Lucid Dreaming during the school year

Does anyone have any tips for lucid dreaming during the school year? During the summer, I got pretty good at both remembering my dreams, and occasionally having Lucid dreams. But then it stopped once I went on Vacation at the end of summer, and with school, I find myself not remembering the dreams. I think it is probably from having to rush around in the morning and stuff, so I dont remember my dreams, but are there any ways to do it during the school year?

I had this problem. For me it helps to set my alarm ten or twenty minutes early, wake up and usually remember to recall my dreams. I then jot down the dream in note form to put in DJ after school when I have more time. Hope that helps :content:

I’h the same problem, but when I do a relaxation technique like 61-point relaxation before falling asleep, I remember dreams during schooltime, too.


I’m pretty sure it’s harder to
have LDs during the school year,
because you’re more stressed and
sleep less (at least, like it’s
the case for me).

With university I dont have time to do WBTB or other techniques. So currently Im trying HILD, which looks very promising and takes only 30 seconds, without changing my sleep times. [url]Hargart's Induction Technique Log (HILD)]

It takes some time to remember and write down dreams, so if I am in a hurry, I tend to forget about updating my DJ. I often try to remember dreams in the evening, but that does not work so well. So I try to write down at least some keywords which will help me remember dreams later.

The best solution would probably be to go to bed early and wake up earlier in the morning, so I have enough time for dreaming (L and N) and writing the dreams down. But that is easier said than done. :wink:

I have a terrible time trying to remember my dreams right when I wake up during the school year. I find it helpful to keep one DJ in my locker at school because I sometimes remember in the middle of the day. I find it much easier to recall in the summer though. Stress probably has a lot to do with it.