Lucid Dream lead to real actions.

I had a lucid dream the other night, I can’t remember much of it, however, I do recall at one point I wanted to move for some reason but could not. I was stuck, so I tried jerking my head forward, and at this point I was awoken by the fact that I had slammed my head into the wall in RL. Has this or anything like this happened to anybody else? Only reason I am asking about this is because I was under the impression that during dreams your body is paralyzed in order to prevent such things from happening.

Hmm odd, I have heard of some cases where some people have trouble entering SP. Hence Sleepwalking. But I have never felt/heard of not being able to move in a LD but having control of normal body :eek:

I suppose its possible in those LDs that are to the end of the REM cycle where you are just about to wake up and you can feel your body.

I hade experience the same thing. I think it’s because you’re right between the dream and the waking state.

It was the same for me. I turned my head in the dream, and woke up because I had just slammed the head in the wall.

God, the headache to come.

:eek: Ouch, what a rude awakening.

I have jerked awake from some rather frightening dreams, but fortunatly I have never hit the wall.

Well at least it shows you have some serious will power. :om:

I have had one insatance where I was semi lucid or I thought I was anyway and I woke up downstairs walking around… it was the only time in my life where I have sleepwalked (very werid experiance)

I hate that feeling. That’s happened to me where I’ve had a dream I’ve suddenly moved and bumped my head. It’s almost like your brain is fooled temporarily. It thinks you’re awake in those few seconds and BAM! you smack you head.


You might find the real-world a little wet as you wake up…

I once dreamed that I was awake and tried to move, but I couldn’t. Then I woke up and found that I could move perfectly normal.

It was like a FA with SP.

just image if you had a fight in a LD and it happened in real life :rofl: i nearly did that once, i was insulting my mum in my ND and the next morning my mum said to me “your was sleep walking last night” and i said “what happened” and she said “you started swering at me and insulting me” :sad:

It happens sometimes in ND too. You can dream you kick a ball for instance, and wake up because you kick the wall IRL… Ouch! :grin:

When I was a kid I once dreamt about washing my hands, and I thought that the water felt very… hairy. :eek:

When I woke up I noticed that I had a teddybear between my hands.

Wow that sounds so creepy… Amazing how some real life events can turn up so distorted in our dreams. Like the red flashlight from the Novadreamer :smile:

Yes usually. But quite some people have a REM sleeping disorder in which the bodily paralysis is shut down during REM sleep. In most cases, this is only a minor disorder and pretty harmless, but if paralysis is fully shut down, then you might ending up hurting yourself very badly… Ofcourse I don’t know if you have this disorder, but it might offer another explanation.

Well, I have made it 20 years without any serious injury, so, I assume I shouldn’t be too worried. Perhaps it was just some freak incident. At least I am glad to hear I am not the only one that has experienced it. I moved my bed away from the wall, it is centered in my bedroom against the wall. When I hit my head the right side of my bed was pushed against the wall. Hopefully, this will prevent in such occurences from happening again. Either that, or I will just fall off the bed instead.

what if you murder someone in an LD? what about sleepwalkers who murder peopl in LDs?

:eek: That’s Sci-Fi…

Lol yeah that would be pretty freakish… murdering someone in a LD while you’re having a REM sleeping disorder. However, if you’d use tools in your LD to kill a DC, big chance you won’t be holding them irl, so with a bit of luck there isn’t much danger… except perhaps for some wild muscle spasms.

I’ve never heard about someone who murdered someone else during sleepwalking :eek: Though much is possible in that state… only a few weeks ago there was a news report about a girl who climbed up a very high crane and dangerously balanced there on top of it; all the while she was sleepwalking.

I do martial arts in waking life, and I fight every week. This is a common theme in my dreams…and quite often I wake up because I punched someone in my dream. I think my whole body twitches like I would be throwing one in waking life.

I always thought it was kinda cool. :razz: