Lucid Challenge?

Im new and was reading about the last lucid challenge that 10 people competed in. I don’t know if this is where i should post this but I was wondering if anyone was going to set this up again? I think this would be really fun and I definitely want to compete in this. Any takers?

The TM of the last challenge has not shown up and calculated the final score yet :meh:

I miss the challenge too and am willing to end the current one for a new one :grin:

Ok, go ahead and set one up if you would like. Im sure we could find 10 players to participate. We could change it so we don’t have one person that chooses all the challenges. If we get 10 players, each person gets to choose one challenge. Start with player 1 and ever 3 days or so the next player posts what challenge they would like to do. what ya think?

i’ll probaly make a new topic in the next few days, most likly we’ll stick to the old formula.

Thats fine, im definitely looking forward to this :smile:

I’ll make the topic tomorrow, if i have enough spare time on hand to do it, i’ll need to get all the links together. It might take a while. If i have a spare hour i will do it though

get all the links together? You just ‘quote them’ and then copy/paste to the new topic.

Theres one problem though, last challenge has no links at all :silent:

I know, i have to get the link from the last challenge, and find the previous challenge, the topic should be up in 15-30 minutes.

Stay tuned

@ Danielns13 … pasted the links at the top of the first post … you can rearrange it the way you want etc

Thanks Moogle, didn’t expect you to edit it, thanks.