Lucid Dreaming Fast Track? Should I buy it?

Hi! I am very new to lucid dreaming. I have been researching for months, doing so many techniques but nothing has worked. There is this downloadable book and mp3 called the lucid dreaming fast track Link removed it seems very promising and I want to hear reviews, opinions and more! It would really help me out if you respond to this!! Thank you :smile:

Link removed, please don’t link to sellers. :dragon:

Hey Bric1. First of all: Welkom to LD4all! :welcome:

I would strongly advice you not to buy these kind of things. No, I haven’t tried this product. However, I believe that anything you need to learn to become experienced is available to you on this website(, and others). There are tons of guides and faq’s around this forum intended to help people out the best as possible, and in the comments you should be able to find the answers to almost all of your questions concerning the topic.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the Fast Track doesn’t work. If you feel that it might really help you out more than the forum, go ahead and buy it. Try finding some reviews on websites other than their own or websites affiliated with them.

Good luck! :content:

Yes I agree with Shadow of a Day. Such things that contain words like: Fast, This night, Tomorrow, Today and such are usually disappointing at the end. As Shadow of a Day said we don’t think that this things doesn’t work. They usually do if you believe that they will work, sort of a placebo effect.

The problem with this things is that they promise you instant success but they are not considering that this product will buy thousands and thousands of costumers and each and every one of them is different. So things in the book may apply to each and ever one of this costumers but it may take a longer time to each and one of them do get successful with things that they are selling.

So generally I’m telling you to buy it if you feel like it could help you just don’t expect the success over night. Of course it can be something positive to add to your general knowledge and experience about lucid dreaming just don’t get discourage too easily.

And remember, lucid dreaming is a learnable skill which takes time like anything else. So if you do have a LD in first few night it’s more a luck then a skill. So stay with techniques for some time, give them and yourself time in order to get success.

Good luck! :content:

Ok thank you very much! That really helped.

I have to admit that Rebecca Turner does seem very professional, though.
I highly recommend that you check out her extremely detailed site WorldOfLucidDreaming.

Hi. As a beginner myself i wondered the same thing. Then I printed the book myself from pdf (I work at a printing house). Sorry about it but where I live it’s perfectly legal.
To tell you the truth the information I read wasn’t anything that I didn’t learn from other websites such us this one. My recommendation is this: don’t buy it and spend the money on milk and vitamin b6 :smile: