Lucid dream lessons in real life

Are there any lessons you’ve learned from lucid dreaming and used in real life?

I was in a lucid dream, where I flew through a mirror and saw what would happen, if I changed my way of thinking.

I went through the mirror and I had a bigger house, filled with books, which meant the house that is my mind would be successful and not ignorant. My reflection had no physical flaws, which I got the strong feeling that meant I would also become a better person. Symbolic, but true. I now am seeing those benifits.

I also talk to Yoda occasionaly in my dreams. He told me that the answer I need for teleporting, is within me. Strangly that applys to much more than just dreaming.

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what i’ve learned so far:

  1. when you are lucid, there is no fear => totally works in real life
  2. every thought becomes real in a matter of seconds => well, not so evident in real life but i think it’s true

The lesson to your second point could be interpreted to applying oneself could help achieve one’s goals.

Lucid dreamer I may not be (yet…), but philosopher I am.

Hehe! :tongue:

I remembered one more thing:

You have to trust the dream, if you keep trying to get somewhere or achieve something very specific (like getting laid, hehe), you’ll probably end up losing your lucidity.

It’s the same with life - you have to trust life and know that everything’s always on track.

Similar to the first thing, I learned that there is no reason to be uneasy around people. I tended towards avoiding coming across certain people of who I’m, well, not really afraid of but who I certainly don’t like. This would go as far as that I would think like: “Okay, if I take this way, there’s the chance I’ll meet XY. Ugh. I’ll rather take the other way…” Through LDs I learned that a lot of people in your life are DCs, so to speak. I learned that I don’t need to pay attention to them, don’t need to care about them, and that they can’t harm me. After I came to this realization, I also realized the bizarre and unnecessary way of my former thinking. I don’t think I would be same person today without LD’ing. :smile:

Make goals and work towards achieving them. You can wake up at any time. :wink:

Leijona, lovely!

Wyvern, what kind of goals?

OK, here you go - total therapeutic value:

I’ve always had problems telling my mom I love her. I was in a lucid dream with her, and I told her like 4-5 times I loved her. It was a nice training. :smile:

How things are to you is how you think of it.

Or: How you think of things is how they are.

Object is a cool username! :smile:

I was Objective on Dreamviews.
And also on this forum when I was 9-12 years old. (The e-mail associated with that account is blocked.)

Also, this relates to my “Everyone and everything is partially God” theory, but that’s a crackpot theory no one would believe.

My other morals:
Running away from problems don’t solve them, it make them.

I believe your theory! And like 20 ancient philosophers + Plotinus + Meister Eckhart + Aldous Huxley, so you’re not alone.

I guess so.
People usually confuse me with an Atheist, though.

Well, God is dead but godness dwells in every thing. :smile:

there are a lot of lessons that i have learned through lucid dreaming that i have used or applied in my real life over the years. it has been very perplexing for me at first to be able to apply these learnings in real life becasue i thought at first that they are just in dreams and should not be taken seriously as in real life but then there are times where i cant help it becasue there are events that happen in my real life that i know ther is a similar event in my dream and i knew what to do so i go ahead and apply that learning. it really helps me through life, all it take is for one to have an open mind and be able to dscern what is reight and what is wrong for you.

I like this. I am kind of the same way—I’ve been socially malformed for years, stifling who I am because I’m afraid of what others are thinking. I’ve only had two LDs but after my first one I felt a different awareness, more grounded in my own real-life body. So i figure if I can get accustomed to viewing people like DC characters, it will help me to be more confident in myself. This is my main motivation for getting this down.

LDing can certainly change your level of awareness IWL. It gives you new insights and opens up new possibilties. Increased self-confidence is one of the best side effects of LDing in my opinion.

I’ve learned a lot of things from dreaming. It is simply through observation or trial and error that I have applied meaning to what I would otherwise discard as nonesense.

An example is fear. In nightmares, I would foolishly run from things that scared me. The result is that I would be chased. You cannot run from your problems- becuase they will eventually catch up to you. However, when I faced a monster/serial killer/whatever I thought wanted to harm me, I realized that I was the one with the power. Sometimes when I talked to or faced evil things in my dreams, they would tell me shocking, horrible things that I later found was a direct part of myself. I learned more about myself through talking to people in my dreams (who are mostly reflections of myself/my desires/my past).

Curiously enough, I found that bad things in dreams often symbolically mimicked the bad in me or my life. When I conquered that in a dream, I gave myself the strength to conquer it in reality, or I acquired the knowledge that I was doing something wrong IRL.

There were other things I learned, but it would take too long to type. Sigh.