Lucid Dream a Gateway to Astral Projection?

I believe heavily that Lucid Dreaming can be a gateway to astral projection. Anybody else agree?

Yep certainly,

It becomes quite easy to astrally project, from a lucid dream. The terminology becomes quite confusing, but when I think of the astral realm - this is the place where I am surrounded by the throbbing energetic somewhat black space, and have an existence independent of my usual dreaming body.

I find that I can do some browsing around in the astral realm with my mind, and can choose to enter with my dreaming body those environments which appeal to me, but can also return to my dreaming body as it was in my room.

Hope that doesn’t confuse…

That’s the main reason I’m so interested in LD, and I hope it to be true. By what I’ve heard, OBEs tend to happen during head injuries, anaesthasia for surgery, and NDE. A LD is a different state of consciousness that resembles this. For some people like Robert A. Monroe, it happens spontaneously while he lies down prior to sleep. Maybe he doesn’t remember the part where he falls asleep (deep sleep) and he awakens into a LD, but is somehow able to use this state and unwillingly cause an astral projection, but he only remembers lying down and floating over himself. I don’t see why that can’t be a possibility.


from what I understand you are able to distinguish between being in the dreamworld and being OB, and willingly able to jump between these two. How can you do this, and how are you able to see the difference between these two?