The Tenth Lucidity Challenge- the ninth challenge!!

sign me up, so that you can start :content:
sometime I will win this challenge :tongue:

8:00 AM GMT is terrible earily :eek:
I should set my alarm clock…
Is one round one day or two days?

The First Challenge:- Time to get personal!!

This first task will be just an introduction…sort of… :content: For this task you must meet yourself! This is the highest scoring one as I believe it is quite tricky but points just mean more chance to win or too prove to yourself you can do it… :smile:

If you manage to meet your animal counterpart -10points
If you are almost identical then you get- 30points!!
Change your counterparts image- 20points
Be ‘honest’ with yourself- 40 points
Do something as a team/together-10 points
‘Merge’ and remain in the dream- 50 points!

The deadline will be Wednesday 8:00AM GMT
Post your dreams before then and get a 10point bonus.
Remeber you get 30 points if your lucid!! Good luck!!

Well, this was just adjusted for those who live in England. You should have enough time. Before you only had one night but now, I think you get two…What country do you live in??

Holland, that means that I am +1 on England so it should not make a difference. But during weekend I would like to sleep longer.

I think that I should not complain :razz:

grins You still get two nights… :smile:
Also, I’ve already planned all the tasks!! (laughs)
I personally think they get better as they go along…but it depends on what you like doing in LD’s…

Alright. Doppleganging. I can do that.

sweet i’ve met my animal spirit guide before so that counts as ‘counterpart’ doesn’t it if so i reckon i can do it again

Wait, but I live in the US… so that means that I only get Monday night to try it, unless I want to get up at 1:00 AM on Wednesday. :eek:

EDIT: Question… so is the task to meet our animal counterpart, a copy of our actual self, or either/both?

Either depending. And also, before, I only had one night…it IS possible…grins but if you want I can move back the deadline to make everybody have only one night…I need to work out the time zones a bit better!! laughs

i saw myself last night but i sort of only had 1 ear and no nose but the rest of me was there normal does that count?

Just post any dream you have…:smile:

Where you Lucid???

No succes tonight. I should set my alarm clock :wink:

No LD tonight >.<

grins Good luck, I may be changing the time back. I thought everybody now got two nights but I got the TD wrong, again!! laughs

I decided I would do this task by pulling my reflection out of the mirror, and getting him to fight nightmare creatures with me, thus allowing me to complete both this task, and the last one from the last task. I did manage to become lucid, and had some success with my goals.

I became lucid near a place like a park in autumn, but the layout of the area strongly resembled a beach I went to once. I remembered the task, and headed for the run-down cabin I saw in the distance, walking through a small stream on the way there. When I got there, I went inside, and saw that it was in reasonably good shape inside, although it was still a little run down. I went inside the bedroom, and after looking around for a while, I decided to find a mirror. When I looked under the bed a mirror materialized there, but since the mirror was small and it was too dark to see it well, I decided to go find the bathroom mirror.

I went into the bathroom, and sure enough, there was a large mirror. My reflection looked like me at first, but as I began to talk to it, it began to change and warp alarmingly, it’s features changed, and at times it looked like it had been edited together from several peoples’ images using MS paint. Fortunately, I’d seen that kind of thing before in past lucid dreams, and knew it wouldn’t actually be hostile, as long as I didn’t flee or attack. I asked it if it wanted to come out and fight nightmares with me, and in response, it stuck it’s arm out the mirror. However, it only stuck it’s arm out, and I found that I now had a severed arm in front of me, while they (for my reflection had split into two without me noticing) grinned at me.

I decided to just pull the rest of my reflection out, but I didn’t know which one I should pull out of the mirror. They looked about the same, except one was my age, and the other was only about ten. I picked the younger one, but it turned out that was the wrong choice, and I knew that the younger one was going to cause havoc. I quickly pulled the other reflection out, and shoved the younger one back into the mirror, which became a cage.

Once my reflection was out of the mirror, he became a more normal person, although he still didn’t look much like me anymore. We decided the first nightmare we’d find would be the gnome. I don’t remember where I ran into the gnome earlier, but I think it might have been when I was in the bedroom of the cabin. I don’t know why we targeted it, since it seemed pretty non-threatening, but it made sense at the time. Anyway, we set down this cloth to attract the gnome, and in a little bit, this tiny gnome runs in, and sits on the cloth. At that point, my reflection reaches out, grabs the gnome, and eats him in one bite. Shortly after, I woke up.

No success… What’s the next task?

Right the current scores are:

Serith- 100
ebil shrimp-50

Everybody else: 0

THE NEXT TASK (yes I changed my mind which one I was going to do! laughs

The Art Of Aviation
For this challenge you will be testing and improving your own flying techniques, its a chance for personal progress more than your specific skill level so it will be as hard for everyone.

Experiment with different flying techniques- 20 points
(BONUS- if more than one works -10 points!)
Glide across a canyon etc -30 points
Practise some aspect of flying you’ve struggled with and improved- 30 points
Reach the top of a 3 storey building -30points
Sprout wings and glide back down (if you don’t reach the top then glide at least 30metres) -20 points

wooh!! Good luck all of you!! The deadline for this task will be- Friday 8:00AM GMT

Have fun!!

Flying isn’t that hard… maybe I can find myself and fly with me. That would give me a lot of points :razz:

Easy task… if I get lucid >.<