Lucidity Challenge 51 - Winner: Thorn!

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LC 1 — TM and initiator: eMander (formerly ian1) — winner: -=JaSoN=-
LC 2 — TM: Magnus — winner: Q
LC 3 — TM: Q — winner: Bravsein
LC 4 — TM: Bravsein — winner: WritersCube
LC 5 — TM: WritersCube — winner: dimsya
LC 6 — TM: dimsya — winner: Queen SD
LC 7 — TM: Ysim — winner: Mugiwara
LC 8 — TM: Mugiwara — winner: Ysim
LC 9 — TM: Ysim — winner: Tundra
LC 10 — TM: Tundra — winner: ebilshrimp
LC 11 — TM: ebilshrimp — winner: Tundra
LC 12 — TM: HebrewB — winner: mattiasdavis
LC 13 — TM: Blue&White — winner: relV
LC 14 — TM: relV — winner: GHOSTIE11
LC 15 — TM: GHOSTIE11 — winner: unknownuser33
LC 16 — TM: Danielns13 — winner: rkr7
LC 17 — TM: Angelmouse — winner: pasQuale
LC 18 — TM: Magnus — winner: Amaryllis
LC 19 — TM: Amaryllis — winner: Dryalantha
LC 20 — TM: Dryalantha — winners: Shadow Dreamer and Amaryllis
LC 21 — TM: Shadow Dreamer — winner: probably Wyvern
LC 22 — TM: Danilens13 — winner: tosxyChor
LC 23 — TM: tosxyChor — winner: Wyvern
LC 24 — TM: Wyvern — winner: tosxyChor
LC 25 — TM: Rhewin — winner: Solaris
LC 26 — TM: Solaris — winner: Rhewin
LC 27 — TM: tosxyChor — winner: Rhewin
LC 28 — TM: Rhewin — winner: Siiw
LC 29 — TM: Siiw — winner: Rhewin
LC 30 — TM: Puce — winner: Wega
LC 31 — TM: Mimmo0 — winner: Limitles
LC 32 — TM: Limitles — winner: Nicklebrick
LC 33 — TM: Nicklebrick — winner: elnaureth
LC 34 — TM: elnaureth — winner: DreamSailor
LC 35 — TM: Ysim — winner: Koharo
LC 36 — TM: Rhewin — winner: HeadInTheClouds
LC 37 — TM: HeadInTheClouds — winner: Scipio Xaos
LC 38 — TM: Scipio Xaos — winner: Thorn
LC 39 — TM: Thorn — winner: Koharo
LC 40 — TM: HeadInTheClouds — winner: Wyvern
LC 41 — TM: Wyvern — winner: Thorn
LC 42 — TM: Thorn — winner: Wyvern
LC 43 — TM: Rhewin — winner: drd
LC 44 — TM: Thorn — winner: drd
LC 45 — TM: obfusc8 — winner: Thorn
LC 46 — TM: Thorn — winner: obfusc8
LC 47 — TM: Mew151 — winner: Rhewin
LC 48 — TM: Rhewin — winner: probably obfusc8
LC 49 — TM: obfusc8 — winner: drd
LC 50 — TM: Thorn — winner: obfusc8


Hello, and welcome to the 51st Lucidity Challenge! I will be your host/task maker, Jer!
The Lucidity Challenge (or LC for short) is a challenge that is meant to push lucid dreamers to their limits, and to motivate them to have Lucid Dreams while competing against, and working with fellow dreamers. Have some fun, make some new friends and dream hard!


LC 51 will be a 5 week challenge. Although the scoring may seem complicated at first glance, the concept itself is simple - Each week, new tasks will be revealed. Your goal is to complete as many of these tasks as you can, in order to earn points. You can complete them in either normal or lucid dreams; however, lucid dreams will score you more points. The participant with the most points at the end of week 5 wins. The prize for winning is that you get the opportunity to host the new LC, (or to pass it on to the person in 2nd place if the winner chooses not to host)

I will also be keeping up the tradition of telling a “story” each week that is related to the Lucidity Challenge and it’s participants. You can read it for some extra entertainment; however, you don’t have to read it if you so choose.

