Lucid Dreaming Abilities

I have been tried to become lucid since mid July and I have done it twice. This isn’t great. I know that it comes easier to some people than others. I have noticed that many people who are new to lucid dreaming can not do many things such as make objects and environments appear. I happen to be very good at doing what I want once I have become lucid. My first LD was very short but I made a ladder appear. When I wanted to go to a certain room in my longer second LD I made a mirror appear in my hand when I was flying and went through the mirror and ended up in the room. What factores into making objects etc appear in your lucid dreams? I think that it could just be your confidence inside the dreams. If you believe that you can create something then it should happen. This could be why it takes some people a while to get good at it. They just need to gain some LD confidence. What do the people here think?

You’re right, it’s simply a matter of confidence. Whatever you think you can do in an LD, you can. However, one little trick that some people aren’t aware of - you can increase your LDing skills by keeping your avatar less than 65x65 pixels in size. Just a tip (and a rule :wink: ), but welcome to the forum stitches!

In my experience, simple BELIEF in what you do indeed makes it so. In my first “real” LD (not my 1st one, but the 1st one where I actually tried controlling something), I tried to make someone vanish and failed miserably. Later, however, once I had built up a level of familiarity with Lucid Dreaming, I easily made people vanish and could move on to learning to fly, use doors to reach whole other locations (a la the Matrix), and “know” women (in the Biblical sense).

It’s all about trusting yourself, and even if you have a really hard time getting the hang of it, it is inevitable once you have your first LD that you will master it. I thought I was hopeless for a while, and yet recently I have had VERY vivid LD’s in which my control was much higher than before. Soon I expect that I will be able to reach high-level lucidity.