Lucid Dreaming and Talking Out Loud.

In Lucid dreams, if you talk, or wish for something to materilize do you talk out loud, in real life? Because i would hate to have people hear what im doing in my dreams. Lol

Thats a good question and i would like to know the true answer aswell.

My guess is you don’t because of SP? But then some people sleep talk so you might. It could just depend on the individual and if you normally sleep talk.


SP means its very unlikely. People talk in lucid dreams or NDs a lot, and it’s not very common to talk out loud in REM sleep. It shouldnt happen, but it can in atypical circumstances. As Fleep said, if you dont already talk in your sleep through the night, its unlikely to be a problem for you, so dont worry too much about it.

it’s not something i actively practice, but i occasionally have fun with forming words and hearing myself talk while being aware of what’s happening in my dream.

it all started with SP, and then morphed into being in two places at once.

-dream pillow conspiracy

I’ve had like 5 LDs or so and in the last one I had, I went to my room(in the dream) and saw myself sleeping, so I screamed as loud as i could to see if I make any sound in the bed :happy:. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly :eh:

My mom told me recently that she heard my sleeptalk :eek:
She said I almost screamed the number “Nine” :razz:
I’ve never ever sleeptalked in my life (I used to share room with my younger brother so I should know if I talked in my sleep) so I think she might have heard someone outside (We live in the suburbs) or perhaps Hypnagogic Sounds?

I’ve been having some… Uhm… (well, you know, typical “teenage” dreams and I would hate to moan out loud or something like that :razz:)

But if I did talk in my sleep it must have been (It just must) a onetime thing.

You can always try shouting “can someone please wake me up, I’m having a nightmare!” in the dream and see what happens. :tongue:

You can of course also video record yourself throughout the night with a video camera, if you feel that you can afford it. :peek:

I have an app on my phone that records sounds while I sleep. It has very rarely registered any talking, and it has only been incoherent mumbling from the first sleep cycle. I talk and sing a lot in my ludic dreams, both because singing feels good and to stay lucid. The app never recorded anything from those. On the contrary, the graph is most flat when I have had a LD.

I was going to start a new thread but a search revealed a number of threads on the topic already :user:

Anyway, my question is that if you’re someone who talks a lot in their sleep, does that mean you have a greater chance of your body speaking out like in a LD? Partners have told me I talk a lot during the night, so I’m worried that whilst most people don’t speak during REM, I may be someone that does. Reading some of the other threads I see some people saying they have spoken things out loud while speaking in a LD, but do so quieter than in the dream, or just mumble it. I guess that’s better than waking up your flatmates screaming “LUCIDITY TIMES 1000!!!” hahaha.

I really should get one of those apps and experiment. The only problem is I’m only just getting back into LDing after a couple of years, and haven’t started to have LDs again yet :tongue:

When I´m having a LD I like to use my voice, possibly scream, just because i don´t use it in normal sleep and it feels funny :smile: seperates the normal dream and LD
I highly recommend it if you havent tried it in a LD.

That will be good idea…

I have a tendency talking loudly in my dreams - some of my classmates mentioned I said weird things when they were close to me (I dreamt about strangers and the classmates were dream characters - If you know what I mean. Some items/persons in our WL environment tend to “convert” into the dream world and sometimes dream about them.) :bored:

From my experience, yes it is very possible to talk. When my LD was fading and I end up in FAs loop, my vision was so dark in dream that i barely saw my hands in front of my face. I was shouting “Increase lucidity! Improve vision! More light!”. Later my father asked me why was I shouting. So depends of what stage of sleep you are lucid, you can sleeptalk.

I’ve been told many times that I sleep talk, but that I don’t do it much anymore. :tongue: I’m not sure, it probably depends on the individual.