Lucid Dreaming and technology

Hey there,
a few weeks ago, I started to think about all the modern gadgets that sometimes appear in our dreams: televisions, computer, videogames, cd players… so, i wanted to have a closer look:

In lds seems so perfect. I could turn it on, change the channel*. I read that you can even change the volume, the contrast, brightness… and I could use it with a VHS. I found a tape near the TV and I put it into the player. The VHS started playing. (*I had problems in TVs equipped with cable tv boxes, that are digital. The numbers didn’t appear correctly and it was hard to change the channels.)

In a lucid dream I had, I could enter the TV. Suddenly I was in the scene I was watching.

In Lds Didn’t have much time for it, but the mouse was perfect. It was showing an aquarium, and suddenly changed to a race game. I could type some texts too, and they appeared correctly in the screen. I woke up very soon. In normal dreams, it never does what we expect.

In a normal dream, I was playing a race game and the commands were really working. I could break, go right, left, spped up…

Cd players
In Lds, I could open and close it, so I put a cd. It started playing some music… (that i didn’t know)… Had about 2 Lds like that.

Light switches
It works like a reality check. In Lds I tried it, it didn’t work at first, but moments later something happened. I think the lights started to blink…

I Hope it can help you somehow. You should try something and tell us… Exploring is probably the best to do in Dreamland.

Have you ever been driving in a dream, or been driven? In a quite vivid, but not lucid, dream I was and it was very similar feeling and everything. I was being chased by the police and I was driving over curbs and stuff. I’ve read lucid experiences people on the forum have had on this and they said it was very real as well.

Always works in my dreams, and LD’s. My first LD was triggered while I was talking on the phone to one of my friends. I kept telling him I was dreaming in the dream and he kept saying he had something to tell me. I actually noticed pushing the power buttong to turn it off, and it worked. I then threw the phone down and continued my dream.

They always have the light on in my dreams anyway, and there’s lots of food in there. The freezer has food as well, and it gives out the freezer mist of it being cold. I’m sure it is in an LD, have to check that out for myself. I’ve just experienced the fridge in a normal dream.

Electronic Instruments
My electric guitar works in my dreams and it’s obviously plugged in cause it’s LOUD. I hope to have an LD where I create a song, that would be amazing, and I know of people on this forum who have! Also, they’ve done other things as well, like CD labels and such.

I’ve also had experiences with all of the devices in the post above. They all did work, video games do especially. It’s really amazing. I couldn’t think of anymore, so that’s all for now. Maybe if I think of a few more I’ll add but, I doubt I will. Cya Side!

Hey CCHawk,
I always wanted to drive in a lucid dream, but i couldn’t yet… just in normal dreams. And it was very weird cause the car became really small, like a toy, and i was still driving it.

It works in my dreams too, it’s really funny, cause u can hear the voice with a telephone ‘mid’ sound.

I’d played an acoustic guitar in a LD, and the sound is so real. I want to play an electric guitar too. Maybe I will be able to play in a Marshall amp, :cool_laugh:

This night i had a LD, and i was dreaming about a videogame. I was playing Sonic. The only weird thing was that i chose Tales to play, but I was playing with Sonic :smile:

Let’s dream again!!!


I drive normally in a car, though I haven’t actually been in one in a dream in quite some time.


They DO turn on, and function QUITE realistically (its a wonderful thing, after you’ve been a computer geek)but whenever they are in the dream they usually malfunction in some way, such as a bizarre start menu or date/time menu…


I created a digital watch and enjoyed watching it go INSANE…


I found a black electric guitar once in one of my non-LDs and played it like mad, and yes, it sounded awful (the way it should be). I’d love to do the Aphex Twin approach, that is to play with glorious instruments that I wouldn’t own anytime soon.

This is about all I can remember of electronics ever being in my dreams; I don’t think I’ve ever used a phone in my dreams before, nor a TV, radio, etc…

How do numbers and letters look like in dreams

Whether something works in a dream or not isn’t dependant on some underlying fundamental Law of Dream Functionality™. Basically, whatever happens is what you expected to happen. If your light switch turns on and off properly, it’s because you expected it to. Personally, I’ve had devices work perfectly after reading that they cannot function in a dream. Also, I’ve had devices fail to the point of engulfing in flames when I press the ‘on’ button.