Lucid Dreaming Convention?

So, I have a question… Is there something like a Lucid Dreaming Convention? Like a bunch of people meet and just discuss with special guest speakers etc? I mean, it doesn’t even have to be just focused on Lucid Dreaming, but I guess all kinds of stuff related to it. I am not sure there is something like this after five minutes of searching it up :shy: Have you heard of anything like this or when something like this is? And preferably in the US, even more specific the in the West. But I would gladly accept any information about it anywhere. It seems like a cool and fun idea…

Yes indeed! The ASD, that is, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, has a major conference each year, and smaller conferences held all over the world. The major conference last year was help in Berkley, California. You can check here For a list of their conferences and places. They also hold an online conference every year, the Psiber Dreaming Conference, or PDC.

I’m not entirely sure if other associations hold conferences, but I know the ASD ones are well known of in the dreaming world.