Lucid dream - very confused!


I had this strange, lucid dream, last week. I kept thinking about it so i decided to ask your opinion about it.
I was in the middle of a supermarket and suddenly I realized I was dreaming.
I remembered a quest with mirror’s so I tried to find a mirror - looked behind me and there it was.
So, I touched the mirror. It was a kinda dusty.
Then the first strange thing happened. An unknown DC came to me and said: ‘is it a thriller?’ so I asked : ‘Hi, what is a thriller exactly?’ and he explained that it was when someone saw his fate in a mirror. That he was being killed or died in a car accident or something. Is this something my SC made up or is this really something?:stuck_out_tongue:
Then I was suddenly somehow in a different room and I asked the DC (I guess it was the same as before)"Who are you? " and he answered: “I am your hbg” me: "hbg? you mean hemoglobin? ( and he said: “yea, thats what I mean.” and I was like: impossible, because you are suspected to be some part of how I are, not like things in my blood. But he explained on a white board something but I don’t remember. Second weird thing.

Ok so I was in the same room and the DC was gone but suddenly a kinda teacher was explaining something. She was talking about being lucid - and that this meeting was forbidden. It really seems that being lucid in a dream is somehow a sort … forbidden,. people can get really angry on you for being lucid. but ok, back to the dream: i told everybody that this was a dream also but they laughed at me and I proved it by flying. so we were all bouncing over the walls and stuff but from every side there were people coming , angry. so I said piss off and they left. But then the door opened and there was a huge angry crowd looking in the chamber. so we decided to left. I was really freakin’ out. It was really scary. As I went through the door, I woke up but I could just hear one person of that crowd saying: "No, there isn’t a rose stolen! "
Like someone called all of them because we stole something out of that room or something like that. and there wasn’t a rose in that chamber.

So now I am really confused. Normally, everything makes sense in a way but this…:tongue:
Sorry that this post is so long :tongue: I am really looking forward 2 your comments.

Strange indeed, I never experimented such a thing in any of my LDs (notice I had only 7). DCs never got “angry” at me for being lucid ; in my last LD, it was even the opposite : I was trying to make someone appear but it didn’t work and I didn’t find quickly the person I was looking for, so this LD has been kind of a quest : find this person, and all the DCs who were here (including my parents) were actually helping me ! (At last, I found the person thanks to a hint that one of my parents gave me).

And to me, a “thriller” is just a well known kind of movie or book, I don’t know any other definition for that word, so I can’t help you on this one sorry.

Weird dream indeed. I’ve only had two LD’s that had DC’s in it that tried to prevent me from being lucid. One had a helicopter coming after me and one time two agents put me into a lucid dreamers prison. Both happened shortly after reading a topic here called “Hostile DC’s” and anything similar never happened before nor after that, so I’m pretty sure it’s just the result of things we are afraid of or have picked up in WL. For example, perhaps you also saw the movie ‘Inception’ and your subconscious remembered the scene in which they noted that they had to be careful not to draw attention to their selves and when they did everyone started looking at them.

Thx for reply :happy: I hope my English isn’t too hard to read xD
Could be that you are right about hostile DC’s .
I know what a thriller is, so it surprised me also. He was surprised I didn’t knew what a thriller was. So next time i’m going to ask a random dc ‘explain to me what a thriller is’ :smile:
It is so hard to see what really belongs to your dream world (like flying, SG, etc) and what is just bullshit from your WL :razz: