Lucid Dream Drink! (LDD)

I found out, that orange juice is a great thing to drink if you want a lucid dream!
I had a lucid dream just last night after drinking a tall glass of it.
note: I had 2 very tall glasses last night. :lucid:

Cool, I shall try it tonight. I also read that Apple Juice and Milk help with lucid dreaming.

Everything that helps keeping your body healthy also helps lucid dreaming.
Drinking fruit juice actually helps dreaming. Last evening I drunk 2 tall glasses of natural lemon juice (without any sugar :razz: ) and I had 7 dream from which 5 with high lucidity (although this may come, indeed, from the Omega-3 pills :bored: ).

im going to try what valerys tried. all i want to know is how to actually get it down :eek:

There’s a whole 10 page discussion about the effects of apple juice and lucidity here. It’s quite the epic thread, actually :wink:

mmm lemon juice is delicious!

Woo Hoo!! I have lots of OJ/Apple Juice in me fridge!