Lucid Dragon Questions

Has Anyone tried Lucid dragon? (

…what was it like? would u recomend it?

I don’t exactly get this. They’re admittedly selling a substance that has an effect on the brain, yet they claim that it gives you ‘official’ OBEs and Astral Projections. I guess it’s not uncommon for people to think everything they see and feel is real, as opposed to being generated entirely within their brain. I wonder what God was on when he created this stuff.

God: Let all who abuse this particular substance learn the secrets of the universe. hic

Angel: Erm… very good, Sir. sigh

God: Nah really… ya gotta try this stuff. Dis is… amazing!

Despite this being an obvious marketting ploy for selling drugs, I still find myself wanting to give it a go. I don’t expect anything more than a ‘trip’ caused by the Salvia, but it does sound like a bit of fun.

Hmmm… I haven’t tried Salvia but I am interested in it. Dragon is just an extract?

I think salvia tends to appeal to me because it is taken by many to be more spiritual than recreational and I am more interested in the spiritual side to dreams and visions… though the recreational has its place. :wink:

check this thread, a lot of Lucid Dragon - though it goes completely off topic somewhere somehow :smile: maybe we will make this thread the Lucid Dragon part III :wink:

i dont expect it to induce lucidity…i think that has to be done by yourself

but i do think it would make for an interesting experience nonetheless…im very interested in salvia and other mind altering herbs/drugs and i really really really wanna try it…very much

yeah, my bro has had some of that dragon tuff before, he said he felt a lill bit wierd, nothing amazing, then he closed his eyes and everything went wierd, he found himself in his entestines… he ordred it form this 1 site… im guessing when i get older, ill have to try it out if its not illigal by then :smile: