Lucid dreaming cycles

Hello everyone,

I got interested in LD about 10 months ago. Before that, I thought it was only an innate faculty. After a few months of practice, I have managed to have at least one LD a month, sometimes 2 or 3. However, looking back, I realise that all of my LD occurred towards the end of the month.

More precisely, my cycle could be described as such:
1st week of the month -> medium recall (one detailed dream/night)
2nd, 3rd weeks -> increasingly good recall (up to 5 detailed dreams/night)
then a few days of bad recall and LDing. (usually, a few bits and pieces of dream and one detailed lucid dream)
Has anyone noticed something similar? Do you have any explanation/good articles/book chapters on the topic? It doesn’t matter whether I practice or not, it always seems to follow this structure. It could be self-suggestion based on past experience, but it took me a while just to realise that it was occurring.

Would love to hear your thoughts about this!

This is interesting. I used to keep track of this, and also noticed a longer cycle: My lucid dreams dry almost completely up in summer, and come back when it gets colder and darker. The yearly cycle has looked the same for a decade.

I’m a woman, so my entire body is more affected by which week of the month it is. I have a feeling that there is at least a cycle showing in the kind of dreams I get, and previously, one week out of each month has been almost sleepless. The end of that week would always produce lucid dreams.

Now I feel like going through my post history and makinfg a chart.

Same here I noticed this effect a few weeks ago and tried to find out if this is connected to my gender or the week of the month. Interessting that there are others who have the same experiences.