LC #23, Winner: Wyvern! Congratulations everyone!

LC I - TM and initiator: Ian1 - winner: -=JaSoN=-
LC II - TM: Magnus - winner: Q
LC III - TM: Q - winner: Bravsein
LC IV - TM: Bravsein - winner: WritersCube
LC V - TM: WritersCube - winner: dimsya
LC VI - TM: dimsya - winner: Queen SD
LC VII - TM: Ysim - winner: Mugiwara
LC VIII - TM Mugiwara - winner: Ysim
LC IX - TM Ysim - winner: Tundra
LC X -TM Tundra - winner: ebil shrimp
LC 11 -TM Ebil shrimp - winner: Tundra
LC 12 - TM HebrewB - winner: mattiasdavis
LC 13 - TM Blue&White - winner: relV
LC 14 - TM relV - winner: GHOSTIE11
LC 15 - TM GHOSTIE11 - winner: unknownuser33
LC 16 - TM Danielns13 - winner: rkr7
LC 17 - TM Angelmouse - winner: pasQuale
LC 18 - TM Magnus - winner: Amaryllis
LC 19 - TM Amaryllis - winner: Dryalantha
LC 20 - TM Dryalantha - winner: Shadow Dreamer and Amaryllis
LC 21 - TM Dryalantha - winner: Undecided (but probaly Wyvern)
LC 22 - TM Danilens 13 - winner: tosxyChor

Welcome to Lucid Challenge 23! Your taskmaster will be me, tosxyChor! :colgate:
This challenge is aimed to test your ability in inducing lucidity in dreams, keeping them under control, and obtaining the desierd results.
It will be a challenge of will, of originality, of wits and determination, so let’s keep the words short, and get this thing going! :spinning:

For the occasion, I thought it would be ripe time to give a good shake to the existing rules. I found them wildly unappealing, and now I can do something about them.
Following this, there will be written my concerns regarding each part of the previous points distribution system, the basic ideas behind the changes I want to bring, and some possible solutions to that.
The time spent to gather inscriptions will serve as debate as well, to better accomodate the system to the opinions of the participants. So feel free to express your opinions about the new system, but
Keep this thing in mind: in any case, I will be available for all the counting, I’m not a mathematician for nothing :wink: so think only of the advantages in precision a more vast system could bring, I will take care of all the rest :content:

LD points:

I noticed, with the current rules, I wasn’t really motivated to have longer dreams than, say, 1 minute, just the time to accomplish a task, and voila, exit the dream and reenter with chain, 30 more points. That’s not good at all IMHO, so I decided to do something about it.
You may see there’s less points awarded for low-lucidity stuff, but first, I don’t want to encourage that kind of dream behavior, and secondly, making reference to previous challenges is kinda futile, cause the effectual wheight of awarded points is proportional to the task points, which varied wildly.

Ideas in mind:

  • I want to award longer LDs in a progressive fashion, not putting any upper bound to obtainable points, but not so much that completing the chalenges would become secondary.
  • Chaining, and getting lucidity back after losing it, should be awarded, but not encouraged.

So solutions:
First things first - Every dream is considered a single one until you get out of bed and/or write down your dreams.

Points awarded for each dream:

  • You wonder if you’re dreaming - 5pts

  • You become lucid and have a short LD - 10pts

  • Your LD lasts longer than 15secs - 20pts, plus a bonus +10pts every x4 time increase after 15 secs. (concerning dream time, not RL time.)
    This means, every time your dream lasts 4 times as long as it just did, you get 10 extra points.

So the score for a LD would be: 15 secs --> 20pts, 1min --> 30pts, 4min–> 40pts, 15min --> 50pts, 1hr --> 60pts, and so on and so forth, multiplying the required duration by 4 for every checkpoint. (it is actually a little rounded down in one passage for ease of use, converting x64–>x60, so it can go from 1 min straight to 1 hour instead of an ugly 64 minutes)

Chaining and regaining lucidity: every time you chain or get back your lucidity from having lost it, you are awarded 5 points. However, the new LD is counted as a continuation of the previous one.

IE. 10 min LD --> chain --> 10 min LD: total duration 20 min + 1 chain --> 50 + 5 = 55 pts.
30 seconds LD --> lose lucidity for 5 minutes --> get back lucidity and LD for 10 minutes --> 10 min 30 secs LD + 1 chain = 40 + 5 = 45 points.

Task points:

Ideas in mind: I will be focusing on lucidity here, creativity as well as originality. There will be good points for everyone, fat points for who can manage a little creativity and resourcefullness, and even more points (if little) for who wants to keep going.

Any task can be attempted any number of times, however the scores are not cumulative among the same task. Only the best score is awarded for each one.

For each task, the following bonuses can be awarded:

+30 points for any task accomplished while lucid.
+20 early points (for completing the last task being given)
-10 late points (for completing any task but the last two at the time)

Combo points! Accomplishing more than one task in a single LD marks them all as early. So, if you do 2 late tasks in the same LD, you get +40 as early bonus, instead of the two -10 maluses you would get otherwise.

Base idea for awarding points in each task:

Around 60-70 points for the basic stuff
+30-50 points for the more advanced stuff (after you finished the basic one)
more (+5-10 points per tick) as repeatable part, for who did all the rest, and want more ^^

Extra occasional points awarded for display of creativity and/or prowess (max 30 per task) by the TM.

Quest points:

Monthly quest counts as task, awards 50 points for completion, possibly more at the discretion of the TM. (feasible for combos).

Sign-up list:

  1. Cave of Mind
  2. Colors
  3. danielns13
  4. GHOSTIE11
  5. idaln09
  6. JazzleDazzle
  7. Leeh
  8. littlenemo
  9. Magnus
  10. mattias
  11. Omnisomnia
  12. Presence of Light
  13. Puce
  14. Rare
  15. Rhewin
  16. Siiw
  17. Solaris
  18. Vampirism45
  19. Wyvern
  20. Ysim

The challenge has officially started on Mar 12th, 17 GMT. From then onwards, all tasks will be released at 4-day intervals, at the same hour.

The main aim of all this will be letting the dreamers grow in their ability to explore, use and interact with the dreamscape, plus developing confidence in their actions as well as new techniques, skills, and methods. This is more than a challenge - it is a personal adventure, that will guide you through the world of possibilities that is your dreams.
If you want to still read it as a challenge, think of it as a challenge against yourself, to get better at this awesome and useful skill we call Lucid Dreaming, making it grow steadily, day by day, task by task.
I will be assisting all participants, with daily suggestions, hints and encouragements, so that you will easily reach the desired goals. You can also ask aid from the other competitors, I’m sure they’ll be eager to share their advice ^^
I’m sincerely confident you will have become better Dreamers by the time each of you completes this Challenge. So let’s get this started. Fasten your seatbelts, people! :colgate:

Task #1: Interact with DC’s!
Task #2: Live your story!
Task #3: Fly! (with a twist)
Task #4: Explore!
Task #5: Magic!
Task #6: Spawn!
Task #7: Subvert rules/laws!
Task#8: Use and abuse your DJ!
Task#9: Create!
Task #10: Do your favourite thing!

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I want to participate too, more actively -no, cross that, actively this time. I’m getting better at this, so I might as well do something during this challenge. Count me in.

I just want to ask though, how do you know how much a dream lasted? I can understand if it was more than 10 seconds or more than a minute, but I can’t precisely say if it was more than 4 minutes or less than 5 minutes. So, how?


I want to sign up! Thanks :smile:

In the same way one can do it by daytime - taking a guess, and rough approximation :tongue: By remembering what you did during a LD, it should be feasible to give an estimate of how much time was required to do it. If you are unsure about the duration of your dream, take the middle value. If you think your dream lasted 3-5 minutes, it should be safe to take the 4 minutes mark; if you are thinking 2-4, however, it would be best to assume it lasted 3 minutes and take the 1 minute mark.

Besides, I kept it at x4 time increases because it would be fairly easy to distinguish if you kept doing something for some time, or 4 times as much. The original idea was +5 points for x2 time increase, but it was too much xP

Plus let’s not forget, we’re grounding these challenges on reciprocal trust by default :smile: so letting one decide how long their LD was would be no different from letting someone tell a semi-lucid of theirs from a real lucid. The decision is up to them, and their good heart.

I would need yo help with claculating because it’s a bit confusing.
Will you do that?

ADDENDUM: I noticed it wasn’t clear enough in the description,
Every dream is considered a single one until you get out of bed and/or write down your dreams.

