Lucid dreaming at morning

Because I can’t use alarm clock to wake up in night (shared room), I use LD tech at morning. It works always if nobody is awayke yet (no disturbance), but I am too much awake and wake up when I try to do something ._. Reality checks doesn’t work, because they wake me up more, which is the opposite of what I need. Any suggestions how to fall more asleep while LDing?

Don’t use an alarm, it is harder to go back to sleep when you wake up to an alarm. Some good things to help with LDing.

internal alarm clock
anti-insomnia research
meditation (all types, mostly not thinking of things, and visualizing)

all of these can help sleep, intent, expectation, vividness, recall, and awareness. The big 5.

My advice would be similar to Brandon’s. Set a “internal” alarm. Tell yourself when you’re falling asleep that you’ll wake up at some time in the morning. For example. Tell yourself “I will wake up at five in the morning.” Do this as you fall asleep or until you feel it has stuck.

Then, when you’ve woken the morning, stay still and try to DEILD.