don’t forget those 30 and 10 point bonuses :smile:

The deadline will be 3:00AM GMT Saturday March 8 (10 PM EST)

thanks for the yummy points…I shall enjoy this challenge…grins and a bit more time too!! laughs

This task interests me, as shape shifting is something I’ve wanted to try for a while, but in the past I’ve always failed or succeeded in changing only my appearance. Yesterday I decided that when I next became lucid the animal I’d turn into would be a velociraptor, and last night I became lucid and tried the task.

In my dream, I was in a convenience store, and suddenly realized that I was dreaming. I soon remembered the task, and how I planned to do it. I walked outside, started talking to myself about velociraptors, sort of leaned into a posture similar to that of a velociraptor, and tried to become one through willpower. This didn’t work, and I woke up. I’m not sure how I thought that would work, this time I’ll plan out what I’m going to do better, and hopefully I’ll accomplish the task tonight.

I became lucid again last night, tried the task again, and failed again.

I was walking through my school, and in front of the cafeteria, I saw Dream of the Endless, from the Sandman series. Naturally, this made me suspicious, although strangely it wasn’t because the personification of dreaming was in my school, but because [spoiler]it was the first incarnation of Dream, who died at the end of the Sandman series.[/spoiler]

It turned out that it was really someone in a costume, which was still odd, because it’s still unusual for people to come to my school in costume (although it does happen occasionally, last year someone came to school dressed as Urahara Kisuke from Bleach, and earlier this year someone dressed as an alien came into my painting class and captured one of my classmates), oddly what made this strange was that they chose to be Dream, instead of someone more popular, like Superman. I walked back through the cafeteria, which gradually became a library, and realized I was dreaming.

I remembered the task, and started by reminding myself aloud that I was dreaming, and that my form was taken only out of habit, and could be changed, and sure enough, I did feel less solid. I focused on visualizing the form I wanted to take, but forgot that I had planned to shapeshift in a method similar to how I use telekinesis, and my form didn’t change, and I was soon awakened by my alarm clock.

The current scores:

  1. Tundra - 105
  2. Serith - 90
  3. dreamwarrior
  4. Wyrmfell
  5. LordLeckie
  6. Darkdude
  7. Kza
  8. Doson
  9. Morpheus_Wuz_here
  10. Magnus

Task 3: Digging Deep

So we know what is above the earth and what inhabits it, but what aout below the surface. Or better yet what about below the surface of our dream ('s ground), for they do say it’s all symbolic.

The point breakdown:
Dig into the ground - 10
Walk through a cave - 10
Find an underground sanctuary - 15
Find an underground world - 20
Talk with the inhabitants - 30 (+5 if nonhuman)
Find some symbolism to your own life or mind (while still in the dream) - 40
Find your central core of power - 50
Change something for the better while you’re down there - 40

Note: In order to receive full points for the symbolism, it must be something fairly note-worthy. Ie: I would give partial points if you just say “I found a bowl that was dully colored and commented ‘Just like my Halloween costume’”

Don’t forget those 30 and 10 point bonuses :smile:

The deadline will be 3:00AM GMT Monday, March 10

Well, I’m a bit late but does it still count???

Well! I’ll post it anyway because it was such a good dream!! laughs

I immediately know I’m lucid. I’m in my bedroom and wonder how I’m going to work this…I need to get out of the house without my dad stopping me…I put on a top and trousers but forget to brush my hair and make a bolt for the door…
“Where do you think you’re going??” A sudden dadlike voice enquires…
“Erm, out, don’t have long, don’t wake me up!!!” I yell as I slam the front door.
I run down the drive, and leap into the air and fly down to the bottom of the hill/road and enter the church yard… bum, other people are there…they’re trying to do the same thing…
I get on all fours and try to change, it hurts. I can see my hands changing and a shiver runs up my spine…my thumb is twisting around my wrist and my nails are growing thick and claw like…I grunt with pain…it turns into a growl…I shake my new thick grey coat and stretch to get used to my new limbs…a wolf, damn it, I wanted to try something else!! laughs
I run into the foliage and it transforms into thick countryside…I’m running the fastest I’ve ever run, quite well considering I’ve never done it on all fours before…branches are cutting into my side but I don’t care because I can
taste the air…I break out of the forest…its on some sort of layby, a roadside cafe is busy…I can see the edge of the cliff that I’m going to jump off to transform again, I wanted to fly and become and eagle…I can even see the sea in the distance, I wanted to transform again and become a water dragon…
but I’m forgetting something…oh yeah, do something to do with a trait…hmm…I’m not sure whether ‘tasting the air’ will count…ooooh!!! I get excited…I’ll howl!! I sit and throw back my head to the sky and howl…I get shivers again…there is sudden hububb in the cafe…oooh dear, time to skeedaddle…suddenly I hear a reply…there is another wolf pack in the distance!! Instead of jumping off the cliff where they could have clear ‘shots’ at me…(really painful, don’t let them!) I veer off down the side of the cliff and into the thick brush…I howl back an answer and get a beautiful chorus in reply…I can pick out the alpha and beta howl, beautiful…they’ve got pups I can hear the yips…sighs I melt…I howl one last time, feel the wind on my face and…

I wake up… sighs

I had another lucid dream last night, and completed some of the newest task, although not as much as I wanted.

In the beginning of the dream, I was in a house I had never been in before, but I knew it to be mine. I don’t remember when I became lucid, only when I remembered the task. I found a shovel by the door, and stepped outside. The way I had planned it, I had hoped to find a tunnel going down only a few feet below the ground, but I found no such thing. I ended up digging a hole about four feet deep, and there were many things buried there.

I don’t remember anything specific, but most of it was books and video games and things like that. I remembered that I was supposed to look out for symbolism, and at the time I thought that the things I was finding must represent my interests.

The scene changed, and I found myself in a perfectly circular clearing, in the middle of a forest. This looked like a much more likely place to find an underground tunnel, but as I began to dig in the center, I didn’t find anything like that there, either. However, more things were buried, and this time they were much more unusual. The only thing I remember clearly was a dagger. There were other things there too, but they were much stranger, and I can’t remember them clearly enough to describe them.

I think that next time I try this task (hopefully tonight), instead of digging in one place, I’ll just hit the ground in different spots until I find a place where there’s some sort of underground area just below the surface, instead of wasting time digging in one spot.

Was lucid all night…sighs
I explored deep underground caves with beautiful carvings of lost civilisations and crystals 12ft long…I found a pendant; It was a shamanistic tool to help calm angry spirits…(I am studying shamanism but I don’t think the symbolism was strong enough to award any points)
However, I never dug to get there, I was just suddenly there…And I remember feeling trapped, and cold…but not alone

OOOH! :lmao: Pick me! I could use some extra motivation. Sign me up.

Sorry Yanielle, you’ll have to wait for the 10th challenge. Signs should start shortly after this is completed.

I apologize for the delay…happenings beyond my control.

  1. Tundra - 235
  2. Serith - 190
  3. dreamwarrior
  4. Wyrmfell
  5. LordLeckie
  6. Darkdude
  7. Kza
  8. Doson
  9. Morpheus_Wuz_here
  10. Magnus

Task 4: Chronicling Vacations
The is no other day, so let’s try it another way. Well actually there is another day, but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. As I am going away for a few days, I suggest you take the extra time to earn points, catch up (or just stay ahead), and then take a break as needed

The point breakdown:
Attempt a previous task - 20 + points earned from task
Take a vacation - 20
Fly there by your own power- 15
Drive yourself there - 10
Take a plane - 5
Make a campfire - 10 (+10 if inside a hotel :tongue: )
Have S’mores - 10
Recreate a dream (only before the deadline I will accept dreams from before the challenge) - 40

Don’t forget those 30 and 10 point bonuses (Do not apply to first part) :smile:

The deadline will be 3:00AM GMT Sunday, March 16
(Yes you will have 4 days to try and recreate dreams)

ooh! drools ooh! What a yummy challenge! Hooray!!!

Ta muchly…I hope everything is well in your life…I was worried y’know… :sad:

I was lucid tonight, but before I could remember the tasks, I ran into a bunch of other people who said that they were lucid dreamers, and they convinced me to play basketball with them.

Right not last night but night before (been very busy see…:smile: )
Was lucid loads…

Recreated the dream in which I went around my neighbourhood and peeped into this persons house (see my DJ, don’t have time to write it all out again!) then started digging in his back garden to do the previous challenge…
This time I didn’t find any cave but more of a…shudders tomb… it was mine…inside it was all of my crystals, my old baby blanket and resting on top of the dusty coffin was my two teddies that I’ve had since my birth…I retch in the corner…
The boy is back…he’s holding the hair out of my face…“I’m sorry, did you know her?” I throw him a disgusting look and leap into the air…I’m flying as fast as I can away from him but the next thing I know he’s flying right along side me wings outstretch and gliding with a smirk on his face
“GO AWAY!” I scream, I’m already over the sea, I see and Island in the distance…he catches me looking…“Ahh!” He grins, “So, you like my island huh?” I frown but I still glide down to land on the soft white sand…
“This will give you chance to relax…” He smiles…it’s as if he’s inside my head…oh, hang on…giggles He chucks some wood in my direction and I remember what I’m doing here…“Oh…” I say…still damp with tears…
I arrange the wood into a pyrimid shape and place some kindling at the bottom…I grab a couple of flints…and take the metal part of my necklace to strike against it…I make a spark…

“There you go…” he says, “That wasn’t so hard…” He smiles and his eyes sparkle with the setting sun…“What was it that you were meant to do next?” He enquires…I think…
“Oh, er, S’mores…” “Yum!” He replies…

And then we cook and eat for the rest of the evening…the stars look beautiful…who is this guy anyway??

Where are all my LDs?I’m not having any so I can’t complete the task :sad:

:eek: I think some people have some catching up to do!

  1. Tundra - 400
  2. Serith - 220
  3. dreamwarrior
  4. Wyrmfell
  5. LordLeckie
  6. Darkdude
  7. Kza
  8. Doson
  9. Morpheus_Wuz_here
  10. Magnus

Task 5: Fire!
Fire is considered the literal spark of life, and often a fanciful show, so let’s play a little.

The point breakdown:
Create fire- 10
Control it’s shape - 20
Telekineticaly move it -30
Change its color - 20
Make it black - 30
Use it as a portal - 30

Don’t forget those 30 and 10 point bonuses :smile:

The deadline will be 3:00AM GMT Thursday, March 20

Hooray for fire! I’ve had some success with fire in the past before, so I might actually be able to do this task.

I probably should have found time to post this earlier, but I was lucid last night, and the night before. The night before last, I became lucid on a bus, distracted the guy next to me by levitating a calculator, got off the bus in the woods, and tried the shapeshifting task again. I got as far as being able to run on all fours, but woke up before I could fully transform into an animal.

Last night I became lucid during a long dream where I was trying to find a weird device in some strange other world. The dream was interesting enough that I didn’t feel like doing something else when I became lucid. I eventually found the device, which was like some weird cellphone, and escaped the strange world.

Ooh! Fire, never done that before…never thought to!! grins

I’m really having fun… Thank you… :smile:

Harhar, bring on the flames!!