All rule changes will be edited into the first post when the challenge starts, or before if required.

Count me in! :happy:

I need the extra motivation. And it should be fun!

I also suck at telling how long the dream went, but as you said, with this system even if you are off by a minute or two it should still be easy to put it in the correct “group”. I’ll have to really invest in my middle-of-the-week LD’ing. Maybe I’ll even get good at it!!

Good luck everyone, and remember to have fun! :wink:

I’m in, I could use the boost of competition :tongue:
But I would like to point something out.

1 min x 4 = 4 mins
4 mins x 4 = 16 mins…not 15

So will the cut off for that time period be 15 mins, and then 1 hour…4 hour…then 15 hours? or would it be at 16 mins then 64 mins (which is 16 x 4) and so one up?
Either way though, telling between 15 mins and 16 mins is very difficult in a dream, so having a rounded cut off at 15 would probably be a little easier in my opinion.
(I’m an engineering student, I tend to over-analyse things :tongue:)

The 15-instead-of-16 thing was for a pretty rounding when it comes to the next x4, so it’s more appealing to see 1 hour instead of 64 minutes :tongue: but after that, it should pretty much go by the standard rule, so ticks at 4hrs, 16hrs, 64hrs etc.

Congrats on winning the last challenge, TC. It was a fun competition, but you beat me in the end :cool:

Count me in.

I have some concern about the rule changes though. While I agree that the old rules were not appropriate any more, I think the new ones are too complicated. We are not all math students here :wink: I’m sure you can simplify them without destroying your purpose of creating greater differentiation of points.

Well then, the relevant changes I made were:

  • the progressive points system for LD duration
  • the chaining/getting back lucidity issue
  • the late/early points awards
  • the Quest bonus

and the rest is entirely dependant on the task I’ll be assigning, so nothing permanent and/or important per se.
I guess one reason this seems complicated is because it’s all too crammed in a short post, I’ll look into explaining the whole thing better. :wink:

Well tosxychor, i have to say… Wow!

You’ve made some changes i like, i’ve thought for a while that the lucid points were a little over powered and the task points underpowered. People were getting lucid but doing no tasks, and gettin way more points than someone getting lucid a bit less, but doing the tasks.

I also am hapy that you are including the monthly quest as part of the challenge. I wanted to make changes, but i guess i was just afraid i would do it wrong, or that people wouldn’t like them. :sad:

Anyway, I would like to, if possible, join this challenge, I have gotten 75% of my LD’s because of the challenge motivatd me to get them. I’ll be a much more active challengee then i was a task master :tongue:

/me signs up to the list.

:unsure: where is the list? :hmmm: /me hides behind the wall and keeps Quiet :silent:

I’m keeping the list in the first post, GHOSTIE.
I’ve tidied up the list, now the whole thing should be more understandable :content:
Also, I’ve rounded up a lot of task-related bonuses, since now LDs could easily award 40+ points for some, instead of just 30.
And the dream duration refers to dream time.

Wasn’t sure at first, but I thing I’ll SIGNUP again. :smile:

But about the challenges, could you make them a bit flexible, so we would not have to give up OUR goals - when we attempt to complete the challenge?
Challenges that are less specific, and have more room for creativity,
less - what to do, and more - how to do it.
I’m sure it’ll be fun. :razz:

I’ll sign up to, was some time I participate in a challenge but I remember, that the first one I was in, got me lucid the very same night.

I’m willing to give the new rules a try. :smile:

You hit that nail right on the head with that one :wink: I had exactly this in mind, to provide challenges that require to do often common/generic actions, but in multiple, original and/or creative ways :happy: so stay tuned, I’ve got 10 awesome tasks right here for you to explore and enjoy :content:.

I can’t possibly pass up on this Challenge. Count me in too. :happy:

(Though part of me is hoping I lose so I can compete against you, tosxyChor :tongue:)

Count me in! I’m currently experimenting with some prototype techniques that (in theory) give a 100% chance of lucidity. So, I should be able to get my LD rate high enough. :grin:

I’m very glad to see so many enthusisatic people willing to compete! :happy: I’ll do my best to give you a satisfactory challenge.
And Wyvern, if you want it, I can always try and compete unofficially :tongue: I’ll just apply myself to do the tasks each night, and count the points up in my DJ. Tell me what you think about that :wink: