Lucid dream in a dream?

I just dreamt last night that I had a lucid dream. Here it is:

I was in the mall, looking at electronic toys and stuff. I went home, and since it was dark out, I went to sleep. Instead of waking up like I usually do when I sleep in my dreams, I dreamed inside of my dream. And the second I was in this dream-in-a-dream, I yelled, “I can do whatever I want to do, because this is a dream!” I flew, I spoke, normal LD stuff. I don’t have good DR, so I can’t remember most of this. But I do remember having slight control over things, even though it didn’t feel ‘real’, or even feeling anything at all. But the end I remember very clearly. I was mashing and mixing what must have been chopped spinach and brussels sprouts in a big pot. There was a line of people to my left, holding bowls. I yelled “I can do whatever I want to do…” etc again, then thought for a minute while mashing the veggies. “I could call the exterminator if I wanted to, because this is a dream!” I shook my head slowly and laughed to myself. I started to serve the line of people mountainous heaps of the veggies in their bowls, and they all frowned in disgust at that. I laughed. I woke up from the dream-in-a-dream, to my normal dream. I sleepily lifted my head, yawned, and said, “What the heck?” Then I woke up for real and jotted this down in my DJ.

I wasn’t using any methods, just sleeping normally. So does anybody have any idea what just happened? … Or how I can do this again? :happy:

That happens to me a lot- in fact, just the night before last.
Anyways, I’m almost positive that is just a fake LD, sorry :sad:
I say that because I have tons of dreams like that, but even though it is questionable, it doesn’t feel anything like a real LD…

Sounds indeed a bit like a false lucid dream. This usually means you’re pretty close to actually becoming lucid. :smile:

I had a dream with in a dream that was Lucid and I discussed it with the DC’s in my dream when i thought I was awake. It felt very real just like a normal LD. I was talking to my sister while Lucid asking her to remember the name of a women in the dream with in a dream and then realized that she would not remember because she is a DC as well. When i woke up but was still in the first dream i asked my sister if she remembered the dream and she did not. It was a very memorable dream . If your interested in the whole dream it is in my DJ dream title Dream with in a dream , I think it is on page 3.

Cool, I’m close then? I guess I gave up for a while because of school, but I’ll try MILD a few more times this week and hope it works.
If this was was a false lucid dream, then I think I’ve had a couple of those before that I can remember. In fact some I could control very well, but I didn’t realize I was dreaming and I couln’t feel anything. (One time, I was at Santa’s workshop. I shot lasers out of my hands, which made the walls rainbow colored, and made the elves giant and hairy. They came after me, so I shot them with more lasers, and so they exploded into dust clouds. Another one, I was in the medeival ages, and I got arrested by guards.)