Lucid dream mask buy ?


I have one question to you :happy:

Where can I buy a cheap lucid dream mask ?

Yes I know about Kvasar , Rem Dreamer etc , but I would like the buy cheap lucid dreaming mask like this :

commercial link removed :cool:

60 $ :neutral:

Other web pages ?

You could search sites like Ebay for used masks, especially the Novadreamers can be very expensive though. But, you could also build one yourself. :cool: If you search this forum, there should be topics about home made devices. I removed your link btw, since commercial links aren’t allowed on this forum.

Yes I was searching on Ebay but there is quite expensive devices ;/

Yes I know that i can built my own dream mask but i am not a electrician ;( :wink:

If anybody have link where can I buy lucid mask (cheap) please send it to me by PM :happy:

Much appreciated


Then tell me this is worth to buy a REM-Dreamer ? Does it work ? Anybody use this ? :wink:

Since there is already a REM Dreamer topic here:

I have locked this topic. :cool: