Lucid Dares

I saw a challenge over on Dreamviews where fellow lucid dreamers dared each other to do something in a LD. It looked like it might be fun, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing it.

Basically I dare a specific member of LD4all to do something in a LD. I do this separately for three people, and then I also add a dare for anyone else who isn’t a part of the challenge yet to be able to do and enter. When you complete a dare, you get to dare three others plus add a new dare for anyone to do, and so on and so forth.

If you have more questions let me know. Otherwise, if there are at least three people who are interested, then I’ll start it by issuing the dares.

Edit: Rules

Heh wow this sounds pretty fun. I should be able to participate a few weeks from now at the earliest convenience. I look forward to playing.

Heh. Sounds pretty cool. I’m in when you start it up.

Okay, so I’ll start the dares.

Koharo: Fight a large monster with your bare hands. Examples would be things like Godzilla.

Scipio Xaos: Transform into a firefly.

To everyone else: Find and do something with a mirror :wink:

So, when you complete your dare, you can then dare three people. Those three people must also complete their dares before posting dares for others. When you post your dares, you must also include one that anyone can do so that they can enter the Lucid Daring extravaganza. Whichever the last To Everyone Else dare is posted is the one that is active.

So, basically, for those who haven’t been dared, you may do the dare marked To Everyone Else in order to be able to post three dares to specific people on LD4all.

This part is only for Scipio Xaos and Koharo:

SPOILER - Click to view

If you feel your dares are too hard or too easy, I can change them. Let me know, but I tried to pick some ones that I thought you may have fun with.

Looks fun! But I wonder if we should only dare those who volunteer for dares in this thread… for example, Thorn (sorry, first name to come to mind :razz: ) hasn’t posted in here. Would I be able to dare him even though it appears he’s not participating? I would think not. As such… I don’t think I can dare anyone any time soon if more don’t sign up or make mention that they’ll do dares. :razz:

Well, you could dare me. Uh, I suppose you could dare others as well. If they haven’t expressed an interest, then they can either take the dare you give them to enter or use the current generic dare to enter the Daring. And of course they don’t have to participate…

Okay, well, I don’t really know. When you complete your dare I suppose you can choose what to do. Maybe a few more people will stop by in that time period.

I’ll participate in these Lucid Dares why not right :tongue:

Bazanikins: Fly to the moon

And that completes my three dares. Anyone wanting to enter must complete whatever the last To Everyone Else dare is, or be dared by someone else who has completed a dare. If you would like to be dared, then still post here so others who get the opportunity to dare people can choose to dare you as well.

@Bazanikins I’m unsure of your level of dream control, so if that dare is too hard or too easy in your opinion, I can change it.

Sounds interesting and fun. I’d be willing to join, though I haven’t had a proper LD in over a year and am just now getting back into sleeping enough and DJing.

I’ve been a lucid dreamer for over a year now and although I don’t get my LD’s every night, (working on that still) I’ve learned to control my dreams quite well I would say. So I’m pretty sure I can manage this, I’ve gotten really good at flying this past month so why not put a destination in mind :content:

I had a brief lucid dream of high lucidity and was able to find out that a mirror is the fabric of our dreams (Not true, Arc says so, though), and I pulled a cricket out of it and ate the cricket.
Yes, they taste like peanuts.
Now, I dare EyesWide to eat giant squid eyes.
I dare Headintheclouds to take the form of a cloud for his entire lucid dream.
One more dare needed for someone to come.

Now that the LC is a free for all, I should be able to participate sooner than expected. I could use a legit fight seeing that its been a while…I’ll see what I can bring back from this one…

We gonna continue this thread or nah?

It would be cool if it did continue. But someone needs to complete a dare. Maybe we should just reset the dares at this point and start over.

Probably, it has been a while. I did manage to complete my dare sometime ago, I can submit that one if it helps any. [spoiler]The fight with the giant serpent mantis wasn’t a solo job, but I did manage to lay hands on em and walk away with a win. (-Koharo’s Party vs Giant Serpent Mantis)[/spoiler]