Lucid dream and happiness

Hi, I am Peagle, a new member on this forum
I’m french so it might be quite difficult for me not to do any mistakes
Here’s my problem (actually not really a problem): When I wake up after a Lucid dream, I feel very very happy. I have only done about 5 or 6 lucid dreams, but no matter how long they last (not very long saddly), I always wake up with a smile :smile:

I wonder if it’s the same for everyone, and also if it’s a normal reaction ^^’

Also I’d like you to tell me advices to make more lucid dreams, it’s been almost 1 year since I start trying to be lucid and I’ve just made 6 lucid dreams. Even tought I follow general advices mentionned on this site.
Thanks you a lot and I’m sorry again for my english !

Hi and welcome Peagle.

It’s probably normal, but I don’t think it’s because of being lucid itself.

I wake up feeling happy when I have a good dream, regardless if I am lucid. Most of my lucid dreams are good dreams. However, not all lucid dreams are good dreams.

Regardless of that, I am happy for you as well. Enjoy your dreams and good luck.

I also feel very happy when I wake up from a lucid dream. I think its because I have only had 13 Lucid Dreams and I know its a rare occasion for me to have one. Lately my LD count has been high- I have had 3 LD ‘s this month alone!

There is plenty of advice on this site about having Lucid Dreams, but I would suggest performing a lot of reality checks frequently, practicing and “All Day awareness”. Ask yourself constantly : “Am I dreaming? How do I know?”… Also if you don’t already, keep a dream journal because it does help improve your recall, and helps you to find your dream signs, which can help you become lucid.

Side Note: I speak intermediate french so If you need any help with your lucid dreams, and want to speak in french, feel free to private message me! :smile:
J’espere que vous avez beaucoup de rêves lucides, dans le futur!
Translation- I hope that you have a lot of lucid dreams in the future!

Thans for your answer ^^, I understand what you mean but what is strange to me is the fact I didn’t make any long lucid dreams yet, the longer one lasts about 30 seconds, but I felt happy after waking up. I think it’s because of my non experiment ^^
I will not be able to answer you during the next 3 days, sorry and have a great day !

Yeah I think the same ! It’s because I rarely do LD .
I will come to you in MP on tuesday because I will not be able to connect earlier !
(Je pourrais t’aider pour améliorer ton français tandis que tu m’aideras pour les rêves lucides :grin:

I already practice reality checks and I have plenty of to do list If I become lucid.
I hope I could make a lucid dream soon and I hope you will too ^^
See you on Tuesday !