Lucidity Challenge 62 - winner James_UK2008

Hi! I’m your host for Lucidity Challenge 62.


The Lucidity Challenge (LC for short) is a game that is intended to provide some additional motivation for people who are trying to have lucid dreams. Each week there will be new challenge tasks posted in this forum thread, and you score points for having a dream (lucid or non-lucid) in which you do one or more challenge tasks. Lucid dreams score more points: the details of the scoring system are described later in this post.

At the end, the person with the highest score is given the option of hosting the next challenge; if they don’t want to do it, the option to host passes on the second place scorer, and so on. Apart from that, there are no prizes; the goal is to have fun, both doing the challenge tasks and by having other lucid dreams using the skills you’ve learned from attempting the challenges.

If you feel uncomfortable about any of the tasks (e.g. you find it frightening, or embarrassing), feel free to skip it. There’s no pressure to do all the tasks, and no prizes apart from the getting to write the next one.

Participants in the LC usually post a description of their dreams in the Dream Journal forum, and post in this thread a short post describing which task they think they’ve completed, hyperlinking to the full description of the dream in their dream journal. If you don’t want to post all your dreams, feel free to leave some of them out. It’s also OK to leave out parts of dreams, and just post the bit where you did the task, leaving out the more embarrassing elements.

Previous Challenges

SPOILER - Click to view

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LC 18 - TM: Magnus - winner: Amaryllis
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LC 20 - TM: Dryalantha - winners: Shadow Dreamer and Amaryllis
LC 21 - TM: Shadow Dreamer - winner: probably Wyvern
LC 22 - TM: Danilens13 - winner: tosxyChor
LC 23 - TM: tosxyChor - winner: Wyvern
LC 24 - TM: Wyvern - winner: tosxyChor
LC 25 - TM: Rhewin - winner: Solaris
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LC 27 - TM: tosxyChor - winner: Rhewin
LC 28 - TM: Rhewin - winner: Siiw
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LC 35 - TM: Ysim - winner: Koharo
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LC 37 - TM: HeadInTheClouds - winner: Cornelia Xaos (formely Scipio Xaos)
LC 38 - TM: Cornelia Xaos - winner: Thorn
LC 39 - TM: Thorn - winner: Koharo
LC 40 - TM: HeadInTheClouds - winner: Wyvern
LC 41 - TM: Wyvern - winner: Thorn
LC 42 - TM: Thorn - winner: Wyvern
LC 43 - TM: Rhewin - winner: drd
LC 44 - TM: Thorn - winner: drd
LC 45 - TM: obfusc8 - winner: Thorn
LC 46 - TM: Thorn, drd, Scipio - winner: obfusc8
LC 47 - TM: Mew151 - winner: Rhewin
LC 48 - TM: Rhewin - winner: probably obfusc8
LC 49 - TM: obfusc8 - winner: drd
LC 50 - TM: Thorn - winner: obfusc8
LC 51 - TM: Jer - winner: Thorn
LC 52 - TM: Susan_Y - winner: obfusc8
LC 53 - TM: Obfusc8 - Winner: GenghisKhan
LC 54 - TM: Susan_Y - Winner: DTDownUnder
LC 55 - TM: DTDownUnder - Winner: GenghisKhan
LC 56 - TM: GenghisKhan - Winner: MearaDelia
LC 57 - TM: MearaDelia - Winner: DTDownUnder
LC 58 - TM: Obfusc8 - Winner: Koal44
LC 59 - TM: Koal44 - Winner: Tggtt
LC 60 - TM: Tggtt, Mew151 - Winner: GenghisKhan
LC 61 - TM: GenghisKhan, Koal44 - Winner: Obfusc8


Accumulative and Non-Accumulative Tasks

Challenge tasks are either “accumulative” (you get points every time you achieve it) or “non-accumulative” (after you’ve done it once, you don’t get any more points for doing it again).

Dream Recall

Posting a dream journal entry (in the dream journal forum, and hyperlinking to it from this thread) gets you 2 points. This is accumulative, with a maximum of one dream per night. Feel free to post more dreams (especially if they’re dreams that gets you points for another reason, like completing a task), but the points for recall are once per night. It’s often hard to decide whether a dream is a long dream or two shorter dreams one after the other, so we will score these as being the same.

Dream-inspired art

To claim the points, the art work must be (a) made by you; and (b) based on a dream journal entry by yourself or another participant during the challenge. Note: you can get points for art based on someone else’s dream (as long as they’re a participant in the challenge, and the dream was during the challenge).

Art based on someone else’s dream will likely contain a element of what the psychoanalysts call “projection”: you often need to make up details to fill in the gaps in the original dream report, and what you choose to fill in the gap says as much about you as it does about the original dreamer. This is OK.

For scoring, there is a limit of one art work of each type per dream. (Feel free to draw several sketches of the same dream, but it won’t get you more points). If two or more participants each make a drawing based on the same journal entry, they all get the points for it.

  • A sketch or drawing - 5 points
  • A painting - 10 points
  • A woodblock print, linocut, etc. - 10 points
  • A poem - 10 points
  • A short story - 10 points
  • A piece of sheet music - 10 points (A single bar of music transcribed from a dream is enough to qualify; any form of music notation is OK - I usually just post a drum or guitar tab, but score in Western music notation, or (e.g.) any of the Japanese notations would be ok.)
  • A photograph - 10 points. (Obviously you can’t actually photograph a dream. The idea here is to photograph a scene based on the dream. e.g. by going to the place you dreamed about and photographing it.)
  • A sculpture - 10 points
  • A ceramic work, such a a plate or cup - 10 points
  • Recorded music of you playing or singing a song - 10 points (Music created using MIDI synthesizer software, such as Garage Band or Cubase, counts).


For the Lucidity Challenges, we usually classify lucid dreams as short, medium, or long. Dream lengths are subjective estimates (you can’t measure how long the dream really was, at least not without using an EEG machine or similar) and “short” is relative to how long your lucid dreams usually last. If you haven’t had a lucid dream before, use short <= 1 minute < medium <= 5 minutes < long.

  • Wondering if you are dreaming but not becoming lucid - 2 points - Accumulative
  • Short Lucid Dream - 10 points - Accumulative
  • Medium Lucid Dream - 14 points - Accumulative
  • Long Lucid Dream - 18 points - Accumulative
  • First Lucid Dream in 6 Months - 25 points - Non-Accumulative
  • Longest-Ever Lucid Dream - 25 points - Accumulative
  • First-Ever Lucid Dream - 25 points - Non-Accumulative

Personal Goal

During sign-up, you can choose a “personal goal” - something you would like to do during a dream.

You should try to achieve your personal goal during a lucid dream, but people can often influence dreams without fully realizing that they are dreaming (i.e. becoming lucid). For this reason, you can claim some points for achieving your personal goal in a non-lucid dream. If you achieve your goal in both lucid and non-lucid dreams, you only get the 45 points for the lucid version.

If your achieve your personal goal during a lucid dream, you can pick a second personal goal. (If you’ve only achieved your personal goal non-lucidly, keep trying until you’ve done it lucidly). There is a limit of two personal goals per Lucidity Challenge.

  • Personal goal during a lucid dream - 45 points - Non-accumulative
  • Personal goal during a non-lucid dream - 20 points - Non-accumulative
  • Second personal goal during a lucid dream - 20 points - Non-accumulative
  • Second personal goal during a non-lucid dream - 10 points - Non-accumulative

Weekly Tasks

At the start of each week of the Lucidity Challenge, the host will post a list of tasks in this thread. For each task, you win the associated number of points if you manage to do it in a dream. The dream can be lucid or non-lucid. Tasks can be claimed any time from when the task is posted to the end of the Lucidity Challenge. (“Premonition” where you happen to do the task by coincidence before you knew what it was, doesn’t count. You do, however, get points even if more than a week goes by before you achieve the task). To claim the points for a task, post in this thread saying which task you achieved, and (optionally) provide a hyperlink to your dream journal entry in the dream journal forum.


If you are participating in both the Lucidity Challenge and LD4All’s Quest, achieving the Quest also gets you points in the Lucidity Challenge. The Quest has to be done while lucid.

If the Quest changes during the Lucidity Challenge (e.g. the LC starts during on Quest and ends in another), you can claim points for both quests.

You must post a claim to the Quest forum thread before you can claim the Quest points for the Lucidity Challenge.

  • Current LD4All Quest - 75 pts - Non-accumulative

Dream of other participants/host/co-host

  • Dream of another LC participant / host / co-host - 5 points

Sensory Tasks

  • See a colour that is not black, white or a shade of grey - 10 points, non-accumulative. (Seeing in partial colour, e.g. if you are red-green blind in the dream, counts for the points)
  • Hear a sound that is something other than a DC speaking - 10 points, non-accumulative
  • Hear music - +10 points. non-accumulative (This is a subtask of the previous one. Must include an instrumental element - unaccompanied singing doesn’t count)
  • Feel warmth or cold (either ambient temperature, or something you touch) - 10 points, non-accumulative
  • Feel the texture of a surface that you touch (inanimate objects or hair/skin of dream characters counts) - 10 points , non-accumulative
  • Taste something - 10 points, non-accumulative
  • Smell something - 10 points, non-accumulative


As usual, we will need a total of 10 participants before we start. To sign up, post a message in this thread, copying the current list of sign ups and adding your own name at the end. Please use this format:

. -

e.g. 1. Susan_Y - Swim underwater

Your sign-up can include a personal goal you want to achieve while lucid.

You may also include a picture of how you would like other LC participants to see you in their dreams (in case we have a “summon another LC participant” task). This doesn’t have to be how you look in waking life, though something human or at least humanoid would make life easier for other participants.


Do participants get points for doing the Monthly Quest? (So long as they write in the Quest that they’ve done it)

Do participants get to pick a new personal goal once they’ve achieved it?

Are there any points for dreaming of other participants / hosts?

  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC

So, there wasn’t an example of how to sign up. Hopefully this works, if not, I’ll edit it.

Haven’t done one of these in awhile and don’t lucid dream often anymore, but I want to try giving it a shot, so hopefully this will help me get motivated. As for my Personal Goal, it’s somewhat open to my interpretation, but basically it’s about actually interacting with a DC who stays the same and makes some sort of sense (most often, my DCs go off on bizarre tangents or actions, or just aren’t there, or aren’t consistent with what previously happened). Hopefully that makes some sense what I’m saying.

Interesting rules twist :smile:

  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
  2. GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
  2. GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
  3. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.

:uh: pondering personal goal :hmmm:

  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
  2. GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
  3. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
  4. obliverum - smell a new smell

my other current goal is to have an LD over 5 minutes, but longest LD ever is already part of the challenge! im very excited for this :grin:

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the interest!

The scoring section is still a bit under construction - i’m going to add more to it today and it eil be finished befire we start.

Buy yes: there will be points for the monthly quest, and for dreaming of the host/other participants. I’ll add sign-up instructions later today.

The lasr couple of LC’s have gotten more complicated than they used to be, and it’s taken me a while to get the instructions sorted out. (Plus, I was diwn ill with a cold).

I will be recruiting a co-host in case the curse of thLC strikes again and I become unavailable for some reason.

Good to know.

Two questions still unanswered:

Can you add the stipulation that people won’t get points for the Monthly Quest unless they’ve also posted in the Monthly Quest topic of their achievement? (This is something Tggtt started to appease us Quest Makers :wink: )

Are participants able to change their personal goal after achievement?

Not sure whether to sign up or offer to co-host, since I passed on hosting but can probably help out updating scores or something every couple of days. Probably can’t promise daily updates, life’s still a bit hectic. Are you going to be using the LC60 system or something else?

@Eilatan: I have added some words to the rules about choosing a second personal goal when you’ve done the first one, and about having to post claims for the Monthly Quest in the Monthly Quest thread before claiming them for the Lucidity Challenge.

Whew! The rules for the Lucidity Challenge have got complicated.

If anyone notices something important that I’ve left out, feel free to speak up. (Some things I’ve cut out deliberately. to keep it from getting too complicated. e.g. the old “early” and “combo” bonuses have been removed).

@obfusc8: I was hoping to use the LC 60 on-line scoreboard. Would someone be able to PM me login details for it? (I hope it can be easily modified for the slightly different scoring I describe at the start of this thread).

Just for Obliverum’s benefit … if she completes the Portal Quest again during the LC - she would get the points or not??

Also, The next quest WILL appear on 1st March. :grin:

@moogle: You mean if someone completes the Monthly Quest before the LC starts, and then does it again after the LC has started? yes :moogle: Yes, I think you’ll get LC points for that.

You’ll have to contact Tggtt to see about using the scoreboard since he maintains it.

In order to allow for a more balanced LC, I will not score any Lucidity points

  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
  2. GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
  3. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
  4. obliverum - smell a new smell
  5. LucidWilliam - Look into a mirror

[] HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
] GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
[]James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
]obliverum - smell a new smell
[]LucidWilliam - Look into a mirror
]Koal44 - Surf on the Gigantic Wave

I m glad to participate in a LC again :smile:

  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
  2. GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
  3. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
  4. obliverum - smell a new smell
  5. LucidWilliam - Look into a mirror
  6. Koal44 - Surf on the Gigantic Wave
  7. Majah - Ask a question
  1. HeadInTheClouds - Have a meaningful interaction with a DC
  2. GenghisKhan - Transform into a unicorn and hit something with my horn
  3. James_UK2008 - Shapeshift myself.
  4. obliverum - smell a new smell
  5. LucidWilliam - Look into a mirror
  6. Koal44 - Surf on the Gigantic Wave
  7. Majah - Ask a question
  8. SleepyKitty - Move at full speed

thanks for looking out for me moogle! i hope youll consider signing up too :grin:

my portal wasnt very interesting last time so id like to take another chance at it! and, of course, lots of points :wink: