Lucidity Challenge 51 - Winner: Thorn!

Well, seeing as how you have already 10 people, I guess it’s safe for myself to sign up now. Since i seem to have a terrible pattern of mysteriously dropping out during the LC before it comes to a conclusion… Though the only downfall is my rebel behavior in this LC might be missed if I do so. (poor TM)

LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.
  5. nomat — Team Future — Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:
  6. eMander — Team Future — Travel to this city.
  7. Scipio Xaos — Team Future — Have a flight with Cardia.
  8. Mew151 — Team Future — Play DDR Dream Mix
  9. En’enra — Team Future — Fight with a lightsaber
  10. Lumessence — Team Past — Open a portal to D-912 (that place you all call “real life”)

At first i was going to copy paste my character from the old LC, but then seeing thorn mention pathfinder, I decided I would use my pathfinder character as well…

Name: Esthera
Race: Aasimar
Height: 5’3.

She has long green and blonde hair, and… oh heck. i have a picture i drew…

She’s an “oracle”, but she doesn’t actually recognize much about herself. She loves to explore and see new things, and has a “wildfire” free spirit. She has a very charismatic demeaner, or so the surface appears so, but she is very confident and chaotic in her persuits.

I am very glad to see we have over 10 signups , which means that we will be starting week one soon! I am looking forward to reading your Dream Journals and seeing how you incorporate your characters into your dreams!
However, at the moment it seems that almost everyone has joined team future and only one person has joined team past. I am not quite sure how I am going to work around this yet… but I will come up with something! Keep your eyes open over the next day or two!

Thorn: Don’t worry, we will be getting you those lucids back soon! No need for the flowers! :flower:

edit: due to real life circumstances, week one of the LC is going to be posted a little later. Look for it around Sunday afternoon, sorry guys.

Non-lucid dream, in which Mew rides a hoverboard and skitches a car.

This is a late task completion from LC 50, obviously. No points scored as LC50 is over, and the task probably required the dreamer to ride the hoverboard, not just see another LC participant do it. Still, if you were wondering how the hoverboard task was going to turn out, there it is. The car is used to launch it like a glider, apparently.

Non-lucid dream, in which the Lucidity Challenge participants go out for ice cream. That was going to be my personal goal - I guess I’ll have to think of something else now that I’ve done it already.

I haven’t had time yet to think what I’m going to say in my registration for this challenge. (Decisions, decisions…)

It’s story time, here at the 51st Lucidity Challenge! (spoiler below)

You feel the vibrations, along with the heavy weight on your chest. You have been staying still, silently waiting for the sleep paralysis. Finally, the dream starts to come into focus. You have officially completed WILD. You are home.

Something feels different. The normal dreamscape doesn’t form around you. Instead, you seem to be physically restrained and can’t see anything but black. There is something over your face. The only thing you can focus on is the sound of footsteps going back and fourth. Someone is in this room with you. The sound of footsteps gets closer… The man grabs the bag that was over your face and pulls it up. You are now aware of your situation. You’re tied to a chair in this dimly lit room. The only other being here is the man in the black suit. He is staring at you, saying absolutely nothing.

As creepy as this may be, you know better than anyone else that this is a dream. Everything is fake; you are in no real danger. The man here is just a rendering of your subconscious. You could escape if you wanted, but perhaps it’s better off to go with the flow of the dream, and see what this man wants. You build up enough courage to ask the man:

“Who are you?”
He ignores your question and doesn’t reply. So you ask again:
“I said… Who are you? and where am I?”
“I know who you are” He responds.
You brush this off as typical dream character behaviour. They never give you straight answers.
“What do you want?”
“I want to do research…on you.”
He drops an envelope by your feet.
“You have one week to do these tasks. I will be watching you.”

The man slowly fades out of focus, and so does the rope thats restraining you to the chair. Once he is gone, you stand up from your chair and ponder on whether you should open that envelope. There are so many unanswered questions: who was he? where am I? and where are the other LC participants? As you open the envelope, you read the following.

“The following tasks all pertain to a particular theme- “The Gift of Sight”. You have one week to complete these tasks within the dream world. We will meet again.”

This whole situation is mysterious and ominous… but yet curiosity drives you further.
Do you dare to complete the tasks? [/spoiler]

Week 1 - The Gift of Sight

Before I get into the tasks for this week, I would just like to make an announcement. Unfortunately, due to the extreme imbalance of teams, there will be no team for week 1 of the LC, but hey, don’t worry! I decided to throw in some tasks that were related to the future/past, that anyone can do. Also, I got a lot of other fun things planned out that will come into effect soon! Stay tuned for that.

…And now… what you all have been waiting for… what type of tasks were in that mysterious envelope? There is only one way to find out…

Pay attention to the detail of an object -simple enough. Find an object, and come back with a detailed report of how it looks. (15 points)

Look into a mirror- ahhh yes, the classic. Are you brave enough to look at yourself in the mirror? (20 points)
- See a reflection that’s not you (20 points)
- See a reflection that is you (20 points)
-See what’s on the other side of the mirror (25 points)

See a fictional character - Any fictional character will do! Choose one from your favourite anime, TV show, whatever! (30 points)

See a mythical creature - this one is for you dragon lovers out there… you know who you are. (30 points)

Ask a DC to show you something - Go up to a dream character, and ask them if you can see their prized possession, or something of that nature. I’m looking forward to reading these DJ’s. (40 points)

See something with an irregular colour- A pink elephant? A green sky ? whatever floats your boat, as long as it doesn’t occur naturally. (40 points)

See an extinct animal Any animal species that isn’t currently alive will qualify. (40 points)
-Take a photograph It will last longer.(20 points)

See a futuristic human Any dream character that claims to be from the future will count for this task. (40 points)
-Ask him a question, get a response. I mean, he is from the future. He probably has a lot of insight. (20 points)

Don’t forget that you can do all of these tasks as your character for a 5 point bonus!
Good luck to all, and may your dreams, be ever in your favor!

  • Jer

Kicking off with 2 medium LDs -

In the first one I asked a DC that looked like Tom Cruise to show me something. It wasn’t really an object/thing, he made the entire dream fall apart/explode. Not sure if you’ll count that. Also, there was a red plane/canoe thing that Anthony Keidis was sitting in… the description might be enough for the ‘Pay attention to detail’ task. (If neither of those fits the bill of what you wanted, please discount the lucid points for 1 medium as well… no tasks = no lucid points for me.)

In the second lucid dream, I look into a mirror and see my reflection, then step into the mirror. Turns out Mirror-Me is as bad, possibly even worse behaved than me. :shy: Although I did talk to my clone (this task was too close to my personal goal to not attempt it), I didn’t ask him the deep, meaningful questions I wanted, so will attempt my personal goal again.

Here’s the full dream entry

LC 51 Signups! [Name — Team — Personal Goal]1. Thorn — Team Future — Cast a spell

  1. Eilatan — Team Future — Looking for a good man.
  2. Yanshuf — Team Future — Summoning the dream guide.
  3. Obfusc8 — Team Future — Talk to my clone.
  4. James_UK2008 — Team Future — Change dream scene.
  5. nomat — Team Future — Fly high and orbit the earth :wink:
  6. eMander — Team Future — Travel to this city.
  7. Scipio Xaos — Team Future — Have a flight with Cardia.
  8. Mew151 — Team Future — Play DDR Dream Mix
  9. En’enra — Team Future — Fight with a lightsaber
  10. Lumessence — Team Past — Open a portal to D-912 (that place you all call “real life”)
  11. Susan_Y - Team Future - See a tree in detail

For my character: Californian skater girl. Typical costume: Knee-length skirt in indigo denim; white ankle socks; flat casual shoes; short-sleeved T-shirt; Medium-length straight red hair. Interested in outdoor activities, swimming, hanging out on the beach. (I mention these to describe the character; they’re not intended as specific tasks to do in the dream).

On the “take a photograph” subtask - is it an acceptable alternative to draw a picture while you’re in the dream? (I’m trying to get out of the habit of taking photographs in dreams — the photograph doesn’t really exist of course, so it won’t still be there when I wake up, but if I draw a picture in the dream it will put all the details of the image into my medium-term visual memory, and I’ll be able to redraw it when I wake up).

Lucid dream, about 4 minutes lucid (medium duration). No tasks done. I think.

Okay, here are some points. The ND has me checking out the details of an object and seeing a fictional character. The LD is a short one with no tasks accomplished.

Medium LD. I saw myself in a mirror, briefly talked with John Connor, met a futuristic character, asked her a question about the future, asked her to show me her possession.

The first night seems to have been a success!

Before I begin addressing individual people, I would like to announce that a score sheet has been made.. You can access it by clicking here. It’s kind of in its beginning stages, I may touch it up later to look a little prettier. If you think there are any problems with scoring, please let me know! This is my first time hosting so I’m bound to mess up here and there.

Obfusc8: Congrats! You got a substantial amount of points on the first night! I read over your DJ and decided that I’ll give you points for the “Pay attention to detail” task, for sure. However, I feel as if the “Ask a DC to show you something” task wasn’t completed to suffice what I had in mind. I only say this because, the DC didn’t really “show” you anything physical, instead he just extended his hand. Close but no cigar!

Susan_Y: I would allow a drawing of the extinct animal to count! For me personally, I think that would be even harder! Anyways, I noted your medium LD on the score board.

Thorn: Glad to see you’re having lucid’s again! I know how much dry spells of lucidity suck, so I will try my best to keep your dreams exciting and action packed! :content:

En’enra: Hooray! You’re in first place, as of the 1st night. Keep it up!

Short LD, but with bad recall. The only task I completed, as far as I remember, is looking into a mirror and seeing my own reflection. As for “a reflection that’s not you”, I later looked again and saw… Nothing. Not sure if that counts :razz:

Attempted my personal goal shortly after that but woke up instead.

So here I am! I’m a day late with this entry because I went to bed last night before claiming my points. :razz: Oh well. Still. First night of the LC and I did a task (albeit while not lucid) and had a lucid shortly after!

A Crafts Shop ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Examine an object in great detail. EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 1
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E Examine an object in great detail.

Another medium LD last night.

I saw a mythical creature (a Cyclops from Greek mythology) and… due to confusion over the subtasks asked him a question and got an answer. Ignore that. :tongue: Then I met a man from the future and asked to see his prized possession. He showed me a giant metallic-silver rocket/space ship and we went inside, but I lost the scene before we could go anywhere cool.

-Medium LD
-See a mythical creature
-Ask a DC to show you something
-See a futuristic human.

Full dream here

Also, not sure if you missed it or didn’t count - climbing through the mirror in the dream from the other night to ‘see what’s on the other side’. If it didn’t count due to not doing something specific please elaborate so I know what to do next time. Cheers :smile:

Had a short DILD last night.

After flying around an airplane (unrelated to personal goal) and passing huge skyscrapers from as close as possible. That was fun! :happy:

I found myself in the bathroom becoming lucid and turned to the mirror. A task came to mind: “see what’s on the other side”. So this time I put my hands inside the mirror, as if it were fluid, and ‘opened’ it by pulling my hands outwards. The hole was just black. But upon closer examination, I could see abstract-like purple bubbles floating around. It felt kinda strange.

In the short LD posted here, I complete my personal goal. If it’s allowed, I’d like my new personal goal to be to fix what I was unable to manage in this dream: producing fire without just using a lighter or kindling. obfusc8 will hold it against me forever if I can’t manage this.

Current Scores.

Alright people, there are three more nights until week 1 is done! Dream hard everyone.

Obfusc8: Sorry about that! You now have the points that you deserve for “going through a mirror”. You’re also in first place now!

Thorn: Your points have been scored. Congrats on completing the personal goal within the first week! Your secondary goal has been noted, and on completion you will receive 25 points!

Nomat: Impressive activity! Keep it up!

Scipio: Yay, your points are scored.

Seems posting late is going to become the norm… I hope not… Once I get ahead of my classes I should be good and will HOPEFULLY get back on the LDing bandwagon. :razz:

Anyways, it would seem I did two tasks and almost forgot to claim a LOT of points. The title of the dream should make it fairly obvious which tasks they were. :tongue:

Blue Triceratops ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Irregular Color, Extinct Animal

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NDs: 2
Short LDs: 1
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task 1:-E Great Detail | Irregular Color, Extinct Animal

Had an LD here this morning which at five minutes long makes it a medium one for me.

Tasks done:

  1. Paid attention to details of object (bottle of poison)
  2. Met a fictional character (Sylvester Hands from Knightmare)

Too bad my transformation into a Green Iguana near the end was missing the scales :cry: So close to perfect.