Scoring (lengthy, and indepth)

Hey!! Wait…no…NO where are you going?? Please don’t leave. I know it looks like it’s really complicated but I promise it’s not that bad! If you’re a newcomer to the LC just stick with us! It’s okay if you don’t understand all of the scoring at first.

The scoring system includes a high amount of subjectivity and many ways of earning points. This means that each participant can challenge himself or herself appropriately by choosing which points to attempt to earn and by reflecting differently upon his or her own lucid dreams from the past when making length and personal goal decisions. Points will be awarded as follows; I’m being verbose for the sake of covering exceptions to rules, so it’s less complicated than it looks!* Lucid Dreams and Induction Methods[list][*]You get 5 points if you wonder if you are dreaming but do not become lucid.

  • You get 20, 30, 40, or 50 points for a lucid dream you would consider short, medium-length, long, or your longest ever (respectively) based on lucid dreams you have had in the past. If you lose and regain lucidity without fully waking up, either within the dream or via DEILD, consider the combined length of all lucid parts of the dream as the scored length. If you are entering the LC without any past lucid dreams, note that you will get 75 points for your first lucid dream and that your length scale from your second lucid dream onward will be Short ≤ 1 minute < Medium-length ≤ 5 minutes < Long < Longest.
  • You get 50 points for becoming lucid through an induction method for the first time ever as long as the dream is not your first lucid dream ever. Note that I reserve the right to declare slight variants on methods as “not new” if nothing substantial is introduced.
    [/:m][]Actions Within Dreams* You get the listed amount of points for completing a task in most cases. Exceptions to this will be covered as they arise.
  • You get 30 “Lucid” points, applicable once per week, for completing a task while lucid. Completing a second task for a week for which you already have this bonus will not award a second bonus.
  • You get 20 “Early” or “Combo” points, applicable once per week, for completing a task while it is part of the most recent week or for completing a task alongside a task from another week, respectively. You can earn only one of these two 20 point bonuses per week.
  • You get 75 points for completing the LD4all Monthly Quest while lucid, applicable exactly once per Quest. Note that it does not always update monthly despite the name, but I have no control over this; please don’t direct complaints to me! If you complete the Quest active at the start of the LC before the start, you may “complete” it while lucid during the LC while it is still the most recent Quest to earn the 75 points.
  • You get 100 points for completing a personal goal that you set in your sign-up post (see Sign-Ups for more information) while lucid, and 25 points for completing a second personal goal that you may pick after completing the first one while lucid. You may not change this goal before completing it once the LC starts, so choose wisely.
  • You may get up to 10 points for being creative within your lucid dreams. These are subjective on my part and are thus worth little to keep the LC fair but to encourage doing more than going through the motions in your lucid dreams. I reserve the right to issue a tiebreaker even if there is not a tie if I feel that the winner won only on these subjective creativity points.
  • Note that dreams connected via DEILD are counted as one dream.There are no points for regaining lucidity within the same dream

When you claim points, please be sure to state the length of any lucid dreams you are claiming, which actions you are claiming for points, and which actions were done non-lucidly and lucidly. I highly suggest linking your dream journal or describing relevant parts, as this allows me to judge your point claims accurately, award creativity points if applicable, or find points that you may not have known you could claim.

There is an expectation that you post your point claims in a timely manner. The scores will be updated frequently, and having accurate scores provides proper motivation to all competitors. You are not allowed to purposely hold back your points and dump them all at once to give your opponents an inaccurate score.

You are free to calculate points to check your standing, but I am the official scorekeeper. If you feel I made an error in points, please PM me immediately and I will either explain or correct my scoring. Remember, we are here to have fun! [/spoiler]


The idea of group work started as a behind-the-scenes activity during LC 37, was introduced into the LC proper in LC 39, and was continually revised until teams were introduced in LC 42.I will be going back to the original format of having teams throughout the entire LC. There will be only two main teams to choose from, essentially dividing the LC participants half and half. I know some people think it can get stale being on one team for 5 weeks… so I will try my best to throw in random elements to keep the game fun and alive! Each week, the team with the most amount of points will get to collectively choose one advantage task that only they can complete. This gives them a slight advantage over the other team. Team points are calculated by the collective points of the team divided by how many players there are. Alright, so lets get into the teams! There are two main ideologies to choose from. Please include which team you would like to be on in your sign ups!

Team Past
“Team Past” is all about tasks that focus on going back in time. Take a step back to witness history in the making. If you like the middle ages, dinosaurs or the Roman empire this team is for you!

Team Future
“Team Future” is all about tasks that focus on the future of humanity. Take a step into the future, and witness innovation at its finest! If you like Robots, technology and space exploration, this team is for you!


I decided to keep in the idea of having a character, in LC 51. The concept was first introduced in LC 50 by thorn. If you are this character while doing a given task, you gain an extra 5 points. The point of this exercise it to transcend any limitations your waking body had, and gain more control by having an entirely different body. You will need to provide the following:

[spoiler]* Name (if different from your LD4all screen name).

  • Species. What are you? It can be a real species that is humanized or a made-up species (in which case, describe it). If it’s just you as another person, I need defined characteristics that clearly separate it from your waking-life self. Make it dreamlike!
  • Gender. I know some of you gamers out there play as members of the opposite gender. It’s allowed here too.
  • Appearance. Do you have a certain color scheme? Do you have any unique markings?
  • Height. I need a height between 3 feet (91 cm) and 7 feet (213 cm). I give these bounds not to restrict your creativity but to make sure that you can actually interact with things during the LC. If you really want a ridiculously short or tall character, we can always look into making a fitting task for it, but let’s keep it simple for now. I don’t need you bonking your head on door frames or struggling to reach things at a person’s head level. :razz:
  • Picture (optional). If you have artistic talent or find a character creator online, show us what you want to be instead of just describing it!
  • Mindset (optional). Is there anything you’d care to tell us about your lucid interests? Perhaps your character already reflects some of them!
    If this isn’t your idea of fun, don’t sweat it! It’s only worth 5 points per task, so you can definitely work around it![/spoiler]


As usual, we will need a total of 10 participants before we start. Obviously, more than 10 participants are welcome, but I am drawing the line at 20. If we hit 15, we will start asap. When signing up, please be sure to include your name, along with your personal goal. I do not need the average length of your Lucid Dreams, I will assume that you will use your best judgement when deciding whether it was a short,medium or long LD.

Please follow the typical format of :

  1. “Insert Name” - Team - Personal Goal
    For example:
  2. Jer - Team Past - Fly into outer space

Here is a list of those who have signed up so far:

  1. Thorn - Team Future - Cast a spell
  2. Eliatan - Team Future - Looking for a good man
  3. Yanshuf - Team future - Summoning the dream guide
  4. Obfusc8 - Team Future - Talk to my clone
  5. James_Uk2008 - TeamFuture - Change dream scene.
  6. Nomat - Team Future - Fly high and obrit the earth
  7. eMander - Team Future - Travel to this city
  8. Scipio Xaos - Team Future - Have a flight with Cardia
  9. Mew 151 - Team Future - Play DDR Dream Miz
  10. En’enra - Team Future - Fight with a lightsaber
  11. Lumessence - Team Past - Open a portal to D-912 (that place you all call "real life)

Current Scores

Coming Soon

Week 1 - Sight

… and that’s it! The LC is officially open!
Good luck and may the odds be ever in your dreams :spinning:

Let’s go.

  1. Thorn - Team Future - Cast a spell

Yeah, that’s an incredibly generic goal, but it surprises me how hard it is for me. I can handle willpower and I can handle lucid pills, but to actually cast a spell and get an effect eludes me. Considering I’m playing my character as a sorcerer in my Pathfinder campaign, I find that depressing! Plus, the team themes are about time periods, not fantasy worlds, so I don’t think I’m stepping on toes here. I look forward to throwing magic around on Team Future for anachronistic amusement. :smile:

For my character, I’ll just put down my Pathfinder character to further my ambitions.

What’s an LC without a dragon? :tongue: I play a 7’ dragonkin sorcerer in Pathfinder with an inability to cope with a party of people that seem to have Chaotic Stupid alignemt, so I look forward to dreaming of him alone. I openly admit that my height as a dragon seems to vary in dreams because bigger dragons are cooler, but Jer can decide if not being spot on with height hurts my point claims. :razz:

What’s this?! A wild Eilatan?? In back to back LCs?!

LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.

Joining Team Future, because as Thorn said, they are about time periods and not fantasy worlds. Besides, I have had more dreams pertaining to technology than to dinosaurs and Romans. I am also hoping it will bring about more Doctor dreams. My character and goal are also the same ones I had last LC, but I will be clear that the goal is to find a specific DC, not just the Doctor. :razz:

Name: (Doesn’t have one yet)
Species: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Appearance: Humonoid except for the pointed ears. Emerald eyes. Shoulder length brown hair, either tied in a pony-tail or single plait. Usually bare foot or wearing boots, an elbow-length, leather glove on left hand and wielding a collapsible metal staff. Has a tattoo on right inner bicep.
Height: Roughly 180cms. (Fixed from last LC, because it was not tall enough)
Mindset: Looking to figure out what the Doctor has to do with his dreams. :woah:

  1. Yanshuf - Team future - Summoning the dream guide

Changed my mind. I’m mroe interested in future

I don’t have character yet. sry…

Thorn : Glad to see you back in action! You’re goal shouldn’t interfere with tasks. Also, I understand the subjectivity of height in dreams, so I won’t be too picky. As long as the changes aren’t too drastic and your other characteristics still apply.

Elitan: Two Lucidity Challenges? Back to back? aww yes, you can never have enough LC’s :content: ! Looking forward to reading your DJ’s

Yanshuf: Welcome to LC 51 ! It’s okay if you don’t have a character right away. As long as you have one designed before the start of Week 1 :spinning:

wow! 3 members of team future! Hopefully the teams balance themselves up when more people sign up.

Ha! :tongue:

  1. Obfusc8 - Team Future - Talk to my clone.

Name: Obfuscate
Species: Anthropomorphic Martian biker-mouse
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tan coloured fur, mouse ears, tail, armored blue jeans, bike boots and black leather jacket.
Height: 6ft.
Mindset: I enjoy messing about on motorized vehicles, flying and transforming. I’ve been known to take many forms, including but not exclusively: Winged human, treant, insect, polar bear, incredible hulk, werewolf, colossal (fire-breathing :razz:) black dragon.

and my ride:
Name: Midnight
Species: ???
Gender: ???
Appearance: Most commonly a black sports bike but varies as much as it’s owner. Occasionally takes the form of a black horse, giant dragon or a wide array of other motorcycles.
Height: Varies.
Mindset: Capable of independent movement and highly intelligent, Midnight is a reliable companion helping me to explore the dreamscape in style. :cool:


I wish there was some kind of ‘difficulty’ mode for the veterans… The LC helps my motivation so much I need to take part but don’t want to de-motivate others when I’m capable of many lucid dreams per week while others are new and might only get lucid a couple of times a month.

Anyway, I’m deliberately nerfing myself, on top of potentially being out of the country on holiday for a while, I’ll only claim tasks done while lucid and only claim lucid dream points in which I complete a task.

LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.

Name: Firebrand (AKA, Red Arremer)
Species: Gargoyle Demon
Gender: Male
Appearance: Humanoid with dragon like wing, red skin and a generally atheletic build.
Height: Around 6ft 5inches

obfusc8, you… actually made that reference. I don’t have a reaction to it or anything; it was just expected a long time ago and never came, and now here it is. That said, what you mentioned is the difficulty mode for people who go above and beyond. Wyvern does it from time to time. My last checks with people about an actual difficulty mode basically came down to being told “don’t be discriminatory, Thorn!” :tongue:

James, when I play Pathfinder, I actually call my dragon character “Teehorn” (read: T. Horn) to tease the DM who said using “Thorn” was the same as using my real name. I am not original either!

Oh, my form and features still apply, heh. What’s a dragon without occasional bigness, though? The changes do tend to get drastic. :content: I had a character height requirement last LC not because I actually thought it’d interfere with tasks but because I didn’t want people to earn Week 5 and Week 7 points just for being in character; I just had to lie a bit in the opening post to not give away upcoming tasks. :smile: obfusc8 also listed “colossal (fire-breathing :razz:) black dragon”, so I guess it’s not just me that tends to dominate the dreamscape!
[size=75]I see what you did there, obfusc8! It’s still on! Double giant > giant fire-breathing! This “feud” that’ll probably just end in us getting giant beers isn’t over yet![/size]

  1. nomat - Team Future - Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:

(I don’t feel ready for character creation yet.)

So I’ve got to make a character before week 1 or I wont be able to do week1??

LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.
  5. nomat - Team Future - Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:
  6. eMander —Team Future — Travel to this city.

My character:

SPOILER - Click to view

(Image credit goes to Wyvern)

Coloration is the same as my avatar. Height is about 5 ft, 2 inches. Species is salamander. Gender is male.

[title]LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal][/title]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.
  5. nomat — Team Future — Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:
  6. eMander — Team Future — Travel to this city.
  7. Scipio Xaos — Team Future — Have a flight with Cardia.
    I would have gone Team Past to balance things up… but I don’t really care for the stuff given in the team description… besides… I want to do team future, but…


So… yea… you can see more of the images from that sketch here.

Glad to see so many enthusiastic lucid dreamers joining! Welcome to Obfusc8, James, nomat , eMander and Scipio ! :spinning:

let’s say this - If you don’t have a character designed before week 1, you will not be able to score any character points… however you may score the regular task points.

Ah well , it wouldnt really matter but whatever
I give it a shot , however I won’t be super creative
I wanted to have it some kind of sage-ous , inspired from the First civilization from Assassin’s Creed.( )

Name: Yanshuf Trimegistos
Species: Ísu (Homo Sapiens Divinius)
Gender: male
Appearance: Like on the picture but with lighter\brighter hair. Black cloak, Sage like looks , but not too much heavy clothes.
Height: 185
Mindset: Logical, also tends to be philosophic and spiritual , but straightforward if the situation requires it. Behavior Similar to aloof, hard to lose temper.

Abilities: Main Expertise is telekinesis, but also can heal. Can jump great distances. And can fly for a short time.
A cool guy overall

@Scipio: The drawing looks like a person - are the cat ears hidden under the hat and the tail behind the body?

Susan_Y: Yea… I intended the ears to be hidden under the hat… but I completely forgot about the tail. :shy: We’ll just say it’s hidden, too. :tongue:

We can’t start until we get 10 sign-ups. We’ve stalled at 8. Please send help.

No, seriously, get in here. I’ve been basically lucid-less for two months now because I hosted the last LC and fell victim to the host’s curse of not being able to have an LD during that time. I also have this problem of not being able to motivate myself with personal goals and needing arbitrary tasks assigned by an LC TM to get me in the right mood to have LDs. I would love it if two people came in so that we could get this thing started and I could have LDs again. I would love you both forever and ever, possibly even showing up at your front doors with flowers.

[title]LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal][/title]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.
  5. nomat — Team Future — Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:
  6. eMander — Team Future — Travel to this city.
  7. Scipio Xaos — Team Future — Have a flight with Cardia.
  8. Mew151 — Team Future — Play DDR Dream Mix

I was going to join Team Past to be different but I’m hoping that the next person to join also joins Team Future as well because that’d be interesting. :grin:

I shall keep my LC50 character because I have nothing else:

Gah! Thorn you’re supposed to be encouraging people to sign up, not scaring them off! :lol:

I said I wouldn’t participate, but I had a beautiful conversation about robots and space, and I see that everyone here is Team Future, so I’m dying to see how this LC will turn out. :content: Though I can’t promise to stay till the end.

LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.
  5. nomat — Team Future — Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:
  6. eMander — Team Future — Travel to this city.
  7. Scipio Xaos — Team Future — Have a flight with Cardia.
  8. Mew151 — Team Future — Play DDR Dream Mix
  9. En’enra — Team Future — Fight with a lightsaber

As for the character:

Inspired by this image: LINK

Name: NacK-47
Species: Cyborg
Gender: Female
Appearance: Full metallic gray armor, transparent helmet visor
Height: 170cm
Mindset: Blank. Memory wiped. :razz: