Lucid Dream Groups

I was wondering if there any major lucid dream groups out there. I know there are tons of forum (here, yahoo, google, ect.) but are there any actual groups that have a common purpose of promoting lucid dreaming… or anything like that.

Explora has one(although it seem to focus on the Mayan calander as much as LDing) at .

Right now it seems that the mods over there are a little busy so you might not be able to get in a group for awhile,but you can sign up and say hi. :smile: You can also read the rules,there’s a lot of them.

You mean in real life? I guess Laberge’s Lucidity Institute was such a group “that has a common purpose of promoting lucid dreaming”. Especially in the eighties they were very active. But they are virtually dead now, except for a yearly expensive excursion to hawai (if I’m right) :sad: . Don’t know of any other real life groups, but I don’t think they exist. My guess is that lucid dreamers are mostly introvert so they don’t easily come out starting this kind of groups. But I’m sure if forums like this one keep growing the way they do now, slowly “real life” will follow :content: . Future will tell.

If anyone wants to start a group up with me…
Meet in the irc chat on SATURDAY night at 7:00pm.
We will need some seroius people if this is gonig to work but aynone is welcome to come.
Come with fresh ideas!

Hivemind, I apologize if we (explora and I) seem busy. We can be a bit slow, but we’re in need of more people. We’re capable of building up to 10 teams then we’ll be closed.

Please feel free to click the url below and sign up. Don’t be shy to say hi in our Sea Life forum. We’ll try our best to help you.

I wish you the best journey! Lieve dromen (sweet dreams!) :wiske:

Hi fdroy!

Yes there are some dream teams out there that u could join. Like DM7 and Hivemind mentioned, the SEA LIFE forum is an absolutely GREAt and wonderful place 4 that :grin: Feel free to join and say HEllo

As a matter of fact i am in the process of making a post about SEA LIfE at the LD4ALL forum. I am hoping more ppl will join us and seriously consider joining a dream team. So cant wait 4 that. It will be posted in the Dream Diary part of the forum (just incase u will be thinking of reading it :wink: )

Well i wish you good luck in finding a LD dream team and making your own too :slight_smile:

I´ve never heared of any groups like that.Perhaps there are OBE groups rahter than LDing? Don´t know

Fdroy, you should add a timezone, so people know when to enter the chat.I don´t even know where you live…
GMT “army time” would be the easiest, I think.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
That is 7 p.m. eastern time.
Lets see how many people we can get to come!