Lucid Dreaming and Meditation

First a bit of background info:

I recently started approaching meditation with a more serious overtone. I started reading a book about yoga and meditation called: “A Systematic Course in the Ancient Techniques of Yoga and Kriya”.
In the beginning of this book an emphasis is placed on the fact that true one-sided meditation is ONLY possible in a state of mental and physical relaxation. It also states that relaxing the mind then falling asleep is useless because you are not conscious.

[color=red][b]That is when it struck me: your mind and body is relaxed during sleep and becoming lucid grants one a certain level of awareness.
I am wondering if it is possible and practical to meditate within a dream.

Any thoughts?[/b][/color]

[color=violet]p.s. I read an interesting article on sleep patterns of people when artificial light is removed from everyday life. These people almost always adapt to a sleep cycle where you start with 4 hours of sleep, then wake up for 2 hours before completing another 4 hours of sleep. In this 2 hours of wakefulness people used to meditate on dreams when they are more vividly imprinted in memory (or talk to neighbors, pray etc.)

Studies also show that waking up for 10 mins after sleeping for 4.5 hours increases the amount of REM one gets in a single night.

I think there might be a link between these ideas on some level.[/color]

Robert Waggoner wrote a little bit about it in his book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the inner Self. He described experience of meditating while lucid in a dream as much easier than IRL.
And I think that for meditation beginners it is better to start meditating during lucid dreams because when you are familiar with an experience it is easier to reach it under harder conditions.

Interesting… Thank you for the reply, I am going to try and download this book for sure :smile: