Lucid dream limits?

Do you feel there are any? for example

how would the subconscious mind know how sex feels like if the person never experienced it?

will it create the sensations you think it would be?

sometimes it feels that in my dreams feelings are “muted” and i wonder if it’s because i never experienced it and my mind has no reference… but then again i passed through a glass door and felt a sensation that i don’t think i can really describe.

so i’m conflicted. =P


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The limits are what you think what limits are.If you believe there arent limits, then limits wont exiist.

I don’t know, I feel like your kind of talking about two separate things.
yeah obviously there are no limits in Lucid dreaming,
but I wouldn’t call the subconscious filling a gap a limit…
who knows, sex could be better in a Lucid dream than in real life, to someone who has never felt it before.
There could be absolutely no limits and it could be heaven.
I think that thats a very interesting idea though.

An advise, if you think on limits, they´ll be there. You´ll wake up or nothing will happen because you are not sure enough. In LD´s are no limits. If the person has never expierenced sex p. e. your mind will give you the sensations. Maybe it wont be such like sex IRL but I think it´ll be good also (maybe better as in Real^^)

Dont think about the limits think about the possibilities!

Here’s something else to ponder on. Your mind has a database that tells it how to interpret every different feeling that your nerves could send it. While it may have never made the connection before, your mind already has every variable for it programed in. It may not always guess accurately, but it’ll usually do a good job. Don’t worry about whether or not it feels exactly like it would in RL, because in the end your experience will be just as enjoyable.

Right - no limits in an LD. Unlimit your mind and you unlimit the possibilities you can experience waking or dreaming. If you think “I can’t do that” you’ll prove yourself right every time, guaranteed. Think positively and expansively and you may find that you are able to experience way more than you thought you could.

Really interesting point. It does make some sense that your body already knows what it would be like for any of your senses to be fired up. Perhaps LD can get closer to RL experiences, even if you haven’t done something before, or if its not actually physically possible.

I can definitively answer YES. There are some very specific limits. If you have not experienced something in real life before, and it’s not something that you can logically guess what it would feel like(like a drug, for instance) then you mind will just do random crap.

I had a dream where I imbibed a whole bottle of whiskey. When the effects hit, very, very weird thing happened. My head itched, peoples faces turned into the texture of a starry night sky. This was during an unintentional lucid dream, and I remained lucid throughout. I wanted to try alcohol, instead, I just got weirdness. Similar things have also happened in non-lucid dreams.

That’s not really a limit, per se. What happens in those cases is your mind will process any information that it knows about the subject and make its best guess. Essentially, it’s a clever simulation based on things you might have heard before. Does that mean it can’t be as enjoyable or fun? No. I can even say in my case, using sex as an example, it correctly guessed what it would feel like long before I ever actually did it. The same thing happened with me on intoxication. Different, yes. Limited, no.

wow. this forum is awesome. very inspirational and helpful :smile:

Really? I heard somewhere that dreams end when you feel a sensation you’ve never felt before, thats why you wake up when you die? Or something like that XD
I guess its different for LDs?

I think it all depends on what you believe in.
I for instance believe in a universal subconscious/mind. Maybe you might not know what making love feels like, but your subconscious would because it is linked to everyone else, and carries the memories of everyone. There will be differences because of the way people experience the same thing differently, but I guess you can get the gist. It also depends on how lucid you are and how self aware.
That is why you can ask the dream something you don’t know the answer to, someone else will. :wiske:

The only thing you can’t do is nothing.
Wait, you can do that too.

wow good to know this was a question on my mind as well ty :slight_smile:

i think an interesting question in this line of thought would be: if there were limits, where would they come from?

i haven’t given it a great deal of thought, but i can’t come up with any realistic limitation. ‘time travel’ ‘transformation’ ‘intoxication’ in the dream world are all possible as far as i know, and i think that’s an important take home point.

i guess one limitation would be carry-over to reality and in what sorts of ways the dream/lucid dream world and ‘reality’ are linked.

lol, here’s a limit for you: try reading the same sentence 5 times in a row without it changing. i can’t do it… but that’s pretty much the only limit. lol.

@trophy …interesting…

just found this in a pretty awesome post from lord antares:

Another thing you should remember:
There are no limits.
If you search for limits, you will find limits.

i had a teacher in a religion class talk about an eastern religion i don’t exactly remember…i want to say buddhism, maybe zen…he would say ‘drop it like a moldy piece of wood’ or something like that.

i keep having problems with being unable to go fly through ceilings. I think that’s my own personal limitation due to unbelief that i can pass through solid objects though… other people don’t have this problem.