Lucid dream/alpha meditation

This may be a stupid question but I’m going to ask anyway… :help:
what’s the difference, in the end, between a lucid dream and alpha meditation?
Having never managed either, from the outside and a beginner’s point of view, it sort of looks as if the end result so to speak is very similar if not the same.

Ive never experienced alpha meditation state but i let myself guess that lding has much more powerfull features.It includes real life clear picture,sounds,smells and even tastes…it also contains a lot of suprises all given in a form as it is really happening.
I think lding is just more sophisticated way of meditating…and i guess it can also serve different purposes(did anyone have orgasms during alpha mediation?:slight_smile:

From your description, then I HAVE had lucid dreams. I could still feel the effects of one for hours after I got up. I can never concentrate enough to meditate properly, but I’m trying.

Bubobubo…i do also alpha meditating and first you have to be at the top level of this or your just a bit relaxt not more then that.’
But if you indeed are capable of creating great amplitudes of alpha waves you can enter a dream with full consciousness from it …but then it aint alpha meditating anymore because then you also got theta waves.
In dreams theta waves next to alpha waves play a big part of the brain eeg.

So there is a big difference between those to…but alpha meditating can be a bridge to a ld experience…that is true for those who are really talented!


…uhmmm that sounds interesting!!
where can i learn it?

I was reading how various forms of prayer involve alpha waves - charismatic prayer, the rosary, the liturgy of the Mass, etc…

I do so wish someone would explain this whole “waves” thing to me.

Well, obviously I’m not that interested, otherwise I’d look it up myself.

I think they are different states, depending upon what you do, whether you are sleeping etc.

Here’s a brief description of the brainwaves:

If you want more in-depth descriptions of the brainwaves, check this site: