Lucid challenge no.16

unknownuser you can post for either one without getting the other. but if you want to im not going to stop you.

ghostie sure your our 6th person.
we badly need more people, or mabey im just impatient
aw well your in

Let me tell you a secret, every challenge Ive been in has been like this, the signup is the longest part-

i wouldnt know when i oined i was the last person so it started the next night

do you still need someone else to join?

Well this sounds like a hoot. :happy:

Is there room for a small squeeky one?

Mmm count me in, i was considering trying to fly to antartica and somehow go into the center of the earth if i could acheive another lucidness lol, but this would more likly stimulate my mind with a goal and i might be more apt to have better DR and maybe the LD not probable but hopeable :wink:

I think you 3 can join, the TM wants people to join, just 1 more and then daniel13 can start :boogie:

/me looks forward to see what comes in this challenge :tongue:

your all in tnx for telling them ghostie

Can’t wait to get started, I’ve been after a good stimulous for some mad dreams. :wink:

damn im so happy we didnt start yet, i wasnt having any DR, till i kept sleeping in and in, a NIGHTMARE! nooo… somehow again i relalized my phone was gone i immediately tryed to do a RC, Breathing thru my nose with my hand over mouth+nose, the only part i can really remember is i fell thru the floor waist deep in water.
My biggest fear in real life is drowning, and i almost did on a stupid knee board when i was a kid… anyhow since i did the RC, i knew i was dreaming but in the panic and fear i jus wanted to get out of the water and the scenery, closed my eyes hard and when i opened then i woke up IRL, IWL
So i got lucid again at least ill count it as good but it wasnt fun… lol

some one else join today :wink:

im kinda glad it took so long, it gave me a chance to think of some decent challenges

should be a laugh, i wonder if i can get some good dreaming done, thx for letting me play

well anyone can play except for me i think, if i can i will sign me up :tongue: but too bad i cant

well its good for me we havnt i guess, lol 2pLDs my first nights and some Nds that i didnt have the will to record last night(i feel like lds are only ones worth documenting but thats totally fasle, i was jus lazy this morning ;/)

this si driving me insane, so close to start but we need 1 more person

ask some peoplethen, or just start with 9

im not going to start with nine but im not going to ask people either, instead im going to the “hi im new here” topic and getting them to look at my sig. the last challenge really helped me get lucid pretty quickly so i think it would be good if new people join.

then maybe take tehe link out of the spoiler so they know where it is :wink:

mabey if you or anybody else in the challenge want to PM someone and ask them to join i dont really care, so if you know someone at LD4all who might want to join feel free to pm them

will do

edit- ok i think they are going to join soon