Lucid Dream Remembering (vividly, barely)

When you have a lucid dream, do you remember it vividly like you experienced it in your life? I can typically remember a few key dream situations, but not the fine details.

I’m just asking this as a general idea to know:

Do you remember lucid dreams vividly, and feel as if you are in real life? (The vividness I mean.)

Thanks. :peek:

For me it’s like when I’ve been (too) drunk the day before and don’t remember much. But later when I get reminded of it I remember it all.

Well it really depends on how vivid the dream is. There are both high and low lucid dreams, in terms of vividness. What you’ve probably experienced is a low vividness lucid dream. Nothing too special. But when you have a very vivid lucid dream, it makes everything you’ve strived so hard for, worthwhile.

Keep at it, soldier!

I always figure I’d remember my lucid dreams completely, as I KNOW I am dreaming when I am having them, so why wouldn’t I remember them more?

For me it’s very much like a regular memory but possibly still a little more difficult to remember… i’d say the more vivid things are (the more awake you are in your dream) the more clearly you will remember things. I still remember the time where I woke up in my bed (in my dream) and realised I was dreaming… everything looked very much like it does it in reality, so I remember it much better now, ages later.

When i wake up it’s really vivid but after a few hours details start to fade out… I can recall that it felt very real but i cant actualy remember the feeling.

Wouldn’t a dream journal help with that?

Maybe people are expecting too much from dream recall? :eh:

I remember impressive events from WL as well as impressive events in LDs. But I usually cannot recall every single word that was said in a LD, but this is true for WL as well (try it?!). The brain has to sort out things and it does a good job of it (most of the time, that is - sometimes it is annoying, too. :wink:).

The amount you remember will vary. The vividness of LD’s also varies.

If I have a short LD, I remember it very well. But if it starts to get longer than 3 minutes, some parts of it may be harder to recall.

Some LDs have seemed so realistic it almost convinces me that I am awake. Others are more foggy and unclear.

When I am in the process of LDing, the vividness is amazing. Although when I wake up, I can barely remember them, lol. Well, it’s not that i can’t remember them. It’s like this: I remembered that I had a vivid LD, but barely remember details whatsoever.

Although, I have had few LDs so hopefully my LD recall will improve over time.

Even if it doesnt, I dont really care, because they’re amazing when I’m having themm, so it’s all good :smile: