Lucid Dream music

Marilyn Manson is good LD music, because some of his songs, especially on his newest album-Golden Age of Grotesque-have some trippy, insane sounding music. When I get in my LD, Im gonna have one of his songs start playing, on go on an insane and wild adventure through a mirror! Its gonna be sooooooooooooo CRAZY!

The best LD music the the kind of music that you enjoy. It doesn’t nessesarilly have to be trippy or anything, just what makes you comfortable. Heavy metal music makes me comfortable too, but more old school style, like Def Leppard or Iron Maiden

Up the Irons!!!

so this mean music doesnt interfere with the dreaming process ?

depends, in my case music brings me out of sleep.

The phone however makes me dream of the phone ringing - go figure

i can use music to trance, but with dreaming it doesn’t work for me (expect for those relaxation tape things if i start them playing B4 attempting to sleep)

Do we mean music playing in real life, or in your dream? hmmmm? tell me, Dammit!

I ment music playing in your dream. Im gonna transport myself to a big town, with TONS of people, start playing some crazy music, and go rampage on the city. Itll be a moment of liberation and power! I dont mean gunning people down, maybe choke a few people, but thats it.

I think Radiohead’s New album “hail to the theif” would work well, its not too loud or anything. And song 9’s lyric “just because you feel it doesn’t mean its there” Is oddly symbolic


Lounge music.

I rest my case.