lucid dream pets?

just wondering, but how many people have “pets” in lucid dreams?
by “pets” i mean like familiars, not an evil kind, just some sort of animal that you can control.
like, i had this pissy DC that didnt like me.
lets just say my “pets” didnt like him either.
let me explain, i draw custom guns and memorize them, so i can use them in LD’s
well, one of them allows me to control the minds of dream creatures, but i dont normally use it on people.
well i also have this “portal” that sends me to this “evil” world, and thats where i get my nightmares, as i like to call them.(not nightmare dreams, nightmare creatures.)
and so, i use them as backup, in case i ever want to try something stupid.
anyone else have ways to domesticate animals in lucid dreams? :grin:

you seem like you have harnessed your LDs quite well…your lucky

Well i once dreamed of a pony that helped me get lucid. and an ND where some people were having strange creatures as pets, they looked like spike crabs, a type of ocean creature.
you should search ‘animal clan’ on this site too.

look for your namesake (“wolf”) in the search, he also had dreampets, and started a topic about it. Too lazy to search for it right now :tongue: :grin: