Lucid Cross Roads tonight----tell everyone!

Tonight and tomarrow night I am planning to become lucid and enter to the lucid crossroads. I hope not to be the only onee there, so I am asking all of you to come too. If you aren’t aware, the lucid crossroads is a place in the dream world (it is brought into existance by our own thoughts and creations and manifestatins.) It is a place where shared dreams are possible, and do exist. Go here for more info and even pictures (oh, to the creator of this site, I think it may be better if some of the 3d models could be replaced with real life photos ie. real desert, real people and furnatur) … mepage.htm

All of you have to join! If we have enough people, success is almost certain. PLease join! And go to the chat room, we can plan what we will do. Bye, ben

…anyone gonna go?

This is really bizarre Ben, I only saw this post this morning but I was at the Lucid Crossroads either this morning or last night. I’ve only actually managed to get there once before so I was pretty elated.

Getting there was very odd, I became lucid by just suddenly realising I was dreaming. I do not remember the dream and when I became lucid as the dream faded but I remained lucid.

I remembered I should try and get to the Crossroads and decided to just will myself there. I formed the main image of the receptionists looking out from infront of the “am I dreaming sign”. What I got was the image but it was like a sheet of ice or frosted glass was infront of it.

I pushed my mind through this barrier and suddenly I stumbled into the Crossroads and straight into both receptionists who were both hugging me and shouting that I’d finally made it.

The bad bit was I was in a low lucid state and didn’t take the time to stablise my state so I only had time to break free of the receptionists and gain my bearings before my lucidity faded the receptionists shouting for me not to leave.

great site, i have one of the desktops from there and it reminds me to RC whenever i see it. i want to go there in my next LD, i will definitely be attempting to get there. i don’t know if i’ll have an LD tonight or not, but i try everynight… i’ll re-post here when i make it to the crossroads. everyone else should try, hopefully we can run into each other like you said. it would be certainly most interesting if this worked… good luck