Lucid Dream with WILD...and I didn't even try!

Very exciting: I finally had success and had my first lucid dream last night. But I’m confused as to how it happened.

Apparently, I was already dreaming, because I was laying in my bed, and I saw this scissor-like device on my ceiling that I envisioned coming down and piercing my chest…so I rolled over, and immediately, SP began. I was totally aware of it, so I let it happen, and I consciously entered a dream. I was running through some kind of campus, and I wanted to fly in downtown Cleveland (where I live), so I did! Then, I had a FA, and I was in a mall getting coffee and trying to write down this dream. Then, I actually woke up.

Is that normal? Did I succeed with WILD between TWO dreams? It was very weird, because I was actually trying MILD and WBTB last night…

In dreams anything is normal. :grin:
It sounds like you had a WBTB with SP that you used to enter an LD. That would be a WILD. It could also have just been a FA with dream SP and dream WILD. It really just depends on whither or not you actually woke up, or just dreamed that you did when the scissor-like device came down, but it does not really matter because you did have an LD. :content:
It is a good sign, because you were able to use the SP to enter a dream. That means that WILD could work for you.
Weird things happen all the time in dreams. ( and when trying to LD :tongue: )