Lucid Dream Reality Checks Don't Work Anymore


I started lucid dreaming a few months ago. I got my first 3 lucid dreams on 1 night without using reality checks, but then I started to do it. The first time I tried it I tried to push my finger through my palm in my dream, which DIDN’T work, right after that I pinched my nose and tried to breathe, which DID work so I became lucid.

Last month I did 5 reality checks in total in my dreams and it didn’t work anytime :sad:.

When I’m awake and do my reality checks I do it in this order: Looking around and see if I can see anything unusual. Looking at the time 3 times and see if it changes. Try to do telekinesis. Pinch my nose and try to breathe 3 times. I always expect that I’m going to be able to breathe. Then I think about what I have done today, what I’m doing right now and what I will do later. In my dreams, the only thing I will do is pinch my nose and try to breathe which don’t work now for some reason. I don’t do the other things and I don’t know why.

What could I do to make my reality checks work? Should I do my reality checks in another way, or do something additional? Am I doing anything wrong?

I have gotten a suggestion to change my reality check by looking at my palm instead of trying to breathe with pinched nose. It haven’t showed up in my dreams yet.

Practice awareness. Say you are on a walk in the woods. Question reality. Are you dreaming? Name 3 things you would do in a lucid dream. See if you can do it or if it is too scary. OR is something so scary and upsetting that it must not be real? Challenge the current reality. It is a dream. (I guess that could be called NILD Nightmare Induced Lucid Dream!)

I wouldn’t do RCs which are so complex as telekinesis if I where you. There are simple RCs you can do all the time, you just have to try different ones and see which one fits you better. In my case, most of them work, but by far the most effective, fast and simple to me is looking at my hands. Somehow in a dream my hands are always altered (Multiple fingers, 3 or 4 hands, fingers merged together, etc).
Also, whenever you get lucid, keep doing RCs in your dream just for fun, dont do them only to achieve lucidity, it will also be a good way to see which one fits you better.

Reality Checks works we need to make the habbit of Reality Check once you make it happen in your dreams also

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I agree with @Sam
I think the reason the reality checks are not working is maybe you need to find a reality check that fits you,if you still cannot,you might be thinking it will not work so your SC will believe that,these tips from Sam will surely help you!

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