Lucid dreaming and Epilepsy i need a doctor

Hi all, I have been trying lucid dreaming for 1 week using WILD , I also have a medical condition which is that part of my brain has more electricity that the other, this will lead to partial-seizure and for some people may lead to Epilepsy. I have discovered this condition 5 years ago after an unconscious seizure episode has occurred. Since that time I started taking my medication and never had any sort of seizures for the past 5 years except yesterday, I had a different conscious seizure, i didn’t remember anything, that lasted to 2-3hrs. People who saw the my seizure claimed that I was trying to open my eyes and move similar to a person who is trying to forcefully wake himself up. They also claimed that this seizure has been triggered due to your Lucid Dreaming techniques of entering a dream directly from SP, they claimed that I was still in partial sleep paralysis or at least my mind thought I was in sleep paralysis therefore this seizure happened to me. I honestly don’t believe this as it sounds ridiculous, also I didn’t find a scientific research that says LD have bad affect(other than disturb sleep quality for some people). Irealize that sleep paralysis happens naturally daily and that it can be undone within seconds but is it true that my brain thought I was in sleep paralysis? especially after I tried doing WILD technique… Also do you think LDs techniques somehow affect my medical condition? I just want to make sure.

We aren’t doctors so can’t give a definite answer. You would need to really research online to find an answer.
You could change to MILD and using RCs as a different method.