Lucid Dream Realism

How realistic is a lucid dream? Is it like a normal dream where it feels all crazy and chaotic, or does it feel like real life?

It varies, and depends on your control. It can be like real life, it can be surreal, it can be whatever you make it.

I’ve had 4 lucid dreams so far, and they weren’t like real life. But when you’re in that dream everything feels realistic! I also think: more LD’s, more vividness. But it depends on the person. :smile:

love, Lillyth.

It feels quite real, and in fact I find the perfect vision makes things look sharper and more photorealistic. As for the content, I haven’t seen enough to draw a definite conclusion, but crazy stuff doesn’t happen in my LDs. It’s like the DCs just go crawl into a cave for their safety when I go lucid. But people that I want to meet just materialise in the next room I enter.

i have had LDs in which it feels like it’s more real than life. everything seems very realistic, plus i’m very concentrated and aware, so everything seems even more real. sometimes in life i can be distracted because of certain things, but in a few of my LDs i was more concentrated, so it seemed even more “full” than life.

but not all the LDs i’ve had were like that. some were very low level. so really, it depends on the dream.

I’ve had LDs where it was just shocking to see how life like it really was. You can choose how vivid you want it to be.
Focusing on the detail can improve it’s clarity, like looking at the detail of the wall or something.

i just had a good idea about this thread. to make a good point :wink:
so if you think dreams aren’t realistic enough, then why do we get fooled by them every night…? :wink:

Well. Dream vision is incredibly vivid. More pixels than real life.
Dream vision features :1) Multi Focus : where you can see both far and close in detail at the same time. This doesn’t happen in real life, you can either see far or close in detail.
2) High resolution : more than real life
3) Extremely High Contrast Ratio : The difference between white and black. Unexplainable
4) Tunnel Vision : Yup dreams have this. The only other way to get tunnel visit is if you have a massive adrenaline rush. Like when someone points a gun at you. Its hard to get at first but you can master it. (tunnel vision is when you kind of only see what you want to see, the rest are just black. It kind of gives you a zoom like effect)

Hearing : More or less the same, but you can hear stuff far away. Not really that cool.

Taste : Feels just like real life. Except in dreams, everyone is a great cook.

Touch : Hyper sensitivity : feel stuff with way more sensitivity than real life

However it mostly depends on the dream, you will be able to get more of these features as you master LDs

Think about what avalinah said : if reals weren’t real why do we get fooled by them every night. I once dreamt like i was married and i actually went along with it. The logic part of your brain will be sleep so whats in the dream is as real as things can get.

Just like avalinah said, we are mostly fooled by our dreams, and the most important thing about that is as long we are in a dream it seem real to us… But that feeling of reality or not is carried in WL and varies from a feeling: real to a feeling: surreal mostly because of control that we have in our dreams and of course it depends on the vividness of the dream…

For me the most vivid dreams felt the most real while in a dream and later in WL, so in short this is my theory… :content: