Lucid Crossroads

Just made a shared dreaming space called the Lucid Crossroads.

Took me most of the weekend and I’m very tired yawn off to sleep C U there. … mepage.htm


This is a very cool concept.I think i will try to reach this place in my next LD (unfortunately i am not lucid so often).
But i am very curious what this will be like…


I also don’t really know whats its going to be like! But I have images from the site on my desktop and I suggest you do the same to reinforce the look and feel of the Crossroads.

I tend to find myself getting involved with very random lucid dreams so I thought of this place as a quiet waiting area in which I could think about what lucid dream I wanted before stepping through a portal (in this case doors).

Check out the descritions page as this has direction of how to get to the Crossroads once your lucid.

I hope to be the first there but its sods law that someone will beat me there as I usually get about 4 LD’s a month, hopefully with this site that will increase.

See you there traumgänger ¦¬)

great idea Pantalimon. Definetley have to visit the Crossroads whenever i have an LD. Images are very real, im printing off some copies as i type.

Thanks ceavou I will be putting up some print resolution images in the downloads section soonish.

Also if anyone would like to email me an example of a lucid dream they have had, I’d like to put it on the site for newbies to look at, get insired see that its possible etc.

If you could make it discriptive e.g. describe the feeling of being / becoming lucid etc it would make them very valuable I think.

My email is

I’ll be making the same request on a thread in the dream diary section.

Nice idea. I really like the idea of going to visit your crossroads and add my name to the log book in reception!! Nice pictures, too :content:

Wow, that’s a great idea. I already made it my homepage. I really hope I dream of the place, I think if I do I’ll probably get lucid… at least to some extent. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all there!

Hi, fellow dreamers

Pantalimon’s page inspired a short lucid dream, enjoy report and keep on good work!

There is this BEST - Method / MILD experiment at “Dreaminitiative”, that is why all this data frames the dreamreport:

Third night (Tuesday - Wednesday)

Time I lay down to sleep: 0:30

Time spent asleep: until 6:30 ca 6 hours
Time spent awake: 6:30 - 9:15 two hours 45 min
Time spent asleep (2nd time): 750 - 915 ca 1 1/2 hours
Brainwave Generator (Y/N): No
Other Induction Methods:None

And of course all remembered dreams will be logged as well

The dreams pre MILD weren’t uninteresting, my best DSA score was two. But I don’t want to spend time in translating.

In the wake period I wrote down dreams to PC and browsed through the postings. I visited the lucid crossroads. Then I laid down, used the Buhlman exercise for relaxation, set intention on lucidity, use of prolonging techniques and looking for guidance.

The following short lucid happened after the MILD routine:

Lucid Crossroads

I was thinking how it would be to enter and to be in contact with virtual or astral persons in these lucid crossroads. Wondered, if I would be able to discern these. Then the scene appeared, gained life, then I found two costumes in a case. I looked at one and in the same instant was in it. I took some steps, moved my arms. Felt strange. This is when it dawned on me, that I’m actually dreaming. Immediately I began to rub hands. The scene faded, I felt physical body again, but was able to get my dream - arms more free by rubbing. Then I focused on moving tongue and feet, too. That seemed too much for one time. My sense of dreambody faded and I found myself entirely “physical” again.
Next time I will focus on rubbing hands, until they feel entirely real or more than that.


P.S. I posted the link to “lucid crossroads” in the Lucidity Institute Forum, too.

this is an awesome idea. i will definatly visit during my next LD… maybe we could set up a shared dreaming experiment now that we have somewhere to meet…